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  1. OK, thanks for the replies I think I will try a standard letter to get the money back after the loan was paid off..
  2. But in that case, the payments were for something... In this case, the payments were for a loan protection that they had paid in full, also they were told they had to have them... Also, he is a farmer, so self employed, probably not even covered!
  3. they sent mine back anyway, still sent the statements, so wouldn't worry much anyway..
  4. Just to confirm..yes you definately claim for BOTH..
  5. After my recent successes, my family have been scrutinising their accounts... my auntie has found a direct debit of £35 a month on her bank statement that she wasn't sure what was for.. She went to the bank to ask, turns out it was for ppi insurance for a loan that was taken out years ago... but my Aunt and Uncle paid the loan off in full over 8 years ago... AND THEY ARE STILL PAYING £35 INSURANCE EVERY MONTH!!!! She has of course now stopped it, but the bank have told her that it was her fault, she should have informed them... At the time of the loan, they were told that they had to have the insurance when it was taken out.. The loan was with Lloyds but insurance was taken over by Scottish widows, Can they claim it all back? at least they should be entitled to the payments after the loan was paid off in full? this is so different from the bank charges.... Help! where do I start?
  6. sorry wooders...been off spending! why not open an account and change wages to be paid in and change over all so's and dd's its easier if you can hang on till they pay the first one as you will have some cash to cover any worries during the swap..
  7. Well done!! (Oh they just say they are going to defend so that it looks like they think they are in the right...If they give in straight away it looks like a guilty party....)
  8. hmmm? I think we were using different spreadsheets?? Have just looked, and they have now added that column.. If you are not sure, then leave it at £0.
  9. remember to cross out any confidentuality clauses!! WELL DONE!! (happy shopping!)
  10. Hey, its the greatest savings plan ever.. I too have had a charge whilst mcol was running.. I have made a note of the date... I am giving the bank lots of time to forget about it and to forget the want to close my account.... and in 6 years time I will be repeating history.. I wonder how much my 'savings' account will have matured by then he he...
  11. Probably just held up as your account is closed.. I would ring just to check that they have not tried to credit the closed account..
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