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  1. Hi guys / gals Not been around these parts for a while, hope you experts are all well ( merry xmas). Your advice has sorted me out many a time. May I add, I have had a couple of beers while typing this, so bare with me if it does not make sense. I will cut to the chase, my partner recently died. she was only 52 and was the sole signature on the council rent book. I have shown the council that I have lived in the property ( 1 bedroom flat ) for the last 2 years, and have asked to keep the flat on. She died 3 weeks ago, and I have not heard anything from them yet? do I have a chance of keeping the flat, and what sort of notice period can they give me? kind regards Mr Noughts
  2. Thanks for the reply king12345, You seem to have the edge on were I was coming from. I was not trying to defraud anyone and it seems this agency have completely fook ed up... Money is set aside.. Kind regards
  3. No, getting advice on here on my circumstances and how it will affect my tax. will probably contact tax office.
  4. Hi BazzaS I did not sign a P45, this agency have a system of signing a P45 FORM... Ridiculous I know, there is a couple of European workers that have been set on full time and still not been paid their holiday entitlement. The agency is a rip off... Kind regards
  5. Hi Honybee13, The Agency have paid me another weeks wage, I have informed my supervisors accordingly in case they are trying to defraud my new employers. Like I have mentioned above, the agency involved are horrendous payers. The agency have a system of signing some P45 HOLIDAY FORM. EH!!!! Which was a form stating you no longer work for the agency, and they will pay all holiday money owed and you are deleted from their payroll system. Kind regards
  6. p.s I went into the office of [edited] recruitment and signed a P45 form. This form informed the company I no longer worked for them, and I would be deleted off their payroll system..... SOOOOOOOOOO NO fraud here folks.
  7. Hi ladies and Gentlemen, I think some people did not read the original post properly... However, I got paid another weeks wage TODAY... NOT even touched the scanner last week... how do I stand? Kind regards.
  8. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, Have currently been made full time by my current employer. It has been 3 weeks now. I was working for an employment agency ( removed by site team ) worst agency I have ever worked for, never paid the correct wages and took weeks to sort it. They have a finger print scanner to clock in and out, my new clock card system sits next to this. So, baring in mind I am full time and this agency knew I no longer worked for them, I occasionally just put my finger on the scanner just to confuse them, It was only a couple of times. On the 14th of April I got all of my holiday pay as expected. Last Friday the 21st of April, I got 40 hours of pay, the agency are saying I clocked in Monday to Friday. However, I was not even in work on good Friday. I have put the money they paid to one side, however, how do I stand on paying them back. It is obviously an admin error. They have an online payslip checker, and the payslip in question has been deleted, unlucky for them I have a copy on my mobile phone. Kind Regards Jason
  9. Hi Do not think they are claiming the scratch is affecting the battery, but going on the angle that the drone is damaged. Apart from that the drone is in a nearly new condition as did not get much flying time out of it. The scratch came from losing control and hitting the side of the house. Kind regards
  10. thanks for the feedback Bankfodder, Had a call back this morning from a manager who is looking into the case, apparently I have caused damage to a side wing that you attach the drone while flying indoors or near buildings. This damage is a slight scratch, not sure if you have ever flown a drone, but they are feisty thing to get use to. kind regards Jason
  11. Hi Girls / guys, Not been around these parts for a while and always come back for expert advice. I will keep it short at this stage, but will freely give more details as required. OK, Bought a Parrot Bebop drone from Maplins in Leeds for £399 on the 5th of November 2016. The kit / toy / camera flying entertain system comes with 3 batteries. Followed all instructions and tried to fly it for probably all of 22 minutes, on the 6th of November. Realised that one of the batteries was flashing red and not charging. At this stage I reckon the merchandise is faulty. I take the whole kit back to Maplins in Leeds on the Tuesday of 8th of November, and explain the situation. They send the kit back to their engineers to examine battery and give diagnostic report, and would receive a letter confirming result. Have heard nothing from customer service until I phoned Yesterday 16:30 17-11-16. Spoke to a Tony in customer services who said the battery was faulty but needed power recycling... said "an engineer will phone you back" " got no phone call, so phoned back at around 19:30 and spoke to a David that said "your product is not faulty" He said "I have emailed a manager and they will call you today" NO CALL. My question is, where do I stand on faulty goods and returns? regards
  12. Hello Guys / Gals, I love coming here as there is people that give expert advice, and if followed you can save a scrape or two. I have a mate that works a 6-2, 2-10 pm shift, on this day he has gone in early at 5:45am. He has had a few beers that day before and someone has smelt alcohol on his breath. He has suggested that there is some harresment from some fellow employees. Anyway, he has started work at 6am but got breathalyzed at 6:15am. This had a reading of 36... 1 point over the 35mg limit... West Yorkshire Police do not Prosecute anything under 40mg My mate had, mouth wash and Benylin which apparently can bump up dodgy lion 500 Alcometer readings. They only give one chance on the blow meter, instant termination.... Does he have a chance? He got set on the books, but not been there 2 years.... Ideas?
  13. Hi Peeps, Just an update to our story, we have heard nothing since.... Follow advice on here... Kind regards
  14. Hello Mr P, I was just updating my account and experience with RLP for other peoples research etc etc..... Many thanks for your input... Kind Regards
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