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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was mostly concerned about him knocking on my neighbours doors! LT
  2. Early this morning a man called at my house from ResolveCall asking for my husband. I answered the door, he'd woken me up, when he asked for husband I said "no sorry" and closed the door. He went back to his car only to get out again and knock on at least 2 of my neighbours doors. Due to the early hour no-one answered. The question is what do I do about this visit? Many thanks for any and all assistance. LT
  3. Thanks everyone. For some reason the word "[problem]" wouldnt show!!! There its done it again! Many thanks for your help and advice LT
  4. Thank you so much everyone. The text did send my spidey senses tingling. Just wanted to make sure as I am waiting for a car tax refund. Message reported as [problem].
  5. Its only a small picture showing the web address. I will try to change it All it says is https://dvlaref.co and has a phone number that I cannot find on the DVLA website.
  6. I am due to road tax refund but received this message on my phone. It seems a bit suspect. Has anyone else had this message. Many thanks for any adivce! LT
  7. Just to let you know Valor have been brilliant. They have said the cooker is faulty without coming out to see it. They even sent one of their engineers, at no cost to us, to disconnect the cooker. This was after CK suggested we disconnect it ourselves! CK Home Electric (they are connected to Euronics) in Bury took it away and we have got our refund. Needless to say we wont be shopping there again. Many thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions. It is very much appreciated. LT
  8. Thanks for all the replies. The 2 gas fitters were very through and checked everything. The old cooker never went out - died of old age! If it was the gas supply wouldn't that also make the rings and the grill go out as well? As it is it is only the oven that goes out.
  9. A gas engineer took the old cooker out and fitted the new one. Checked everything. The cooker going out is not all the time! Driving me crazy.
  10. It was bought from CK Electrics in Bury. The problem I have is if the next engineer says it fine and the oven still goes out. What then? I dont want to be stuck with an oven I cant rely on.
  11. I bought a Valor gas cooker just before Christmas. A part from the grill fell off almost immediately, the grill takes upto 20 minutes on high to toast crumpets the oven has an intermittent fault of the gas just going out. We have had an engineer look at it. He adjusted the grill, put the part back on and adjusted the oven. The day after the oven just went out again. The shop we bought it from wont take it back until an engineer declares it as faulty. But the oven being intermittent there is no chance it will go out while an engineer watches it! Can anyone of you lovely people tell me what I can do? I dont even want my money back from the shop, I am willing to pay more for a cooker that works and is reliable. Many thanks.
  12. Thanks for all you replies. I have done a re-set and everything seems ok. To be honest all we put on the computer was the Plusnet protection which is McAfee and a few CD's! Heres hoping its ok now. LT
  13. little teacup

    PC World

    Please can someone give me some idea on my rights at PC World. My husband bought a desktop computer just over 3 months ago. It was ok at the beginning but then began to slow down and takes minutes to refresh or open a new page. We took it back to PC World today and they ran a diagnostic test and said it was working perfectly and it must be a software problem. They would do a factory re-set for £50.00! I asked if the re-set does not solve the problem what would they do and they said as the software is not covered by the guarantee they would send it back to the manufacturers. Is this procedure by PC World correct? Many thanks LT
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