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  1. Hello I am not sure if this is the right location to post this in, I did look around a bit but this seemed to be the most relevant place to post this problem. I will try to keep this short and sweet but there is a lot of problems :c If you do not want to read my wall of text, I have made a summary of the problem at the bottom! Basically my mum has an account with a catalogue company called marshal wards, and I thought it would be a good idea to buy a new computer from the company and then pay it back in installments. I purchased the computer on the 10th of October 2009, and received it a few weeks later, all was going well until about January 2010 when the computer started slowing down and making a loud noise (compared to the whisper silence i was used to) So I phoned marshal wards up and they told me that I had to send the computer to their repair center (instead of them even asking what was wrong, or coming to my house) So I sent the computer to the repair shop, almost 3 weeks later i receive the computer back, apparently there was a problem with the hard drive. All is fine and dandy until May 2010, the same problem, so I phoned up the company first thing and complained that in less then 4 months my computer was broken again, you may be thinking that I ABUSE my computer, but I only really use it for surfing the web, playing a few online games with friends and chatting. I spoke to the manager of the repair company, and said that I wanted a new computer unit, or a refund. He told me that would not be possible as they only repair units, and would only replace it if they could not fix it, and for a refund I need to contact Marshal Wards, which I then did. Upon speaking with Marshal Wards they told me that since it is still under the 1 year manufacturers guarantee, they could not do anything about it, and I have to send it off for repair. They would not even accept my plead for a refund on a 6 month old computer. So I send it off again, 3 weeks later it returns, same problem listed on the receipt, hard drive failure. All is fine and dandy again until...wait for it...it breaks again! Now by this time I'm thinking "Is this just me or is there something wrong with this computer?" I was abit reluctant to send the computer away for another 3 week vacation at the repair center, so I just left it alone for a few days. After that it seemed to work fine, no overly loud grinding and whirring noises, no slow loading times and this went on untill a few days ago, when it alllll...started again. This is four, count em FOUR times this has happened in under one year of buying a top of the range £700 computer! I have sent it off twice, it magically fixed its self once, and now it is on the fritz again, I REALLY need this computer for my school work so its a bind since its either pray it works enough for me to finish my work, or send it off for a nice 3 week vacation and take the bus to the library to do all my work. I just REALLY want some help, either a way for ACER to give me a NEW computer without having to wait the 3 week period, or what I would REALLY like is for Marshal Wards to give me a refund, even if it is not cash and store credit, I will gladly buy a new computer from them, just making sure its not a model made from ACER. Phew, that's about it, sorry about the long read, i just needed to say EVERYTHING so that you understood the bind I'm in! SUMMARY OF EVENTS I purchased a new computer in October 2009, it broke in January 2010, then again in May 2010 and then again in September 2010, all of these problems were due to hard drive fails. Marshal Wards (the company I payed) Will NOT give me a refund since they said its still under the one year guarantee, and ACER (the computer manufacturers) Will not replace the unit, only replace the faulty hard drives each time i send it off (this takes 3 weeks each time!) I am looking to either find a way to get a refund from Marshal Wards or get a new computer unit from ACER at least. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!
  2. FINALY!! I have contacted diffrent people and have solved the problem (hopfully) First of all i was waiting for the manager from the whatever happens team to contact me today since she told me she would be contacting hotpoint (makers of my cooker) and asking the engineer why he said there was an infesation of mice instead of the one mouse that he reported. I waiting untill 3pm and still no phone call, so i decided to phone the company and just check up with them, i took the name of the person i spoke with yesterday before the manager, but i never took the managers name. I phoned up and spoke to a very rude man who kept trying to prevent me speaking to anyone apart from him, and was adamant that i never phoned yesterday and spoke to anyone, i asked to speak with a manager but he declined saying she wasnt in, even though she was supposed to phone me back today. He then went and spoke to her, turns out she was there, and he comes back reporting that she had heard nothing from hotpoint about the engineers report and would be phoning when she does hear anything. Well i was at my wits end by now and i was so frustrated i phoned hotpoint personally asking them why they cant take 10 minutes to speak with the manager from the whatever happens team just to sort out my problem, guess what? turns out the manager from the what ever happens team NEVER EVEN PHONED HOTPOINT! At this point i was so furious that i asked the person at hotpoint to personally phone the manager (whos name i now knew) and speak to her why she failed to phone them. After a 15 minute wait the women from hotpoint spoke to me again, stating that the women forgot and was going to do it later, but im pretty sure that she was just going to fob me off and presume i would forget about it! The women from hotpoint demanded that they honour thier agreement and replace my faulty cooker or there would be trouble. So currys are going to be replacing my cooker instead of giving me a voucher like they normaly will, but im just glad that they are giving me a cooker! I am so pleased that it has finaly been sorted out and i thank Nadia, the women at hotpoint for helping me get to the end. And of course i thank all of you who have put your time and effort into helping me get to this result, truely from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to: chris-t-2k7 dx100uk ForestChav AtlantisZPM shazawm Conniff labrat And anyone else who helped in anyway, thank you so much! :) Mary
  3. I have no idea why the engineer would report back there was an infestation when he only found one mouse that was dead. Hopfully the manager will sort out the problem and speak with him to clear up a few comments. The only problem with getting out pest controll is they would want in access of £60+ which i really dont have, i barely make £400 a month right now since i am only working 3 hours a day after my life saving operation in december, and 75% of the £400 goes on bills. The engineer said that the cooker is behond repair since the mouse had destroyed several wires and that companys do not replace the fire retardent stuff, so they will either give me a voucher to get a new cooker or they wont. Considering i have been paying insurance for the cooker for three and a half years i am suprised that they are not even battering an eye lid at my claim, its not like i claim often with stupid things such as "i dropped my 50 inch tv down the stairs because i tried to carry it by myself" I am a genuine customer who is paying genuine hard earned money for a problem that was not my fault and they dont seem to care. Lucky my son buys charcoal and makes a small fire in the garden for me to cook food on for the family, but its not a way to live, we have been having nice weather the last few days but what happens when it rains or gets colder, i cant cook on a small fire outsite. I just cant get them to see where i am coming from, i hope that the manager has a heart just to give me a voucher to buy a new cooker Mary
  4. Just recieved the call from the manager. She has told me that the engineer who came out to repair my cooker reported to them that i had an infestation of mice, instead of just one mouse. Even though i specifically asked him "do you think its a family of mice" and he replied "no, normaly if there was more mice then when i started moving the cooker about they would all run out of the cooker scared" But since that never happened and he only found one mouse corpse i am wondering why he reported there being an "infestation of mice" in my cooker. The manager is getting in contact with the company for which the engineer works for to ask him directly what he saw and to give an accurate report of the event. I will keep you updated when i get more information Mary
  5. ok thanks forestchav, i will mention this when im on the phone with them again. Mary
  6. I have phoned the number Chris provided for me and requested to speak to the manager or someone who is in a position of power to deal with my case. I was told that they are busy and will be ringing me back tommorow. I threatend them by saying that if i do not get this resolved i will take legal action again them. Do you think this will work, and do you think i would have a leg to stand on if i did take legal action? Thanks Mary
  7. they said i was neglectful because the mouse was inside destroying my cooker, they can prove it was in there since it wrecked the cooker and in their eyes i was neglecting the cooker and it is my fault the cooker is destroyed because i did nothing to stop the mouse, which i knew nothing about mary
  8. Yea i thought it was strange that a mouse was inside my cooker but the engineer who had experiance working with cookers said its a pretty common occurance. Hopfully they will see where i am coming from and give me the benefit of the doubt and allow me to get a new cooker. Basically when i contact the whatever happens team they told me it was misuse but since Chris has provided me with a number to call i will phone them tommorow and speak to them and then update you with the information. Thanks chris for working hard and getting me this information, even though its not your area of expertice you still helped alot and i thank you for that. Mary
  9. i hope they can sort my issue out. For the past nights without a cooker i have eaten cereal, salad, toast and somtimes nothing. I dont have the money to buy fast food for my family I hope chris can get back to me with some good information Mary
  10. Ok Thank you What would i ask for when phoning currys up again? Or how else would i get in touch with "their medic"? Thanks Mary
  11. What do you meen by "their medics"? Thanks Mary
  12. Thanks for the information Chris. As i said, i told the person on the phone that in the small print it said nothing about pests or small rodents/animals affecting the policy, so they said i was neglectful since i allowed the mouse to get inside the cooker and destroy it, and did nothing to prevent it Mary
  13. Currently I have supplied the information to Chirs who says he will try to help, apart from that there is nothing much else going on. looks like its cereal for dinner again tonight Mary
  14. Thank you Chris, i hope you are right. I have replied to your PM with the requested details Mary
  15. What should i PM them, my whole problem? Thanks very much Dx.
  16. Hello. I recently joined this forum board to seek help from people who might know a thing or two about my problem and could help me, I am at my wits end! Here is my problem. For those who dont want to read the whole thing, i have summarised it below! Last week I noticed that my Cookers Grill/ top oven was not heating up at all, even after being left on for 20 minutes it was still stone cold, so i contacted currys who informed me that they would send an engineer out to take a look. Two days later an engineer arrived and did a diagnostic test on the cooker and found out that the thermastat was faulty, he informed me that this was rare in the case of my oven but he would order new parts for it anyway. A week past untill his next arrival which is today (18th May 2010) and he proceeded to fix the thermistat, he had to take the whole cooker apart, both sides and the top which totaled about 15 screws he undone. This is the part where my problem begins. He opens the top of the cooker and then tells me "hey look there is a dead mouse in the cooker" I was shocked when he said this and didnt know if he was joking or not, so I inspected it and he was infact telling the truth! but the mouse looked like it had been long dead, it had decomposed on the inside of my cooker! I was shocked at this since i had never even knew that there was mice in my house, but the engineer informed me that it was a comon occurance in many cookers since mice like the warmth inside! He then informs me that the mouse had eaten 80% of my fire retardent installation (which keeps the heat in) and many wires that it was behond repair and that it would need to be replaced. He told me that the cooker was such a health and safety warning that he could not leave it like it was so he had to disconnect the whole cooker! I then dug out my "whatever happens" policy to read the small print since i know that they can be funny, and no where did it say that they do not cover pests or rodents. When i phoned currys they informed me that they would NOT replace my cooker since I NEGLECTED it because i allowed a mouse to get inside, eat all the wires and fire retardent inside and I did not do anything to stop him! I then told the women that the only time i knew about the mouse was when the engineer took the cooker apart to the bare wires, i dont know how to take apart a cooker so how could i have known! The women said that this was not their problem and that i will not be getting any help. Considering that i have payed insurance on my cooker for THREE AND A HALF YEARS i feel really disgusted about this! I was wondering if anyone could help me or give me any tips just to get them to replace my cooker, i cant afford a new one since i am just recoverying from a major operation and can only work 3 hours a day and i need to cook for my family! Sorry for the long read but I had to make sure that there was enought information for everyone to understand my problem! Summary Engineer came out to fix thermistat on my cooker and found one mouse living inside my cooker, this mouse had eaten 80% of the fire retardent installation and some wires that made it a health and safety risk, so much so that the electrician had to disconnect it. Currys "whatever happens" policy said that i neglected my cooker since i allowed the mouse to climb inside and eat all the wires and fire retardent without doing anything to stop him. First of all i didnt know there was a mouse in the oven, and second of all i am no electrician, i dont know how to take apart a cook safely! Thanks again for reading, sorry for the long long read but i am so frustrated with this i could cry! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! Thanks again Mary
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