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  1. there was an allocation ,,,and standard disclosure,disclosure was supposed to be by april 8 according to the courts directions and i recieved it may23.pre trial checklist have to be filled by 1 july court is se4ptember.there is no list as such with the papers from tradepro saying what they intend to bring to court,many thanks george
  2. sorry no not ordered by the court as in court order, but when you get all your court papers through it tells each party when they have to have done certain things, they were suppsed to inform me as to what they would rely on in court a month earlier than they did,,,,al the best george
  3. no allocation quetionaire just a list of docs they intend to rely on in court, it was ordered that this should be by april 21 but i got this in june 10,thankyou
  4. yes i have a list of docs, it says application form on it,, but i still dont think they have the origanal,,, shall i write to them and ask if they intend to bribg it to court?or if they actually have it ? with some judges accepting copies does it matter>???? i have been following the thought that i really didnt see the application form,,i was in a que beeing served at the builders merchants, i just signed quickly on the way out,many thanks george
  5. hi no i havent done that,,, what is it ? thanks george
  6. hey have sent me a list of all they intend to rely on in court,this included letters between us and they say the application form.i dont believe they actually hold the origanal application form as i read on threads here that they only hold digital copies of accounts held during the time my account was opend.they are stored on computer.even though they are saying they are going to produce the application form i think they will produce a copy and fob this off to the judge saying that this is what i signed ect.i have demanded that they bring the origanal to court.who knows if they will.they wrote
  7. i stupidly sighned a letter i sent them,,,,so their argument is that i may not have filled the form in but i did sign it.my argument has been that i and many others was shouting out our deyails to a woman in a builders merchants and i didnt see what was filled in or the whole form so i would like to see the origanal doc in court.i really begrudge paying these people, i pay all my other creditors, but these people were so rude,aggressive,and nasty it leaves me with a sour taste.while everyone else put me on a payment plan they promised to put renaiged and defaulted me .i told them that the gove
  8. court is in september,they have sent list of docs,including application,but i still think they are going to bring the copy and try to fob it off on the judge
  9. i have made the offers in writing,the court date is september and i have argued everypoint i can,the default, the interest rates,me not filling in the application form,the fact that as i didnt actually fill the form in i shouldnt be bound by the interest rates,the collection charges,them not acknoledging the fact that they had unlawfully closed the account and i had offered to pay the arrears as i should legally,they wont budge.i have told them repeatedly that i demand the origanal to be availiable at court as i didnt fill it in.i think that they are going to produce the copy saying that it be
  10. hi bazooka,im very sorry that you feel that way.i did post on a different thread yesterday to give both my thanks and to say sorry to all the very helpfull and good people on the board for not being on for so long.i read on a tradepro thread that their staff frequent the forum and quite honestly was concerned that by posting more information i may pre warn them of my intensions.anyway thankyou for all the time and effort in helping me with this problem bazooka.i really did not mean to offend anyone by my absence.i wish you all the very best george
  11. what do you mean when you say they dont have the right to canvas off trade premeses please? i noticed your remarks about my thread not being updated since december. im sorry for this, i read on some of the threads that the tradepro team look on this site,this may seem far fetched but as things where and are heating up with tradepro i did not want to give them prior warning of anything i may do.i have updated the origanal thread now.i really am gratefull for all the help everyone has given me so far and made this very clear to everyone concerned.best wishes George
  12. hi im sorry to have been away so long,i didnt want to post incase we had spies in lol. anyway, tradepro are continueing the claim.they have taken off the silly charges that they added for no reason,but say that even though i did not fill in the application form i did sign it. they also0 say that i was not prejudised by the unlawfull default as no further action was taken.i have pointed out that they did not acknoledge my acceptance of them closing the account on the stenght of this default,and all the other points that they have been untruthfull or mistaken about.basically what they have done
  13. well thanks i do hope you are correct, but hey,, thankyou to you and all those on here that have given their most valuable comodity,their time in trying to help me with this, thankyou!!
  14. well thanks to you for taking the time to answer all this.. anyway i do hope you are correct in your opinions on the outcome.i have written to tradepro today,to outline their unlawfull recission explaining that i had written and called several times explaining that i was under extream hardship and asking for a reduced payment plan,and they refused this offer and then unlawfully defaulted me and closed the account i outlined the regulations as far as issuing a default notice and the consequences to the creditor if the precedures are not adhered to.and have offered to fullfill my legal obligatio
  15. they didnt send anything back, thankyou
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