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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Good news...i think? I sent the reports from my psycologist and Dr's and Marsden's have returned the fine back to MCC. Presuming now Ill hear from MCC instructing from here on ?? What should I expect next? Thanks a lot guys for your support and advice couldn't of done this without you.
  3. Brilliant, Thank You Rae Sounds good to me and seen as nobody has commented otherwise I shall get onto it as soon as im back from my psycologist appointment. I thought strange too when I asked the receptionist for a copy of my results? I shall be bringing this up at my next appointment.... Sure wont be looking forward to another test if need be after what happened last time !! can laugh now? cheers jo
  4. Thanks Kelcou, Yes I had a spirometary test back in Sept but I sent the print out to the DLA and didnt make a copy of the details, silly me.. I have been in the Dr's who have not logged the info on my file. So for proof im going to have to do another. The last reult I remember very clearly is that my lung age was that of a 86yr olds when I am 41,. What I cant understand is why my mums age ar only 14yrs older than she is and mine 45yrs when she has smoked for 20 years longer than I DID, and at times twice as many cigarettes..?? sorry to go off subject..x
  5. Mr B Henry served a 'Notice of Siezure of Goods & Inventory' 9/2/10 on vehcle reg ....... I wish to inform you of my vulnerable status and need for the car in question which is under threat. I suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) where basically although only 41 years of age, my lungs are that of a 86yrs old.. I have to take medication twice daily to keep the bronchioles in my lungs inflated and enable me to breathe. I can provide supporting evidence from my GP as a spiromatory test was carried out there and also my support worker who I see due to dep
  6. I have just looked at original email I sent the MCC to refresh my memory. When I originally appealed I received a mail from them telling me not to do anything until heard from them..I began looking at advice and putting together my letter of appeal.. I didnt end up hearing from them until letter telling me fine had increased which set the ball rolling... I am presently trying to sieve through all the advice to put into a email for Marsdens, Knowing me ill probably be still here,this time next week, only minus a car... my mum had a big do for her 60th on saturday which hindered
  7. Extra info on post; Last letter received from MCC dated 2.12.09 First letter received from Marsdons 4.1.10, informed me of; Penalty charge £110-00 (£35 doubled to £70, 50% added plus fee £5 =£110) Letter fee £11-20 Bailiffs Fee £0-00 Vat £1-68 Total £122-88 9.2.10 Hand received at aprox 6-55am Notice of siezure of Goods and Inventory Amount owing £110-00 Penalty Charge / Court fee £45-14 Bailiffs attendance costs £120-00 Vat @ 17.5% £28-89 Total due £304-03 Although this letter was dated the 9th, On top of the page it read, hand writen " vehicle
  8. As Victor Meldrew would say "I DONT BEEELIEVE IT " i HAVE JUST SPENT AN HOUR-00ps caps, if not more, updating post with info and its vanished !!! damn n flippin blast ...to put it lightly lol My fingers are blumin sore, my kneck aches, Think im in need of some sympathy please, only joking (Now thats a rare moment) I shall attempt to post again later TTFN
  9. Firstly, Thank you all for taking the time to advice me. In answer to your questions, No I dont hold a Disabled Badge, I was refused by the DLA although suffer from Chronic Bronchitus and have a pair of lungs double my age +6yrs!!! I dont have a garage but can park around the back which is secluded. I have a Private Drive, Can they still enter and sieze with it being on Private land? I shall try to get the proof needed to confirm I have COPD and under a Psyciatrist and Psycologist for help with depression and anxiety.. Now I have the advice, the hard work starts now for
  10. Please can someone advise me as i am as i say in title, Petrified my lifeline car be towed away and nervous wreck jumping to every sound outside thinking they are taking it, all due to a £35 parking ticket... A Parking Ticket I managed to put my mind to appeal over last year, but......... unfortunately this lapsed due to me not being consistant with the appeal mainly due to health reason. I then offered to pay in instalements my support worker (i see due to my health) advised this but said it depended on how empathetic the person spoke with was?...Guess What if i can afford to drive a c
  11. jolajo


    Thank you Buzby and Pat for your time and knoledge, I can at least close the chapter.
  12. jolajo


    The issue was that if the DVLA were in the wrong (that is why I was trying to justify the error they had made) yet claiming from the RM, couldn't I then request DVLA refund what I had paid to have my driving liceince updated? A goodwill gesture for inconvience caused....after all I was the innocent party in all of this? ps I dont work for the RM lol
  13. jolajo


    I assume that it was one of the older, laminated passports. correct A passport alone is insufficient ID for most purposes as there is no address verification. Thank you for putting my mind at rest.. Regarding the refund i requested, what is your opinion on that? Taking into consideration DVLA were claiming of the RMail when they didnt loose the documents,Dvla were at fault for not changing my details?
  14. jolajo


    DVLA lost 2 very important documents, my Passport and Birth Certificate? They informed me that due to my new address not being logged they had been sent to my previous address which i left 2 yrs ago? I believe these type of documents lost should be reported to the police, due to the risk of being used 'Fraudulently'? Dvla admitted in writing they were at fault, Yet ....they were claiming back the cost of replacing my new documents from the Royal Mail??? Due to this I requested a refund of the £19 I sent to replace my licience in the first place, Seen as they had the cheek to c
  15. CONGRATS Katy and well done...remember me? Just been scanning through my thread and came accross your 1st post to me, it read " im way behind you..." and guess what? Just like elton john........ Im still waiting? after being granted a judgement, they then filed a defence 2 wk late, then had judgement set aside, blah blah! good news is received a offer of half last week so just waiting.......n... waiting.......wish they'd get a nelly on as I lost my xmas vouchers to FAREPACK!! to say refund will come in handy is a understatement, Anyway well done again and thanx for your help
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