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  1. SUCCESS!!! I received a letter ffrom the council accepting my offer of repayemnt plan and that they would also take the debt back off the baliff. Thanks
  2. In 2010 I had a Professional Training Loan £25000 for natwest, it was due to start be repaid in April. My Circumstances have changed and things did not work out as planned and I am unable to pay the requested amount of £400 ish per month. I wrote a letter with my income and outgoings attached offering a reduced payment, and got a reply stating they were unable to help and that restucturing the loan would cost more. I had a deault notice issued last week against the loan and Natwest also put a stop on my current account and issued a default on my current account. Luckliy I have just opened a ne
  3. Was wondering if i should send letter to R&R refusing them entry to my property and refusing them walking posession and levy my goods.
  4. No the baliff just asked what the address was and whether i lived there and then thrust the letter at them and left.
  5. I work 25 hours per week and receive less than £600 per month. My Child is 11 whom i receive DLA. They babysitter is over 18.
  6. Please help. In January I received a final notice for £518 council tax arrears for the year 2010/2011. I was unable to pay the amount by the amount and was summoned to court in february where the council succeeded in obataining a liability order for the total amount + court cost toatlling £680. I telephoned the council and they said i could resolve the arrears by paying £229 per month end Jan end Feb and end of march and i could avoid the isse going to the baliff. I am a single mum working parttime hours how the hell was i supposed to make these payments. When I spoke to the council I sa
  7. I have pre booked flights for 2 adults and 1 child to majorca in August. Today it was announced that the luggaage fees had been increased, will i have to pay the increase. I booked through a agent, and my invoice says fully paid.
  8. I have booked for my family 2 ad and 1 child to Majorca in August, I have paid fully for 3 hold bags, will i be charged the increased charges and have to pay the difference.
  9. Help. Is anyone able to help. In the last eight weeks my partner has been in and out of the doctors and the hospital with numerous problems. He has also been admitted for tests at the hospital and scans with concerns about inflamed kidneys and blood in urine. the doctors have ruled out anything supicious but cannot reason why thee symptons exisit. He has drunk the same coffee for years and has had problems as long as can remember. 1) does anyone think this could be related 2) if phone and claim refund is this final payment 3) what should be done
  10. Was wondering if I said I was leaving the UK would that be any good. I have phoned customer services a number of times keep getting cut off. I have emailed them tonight stating that i keep getting cut off. It basically comes down to the fact that I can no longer afford the monthly bills and want to go Pay as you go. 1) £25 pm contract ends 1 March 2011 2)£15 pm contract ends 18 Aug 2010
  11. Help. I have 2 mobile phone contracts with 3, one ends on august one in march, i need to cancel them both. I obviously do not want to have to pay high cancellation charges, does anyone have any advice. I have spoke to customer services on a number of ocasions but keep getting cut of when put me through to cancellations. Please help.
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