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  1. Hi It is an overdraft and a loan, I left the Uk 3 years ago tried to make payments but been overseas it was difficult I tried on a number of occasions to make contact but nothing, had a few letters from different people one this morning from credit secutiry limited!!
  2. Why is it you receive letters from different companies trying to recover debt and what am I reading that they sell your debt on, can anyone explain this to me??
  3. Hi All... My situsation is that I moved away from the UK 3 years ago and I must admit I did leave some debt behind... Over the last 3 years I have tried to make some payments but not made any for a while due to lack of funds I have tried calling, emailing and sending letters to inform them of this. I have received a letter this morning from Credit Security Limited telling me the the would take a big reduced settlement figure if I paid the amount now, the are will to reduce me figure by 6943.87 how can they send me this offer. If I leave it long enough is there any chance of the
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