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  1. Update. After speaking to someone at the local branch the car has been booked in for repair next Tuesday. I have emailed head office to ask for confirmation in writing that the repair will be free of charges as per my rights under the CRA.
  2. A bit of a result. Tom from Ashton branch who is a service manager called in reply to my email to say that in fact we are correct and the car would be repaired free of charge and could be taken to our more preferred local branch. But we will still need to have the car recovered to that branch. As yet I have been unable to contact service there to book the car in:-x My worry now is how long would be reasonable a time limit for them to complete the repair. After reading some reviews etc of people waiting weeks and seeing a whole Facebook group dedicated to their bad services I'm
  3. I dontbthink i can record my calls. I have just sent an e-mail to their head office stating they are in breach of the consumer rights act and asked them to respond via e-mail so I have a record of what's happening.
  4. No joy again, insist its chargable. They tried to put me through to a service manager but he wasnt available and say he will get back to me in 48 hours.
  5. Just to their customer care line, they keep putting me through to a line that automatically hangs up. But insist its chargable. Just onto them again now, didn't like throw "the consumer rights act says" initially but I'm just getting robbed off so......
  6. I didn't know we could name and shame, its frowned upon on some forums, its Evans halshaw (Ashton branch)
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply, I paid with a debit card with funds from my late fathers inheritance. So they are incorrect and they should repair free of charge? I just want to be armed with the correct information the next time I call. If the don't hang up yet again.
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone could clear things up for me, I purchased a used car 5 months ago which broke down yesterday, the steering lock is electronic and will not disengage meaning the car won't start. I had to have the car recovered to home as it was in a pay and display spot. It is my understanding of the CRA that if a fault occurs up to 6 months then the dealer has to offer a repair or replacement. They said there was a 3 months warranty and that's that. Upon ringing the dealer today, they told me to book it in and it will be chargable. Recovery has already cost m
  9. hi all, again! a big thanks to all who help me previously when dealing with a finance matter. my problem is this, i bought a house 4 months ago and took readings on the day we completed the sale, i git in touch with my supplier from my previos address and gave them these readings. i have had a bill from "my" supplier so have paid the bills from my readings upto date, today i received a bill from the previous supplier stating i owe them money for utilities used from the last reading the previous owner gave, which dont match my readings. am i liable for these bills, i dont have
  10. but we didnt know of the original court hearing to begin with, how can we breach what we dont even know?
  11. we have just rung the court for more info regarding this, all they said is they dont have any apart from, it says "breach". they suggested we ring gmac`s solicitors. ????
  12. can anybody else shed some light on this? thanks in advance.
  13. i sent the cca, to gmac plc as you told me to, today i recieved this letter, we do not know the information they are requesting! see link please. http://i1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/zirconmr2/P1000312.jpg
  14. thanks for all the replies, i will try ringing the courts to get more information.
  15. i have modified and printed the form you mentioned, and will send today, should we now do nothing until we get a reply?? the notice says we have 8 days to respond but this latter is allowed upto 12 for a response.
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