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  1. Thank you Barty, That helps greatly. I cannot understand the way interest is calculated so I wont claim that back. Instead, I will say that i consider those charges to be reasonable an accept them. This is coz I have had Lloyds solicitors on the phone telling me that "I should have managed my account better and made certain that I had enough money in my account to cover direct debits' She also told me that they will default my account in thge very near future.
  2. I have been away for a couple of months. I am getting constant calls fro a Debt collection agency. Can someone tell me what to put on the N1 form and what to take to the court with it. Its time I brought this to a head
  3. Hello again, Capital one refused to accept the part payment bit and then withdrew the offer. I am no looking for the details to put on the court form..... anyone put me in the right direction
  4. Lloyds TSB tell me that all the charges stand. LBA expired no so court action has to commence.
  5. Capital One have now offered me £192 instead of the £830 I am claiming. I have also had £86 in charges added to my account sending me overdrawn again. I will be accepting the offer as part payment only
  6. Good luck, I got my statements back after 5 weeks, I have just finished checking the throug and found One statement sheet missing..... This is now a non compliance issue Peter
  7. 3 days to go and they have sent me very little. I recieved my account statements but they only went up to 14th sept 2001. I need to find out what to do next
  8. Having spent the whole of last year paying £80 a month to capital One and having less than a fiver knocked of my bill, I have sent ny DPA Letter off to Ms Blunt on 5th July 06, The clocks ticking... I have recieved a letter acknowledging mine already... Peter
  9. Data Protection Act Sent 5th July 2006, Yes they took out the charges, reduced my overdraft limit and kept my Disability Living allowance to boot!. With no money now my College course will be cancelled and I will have to pay the finance back in full. Can we claim this back as well?
  10. Thanks.... I will do that, maybe if they want to play that game, so should I. Trouble is, they will just about put me out of work in a week or so because I wont be able to afford the fuel to go to work with! Thank you Michael and mjanet
  11. I am lucky enough to have all my statements downloaded. This only goes back to June 2002 and I have paid over £1400 in charges since. I have recieved a reply from the bank telling me that they consider the charges to be fair and therefore they will stand. Should I now ask them for all the statements going back for the full 6 years or just find out about the next step. Lloyds TSB are going to charge me another £169 on 3rd July. All this is because the took charges out and then returned other direct debits to charge me more. Twice this year they have completely emptied my bank account an I have had to borrow money for food. Can I stop this from happening? Peter MODERATED posted twice so one post deleted .
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