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  1. Yes that could be the simple answer but like I say I have not been given the reasons for not being able to stay on the team part time. I guess I will just have to request another wonderful meeting with my oh so professional team leader to find that out. Believe me when I say that my workplace is not transparent and open with its employees, definitely a case of managers rule and what they say goes. Like it or lump it. All I know is that if I was a manager I would keep my staff informed and try to make them feel valued and understood. I would hate to think my actions or lack of proactive plannin
  2. I am one of a team of 7 and have been on the team since it was first set up some 3 years ago (I have been with this nationally recognised company for almost 5 years in total). My line manager came to the job about a year ago. There are two part time members on the team. One works 4 days per week and has been with the team from the start. The other was recruited by my line manager about 7 months ago she is part time 3 days per week. In August due to personal issues which only my line manager and head manager are aware of I requested to reduce my hours to 3 days per week. It was agreed tha
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