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  1. Thank you, guys. Please bare with me as all of this is "French" to me. I have the exact date of withdrawal, which is the same day the solicitors issued a letter explaining the reasons behind the withdrawal. If I have to hazard a guess, I am probably going to deal with a low level customer service rep who is either going to give me the run around or won't understand what I am after. To be clear, I unsuccessfully tried this few months ago but my need wasn't as urgent so I let it slide, this time it's different. If I am going through this SAR thing, do they automatically give me every piece
  2. I am unsure if this is the right venue for my question. Please feel free to refer me elsewhere if I am mistaken. I require some help in asking my bank to furnish certain documents. Two years ago, I took a fairly large withdrawal from my bank. Bank asked for an explanation, and the solicitor provided a detailed response through a letter from their firm and there were no issues. The legal firm is no long operational and I require copy of that very document that was provided to the bank for an audit. It is essential that I get this document and I am unsure how do I
  3. I have received correspondence from Barclays. I was surprised as the response was sent efficiently. In essence, they state their internal investigation suggest that we weren't affected as they don't use LIBOR to set all loan. I suppose they are suggesting that LIBOR wasn't used to calculate any of our interest rates. Furthermore, the response points out that this is their final letter and they cannot say anymore about the subject including their findings or anything of that sort as part of their agreement with authorities. It gives me option of taking the matter to Ombudsman. I do plan to
  4. Hi All, As a business, we borrowed funds from Barclay's by pledging property as security. We fell behind on payments as a result of cash flow issues. I have not seen the clause, but I am sure Barclay's is within their rights to demand that we pay the entire loan off. A sum we cannot afford to pay in its entirety. I had concerns that our loan may have been affected due to LIBOR manipulation. I wrote a detailed letter to the bank manager after receiving their demand letter that I need a detailed explanation of any part that LIBOR may have played in calculating interest rates, early r
  5. Thanks! That was very helpful. The more I think about this, I think that at some point I have to take him to court anyway for arrears. In that case, I am not sure if I can deal with this on my own as I have a stressful full time job that requires being on the road hundreds of miles away from home. Can you recommend any economical but good solicitors, that will move speedily. I know it sounds horrible, but I am just afraid of messing things up. I was in court few weeks ago for a speeding ticket and a tenant's case was being heard. I felt terrible for the landlord. The landlords were elderl
  6. Thanks! That was very helpful. The more I think about this, I think that at some point I have to take him to court anyway for arrears. In that case, I am not sure if I can deal with this on my own as I have a stressful full time job that requires being on the road hundreds of miles away from home. Can you recommend any economical but good solicitors, that will move speedily. I know it sounds horrible, but I am just afraid of messing things up. I was in court few weeks ago for a speeding ticket and a tenant's case was being heard. I felt terrible for the landlord. The landlords were elderl
  7. Hi There: I thought I misplaced my tenancy, but finally found it. The only person named on the tenancy is father who is no where to be found. The guy who opens the door claims to be the son, I can prove or disprove that. He isn't on my tenancy, isn't this trespassing? Can I not get police involved as I have no idea who this guy really is? If not, Here is what my tenancy's irritancy clause: "If at any time the rent (or any part of) is unpaid for 14 days after becoming due (whether or not formally demanded) or if the tenant becomes bankrupt or compounds with his creditors or if any
  8. Thanks for this. Here is something I noticed, the way things are, I don’t see him collecting recorded deliveries or even summons. Essentially, he is going to claim he never received any documents. I’m self managing this flat so have to either do this myself or have a solicitor do it for me. I don’t want to give him any other chances. Here are few more questions, if you don’t mind, please. The lease initiated in Sep 2011, I believe my lease states that it will continue on a monthly basis. I read it elsewhere on the web that Scottish Short assured tenancy continue for the same period if it’s n
  9. My tenant is in arrears for over three months now. Unfortunately, I have lost the spare key to the flat but the tenant refuses to answer texts, emails, phone calls or open the door when I went to the flat to discuss the matter. I am learning his son lives with him too, who isn't on the lease. The son opened the door once (which I think was by mistake), and started making all sort of stories that he hasn't seen his father and his nervousness gave it away that dad is either inside the house or that the son was covering up for him. I'm really worried, as I am paying mortgage out of poc
  10. Thanks for your response. The ticket was given by a local authority. Specifically, Reading Borough council and the care was parked in Reading, Berkshire.
  11. Hi there! I had a parking violation. The car was registered under my brother's name. I misplaced the ticket and he never received the registered keeper notice. The total charges are increased to 105. Initially, they were 35, and were suppose to be 75 if he received the first notice. My brother never received the registered notice but have received the final notice which is threatening with court proceedings. Can you please advise what can be done here? The county that I received the ticket is in the other part of the country from me.
  12. Hi All, My elderly uncle owns a flat in Scotland. The factoring or the management company of the building have been charging an arm and a leg. He's been unable to pay or refuses to pay and I think the company is overcharging. It turns out there was water damage to the flat. The management company is responsible for insurance and when the insurance claim was made, before passing on the check, they deducted their past due amounts. Can they do that without my uncle's consent? Also, my uncle is obviously paying for insurance through his management/factor fee. He requested they provi
  13. Thanks for your suggestions. I like the idea of writing to the CEO. I have tried looking for the email on google and haven't been able to. Does anyone have an email address or mailing address for the Executive/CEO office?
  14. Hi Brigadier: I have never done this before. What sort of interest, and compensation is reasonable in this case? I have no clue where to start, really. When we opened the account we mentioned that turnover may be in the region £35-40K per annum (best guess, really). I be happy with getting back the funds, but it's been easily over two months now. Any suggestions on interest and compensation figures?
  15. Thank you to all who responded. Here is a letter I wrote to Bank of Scotland: "Dear Sir/madam, I am writing in relation to ABC, Ltd. As a director, I opened an account few weeks ago. I was given online access but forgot the password and was locked out of my account. I called to reset the password a few times but the bank never sorted out the issues. Before the password lockup, there was a deposit made in the amount of £2000. I’ve now learned that the bank ceased the trading account. I find this unjust and unacceptable. The bank is putting undue pressure on our small business.
  16. Thanks for your response Elsa. BOS didn't ask us to prove where the money came from, they want receipts of the business. The company was incorporated some time back by a family relative who actually lent the £2K. I am confused by their demand, as I cannot understand the intent behind it? They want receipts/invoices and won't budge. I've now spoken to family relative who did purchased and sold a piece of land and may have invoice of that. I am reluctant to give them anything that they may turn around and use against me (I don't have anything to hide). Its just that when I opened the accoun
  17. Hi All- First of all, I want to thank all of you for being very supportive and have such a great forum. We opened a Ltd company (very small business) account with Bank of Scotland. They asked questions over the phone and the director (a relative) told them the intention is to trade on Ebay. Account was all set, we deposited £2000 in cash and we received username and passwords in mail for online banking. Unfortunately, online banking password didn't work and were directed to call customer service and the troubles begin. The security questions they asked were apparently not answered co
  18. That would be great. I just want to make sure that if it goes against me then is it better to let go of £1800 at the outset or take a chance of getting hit with a big legal bill. Better to be prepared so I know I won't get stuck with thousands of pounds of counter party legal bills. Thanks again!
  19. Thanks for your input. In my case, I will be representing myself and I am almost certain that the other party will be represented by a solicitor. I am confident I will prevail, but the probability of failure always stands given that solicitor will have more "legal" experience despite whatever the facts may be. Having said that, what do you think about this situation? Take the risk of representing myself and facing a solicitor whose costs can be quite a bit, if I were to loose my case. Is there an upper limit as to how much can I end up paying in their legal costs, if I were to loose?
  20. Hi All- I am hoping to get some guidance on an issue where someone owes me about £4800. We had a contractual agreement where they agreed to terms and conditions over the email and promised to sign and return the documents, but besides my efforts the signed form was never forwarded but I do have emails confirming. I am owed £4800 for a lot of hard work. I am not sure but there are certain restrictions of how much money can I retrieve through small claims court. It is my understanding that the amount is £3k which can be claimed through small claims, which is the cheapest route as I will kno
  21. Thanks for your response. Just to be clear, this property is based in Scotland, where it is called Feuhold which is a freehold equivalent of English system. I do appreciate your feedback, but given some of the "heavy handed" and "in your face" sales type tactics of this management company, I really don't want to use them at all and rather use my own contractor. I have had the chance to speak to the guy upstairs whose flat caused the damage and he is having issues with the management company's contractor. I have sort of made up my mind of not using their contractor and the company I want t
  22. Hi All- I have an issue that I am hoping to get some input. There was water damage to my flat as a result of the upstairs flats pipe leakage. The management company came along with insurance adjuster and their own contractor. I have been verbally told the damage is in the region of £6K. I didn't get a good vibe from their contractor as I saw the "winks" between him and the management company staff a few times, giving me the impression that they are up to no good or are untrustworthy. My question is can I use my own contractor? Is the management company obliged to give me the adjusters or
  23. I think the update happens within 45 days. May be someone else can shed some light on this.I am sorry to hear about the job situation. I am not sure about your situation, but mine was just strange. There was a direct debit that could not go through and it was only about £120. I do not have any creditcards or anything of that sort with HSBC, and I never knew that if an item is bounced or returned, you can be reported late. It is understandable that a bank or creditor may report you late if you had some sort of credit facility/credit card and you did not pay on time.
  24. Hi There, I am trying to help my elderly uncle. They have a statutory/regulated tenancy and have been in the same property for a good twenty years. The property was sold to the new owner, who knew that my uncle was a sitting tenant on regulated tenancy and pays below market rents. He offered my uncle money to move out, which he refused. Few months later, the landlord tells him that if my uncle does not move out, he will most probably end up in repossession and then my uncle will definitely loose his tenancy, since lenders rights would prevail. He offered them to avoid the situat
  25. Let me guess, here standard answer is that they are a data controller and by law they are to provide accurate depiction of my account. According to HSBC, they report that to the credit bureaus and how they handle it from there is up to them. I am just baffled that a NSF has resulted in them reporting me late as 30 days. It is so bizarre, because techincally I am not behind by 30 days. One has nothing to do with the other. HSBC says that they cannot control how or what equifax handles or reports the data on their system, once it is reported by HSBC. I called equifax and they say that
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