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  1. Hello Surfer01, thanks for your comments/suggestions. Once you have entered your details you can see all the info you've entered under the Healthcheck section. You should arrive at the subsection 'Budget Review' where you can review in a vertical list all the information you've entered. Each entry contains a link back to the section and the data you put in. After you've uploaded your information to go through the process of communicating with creditors, you can print the summary information by clicking on 'Review Offer Sent'. This will bring up a sheet in a browser that you can print
  2. Hi Bookworm, just a quick post to let you know the changes have been made to the software as laid out in my previous post. If you'd like to log onto iMoneyManager again you'll get an automatic update with the changes.
  3. Hi Bookworm, Thanks for your post and your thoughts. It’s really encouraging to hear you thought the software was useful. The handling of overdrafts is something you’ve prompted me to think through again. Including overdrafts actually in the calculations, has been something of a conundrum to be honest. The reason being is many creditors consider an agreed long-term overdraft as an acceptable state of affairs, and therefore are unlikely to accept it being added to the list of debts presented (unless the account is no longer being used and is being chased in the same way as other deb
  4. Hello blind-as-a-bat, Thanks for your questions. The quote you’ve taken is from our terms and conditions. Currently the software does not link to third party companies however we have plans to add links, so this section was included in advance. Who do we intend to link to? One of the most important steps someone can take once they’ve recognised a financial problem is to try and see if they can increase income coming into the household, or reduce expenditure. There is a lot of quality information that is available from a variety of sources and our intention is to build in l
  5. Hi Wintry, You’re asking another question that is dealt with on the blog, here. Things are pretty busy for us at the moment and unfortunately I don’t have time to rewrite what has already been written. If you have any questions relating to the way the iMoneyManager software works I’d be happy to answer them. Any further questions relating to our integrity, motives, or method of operation past or present, have been fully answered in my above posts and on the iMoneyManager blog. We’ve made every effort to be as transparent as possible, the information is available for anyone to see, t
  6. Hi Wintry, Stop the Worry ceased trading in 2008. (All the answers to your questions can be found amongst our client’s testimonials. It might take a while to get through them though, there are quite a few.) The experience gave us a lot of understanding of the problems people encounter when beginning to suffer financial hardship. iMoneyManager was developed to empower those that feel capable, to address their problems proactively and confidently. Our vision always has been to work out a way we could help people to help themselves free of charge, and now we’ve done it we’re pleas
  7. Hello PF, Yes, your contact details and any of the information you decide to upload to your creditors is strictly private and not shared or divulged to any other parties. We take data protection extremely seriously, in fact a significant chunk of the money that was spent on building the system went into ensuring everything was totally secure. The only reason we ask for an email address is so we can send you Tips and Guidance on how to get the best from the software and from your negotiations with creditors. You can always unsubscribe to this at anytime. Have you got an
  8. Hi Wintry, Thanks for your questions and concerns. We are always really pleased to get feedback as we constantly are looking at ways we can improve what we have created. When we ran our bankruptcy support service (you can see testimonials on our blog) one of the things that was extremely clear was that the majority of people we helped had procrastinated long beyond the point where they knew they were getting into trouble. The reason they procrastinated was that they felt embarrassed and ashamed and didn’t want to share their problem. Also, many people wanted to try and resolve
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