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  1. Thanks andy for that, i missed that point is that valid reason to set aside, how do i start procedure and should i get copy for £10 or just use info from credit report ?
  2. Am planning to set aside, yes deposit was taken without my consent from mydeposits i never recieved any paperwork from courts or my deposits to grant landlord access to money.
  3. yes but my grounds of defence are that no proper paperwork was served and requesting claim form within 6 years period which is validity of court and all they tell me is we dont keep claim form, im sure if told hm revenue i dont have my tax return as it has been 4 years they would not accept it.
  4. sorry for late update. here is reply from hmc Thank you for your email dated 30th August 2018. Due to the time period in which your claim was issued and served being 4 years back I am afraid that the court will not be able to provide a copy of the claim form due to the file now being destroyed. Due to the amount of claims in which we process and receive we have a timescale of how long we keep files in storage. The claimant however may be able to provide a copy of the claim form as they may still hold a copy. With regards to the Judgment the court can provide a further copy however a fee of £10.00 will be required as the court had attempted postage of the claim and Judgment back in 2014. Payment can be made either by cheque or by debit card if a contact number and preferred time to be contacted is also stated. I wish to challenge this ccj on the following resons; a: incorrect procedure no valid documentation , b: incorrect value as deposit was claimed by landlord from mydeposits, c: failure to provide claim form the goverment requires all companies to keep records for 6 years my suspicion is there was no valid claim form and they are trying to fob me off. Any advice or help greatly appreciated.
  5. Email sent to customerservice.mcol@hmcourts-service.gsi.gov.uk requesting information. will update when response is received.
  6. I Doubt it had access to post as upstairs tenant was my friend and hallway was communal, also i was still there when this claim form arrived around march to april 2014 and i vacated property around may 2014. Never received any further letters or notices also the claim form i received was a photocopy sent from estate agents i never received any official documentation from courts.
  7. No i received at address i was staying at during period of tenancy.
  8. claim form attached This is the only document i ever received also had no contact from mydeposits, i have emailed them but have heard from my estate agent they are somewhat useless ccjclaim.pdf
  9. I will do dont have access to scanner at the moment so will take picture of document and convert to pdf then upload Well i never went to court for ccj all i was sent claim form and then a ccj was registered against my name. which details should i remove or blank out before uploading claim form ?
  10. amended credit file judgement summary crjudjement.pdf
  11. Admin please move post if in wrong section. I am posting in response to an ccj in 2014, i wish to challenge the validity of ccj, as i received a claim without a stamp seal, no claim number and issue date was not completed also amount claimed was not filled out. What is procedure to challenge this also need to speak to mydeposits as they released deposit without any contact to myself. Also as deposit was reclaimed the amount on claim form submitted for ccj would be incorrect amount. I await your replies and help. Thanks in advance.
  12. Not spoken to shelter yet Yes spoke to Newham Council They have tried to negotiate with landlord but he has said he wants to let unfurnished and without any responsibility of white good repairs which the council has not agreed to they were wiling to give landlord a lump sum in return for a 1 or 2 year tenancy.
  13. Just to clarify there is no rent arrears and payments are up to date the landlord is trying to evict in revenge of request for disrepair to property.
  14. Hi, It has been a while since i have visited the forums but as life avails twists and turns you seem to remember. I have been issued with a section 21 notice from landlord was served on the 22/12/16 giving 2 month notice to vacate by 22/01/17 my tenancy has expired the 1 year and is running periodic, as far i was aware the dates have to tally with tenancy therefore should have 2 months from 18/12/16 or 18/01/17 as my tenancy start date was 18/6/15 am i correct or is Newham council correct that after tenancy ends and is in periodic period the section 21 can be served at any date and be valid ? I am living in London under council of Newham. Sorry for long post tried to keep as short as possible and to the point.
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