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  1. Exactly the same thing happened to me Saturday just gone, 15th May in the same location at Riverside Court, Leeds. I must admit i did see a sign when i left my car but because i was talking to friends i didn't take notice of it (silly I know). I parked up at 23:45 and returned back to my car at 3:30 to find it had been removed, i called the number on the sign, to which the guy told me to call back at 8:30am, much to my disappointment as i live in Liverpool & had to pay £90 home in a taxi. The following day i traveled back up there after many discussions with there office staff. In total i had to pay £385 for them to release my car, £100 clamping fee, £240 tow charge and £45 storage charge. Plus the taxi fare, it cost me a total of £475 Although i know i was in the wrong would it be possible for me to appeal on the grounds of extortionate prices? My uncle knows a car removal guy in central London, he asked him about the price and he said it is unbelievably high. The maximum price he said he's charged is £300 and this is for central London. If anyone could offer me any advice I'd be ever so grateful. Regards Wayne
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