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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I moved in to a rented property, which has got two pay as you go meters (gas and elec). These were installed by Southern Electric because the previous tenant got in to substantial arrears. However, I am stuck with the meters or limited to a few suppliers that use meters, consequently any sort of choice regarding who supplies my elec and/or gas is severely limited....[edit] If I want to be able to have a 'choice', I HAVE TO PAY to have the meters removed. ME !!!! Not the previous tenant who run up the debt in the first pla
  2. Hi Sailor Sam, Since the DVLA have a knack of losing mail... I wrote and emailed them, firstly the Enforcement Officer Dear Pat Woolley I received your letter 15/03/10 and telephoned your office and spoke to one of your colleagues. Unfortunately the staff member must have been new, as she was very vague and quite unfamiliar with the DVLA’s policies and procedures, so again I will put everything in writing. The car left my possession on the 11 December 2008, my partner mailed the V5C document via 1st class post (as I have always done when selling a car – with no problems!).
  3. Hi All, I will try to keep my ongoing saga as brief as possible. My partner sold a car on the 11/12/08. I sent the information to the DVLA. In January 2010 we get a bill from our local council for £900 for wrapping 'OUR' car around a council lampost. Happy Days !! I contacted the council and managed to sort it ( the new keeper had registered himself and the car as a private hire taxi) to do that, you need to be the new keeper and have the V5C document in your name. Recently we received a Late Licensing Bill from the DVLA, which has now been passed on to the Bailiffs. My partner
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