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  1. Is it more insurance company will see the side of the third party and settle rather than the insured party and fight it? This might be my first "incident" in over a decade, but seriously considering getting a front & back dash cam, just in case.
  2. Thanks for the replies. My insurance said they normally only record collisions as claims, but as it was a moped there is higher likelihood of a claim so opened one as notification only, and will be closed if no claim comes forth. That said if he hasn't contacted me in 3 days, then most likely he won't, but at least should there be some form of retrospective injury claim in the next 3 years I have notified my insurance.
  3. Not sure that's helpful, but having had a read of some of the thread stickies I aim to phone my insurance tomorrow, irrespective of whether the guy calls me or not. Then at least if something happens later at least they are aware of it and I can refer them to my insurance.
  4. Please bear with me first accident in well over 10 years. Coming out of a junction last night saw a moped with no lights at last moment, so stopped. The moped skidded and fell over. The rider stated if it hadn't been raining he would have stopped okay. He said he was okay, but we exchanged telephone numbers and parted ways, and he said he would call as it only looked superficial. I'm not sure if he wants to pursue a claim, do I report it to my insurance now, or wait until he contacts to see what he wants to do. Realised today that even though there was no co
  5. Just an addendum, both experian free options (creditmatcher & MSE credit club*) only provide the experian credit score, unlike Noddle and Clearscore that give you a report as well. (* the MSE CC also gives extra non-experian info)
  6. What about MSE Credit Club, which uses Experian also, so effectively the same as creditmatcher
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