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  1. Yes, we vacated voluntarily. I will send the LBA first class and get a receipt and see how this goes. I appreciate the help.
  2. Mariner - In reply to your question about land registry, he told us he wanted us to leave as he was selling it and it was going through June 1st but we've been told since that he is renting the property back out, now since he had post still delivered there when we lived there that he collected I wondered if we would he better off sending a copy there too, so I wondered how often the land registry updated their site so to check if he still owns it.
  3. Thanks for the replies... Mariner - Is there a reason not to send it recorded? Can he not claim it was lost in the post? Ashmk - Knowing his poor credit history and the period of him ignoring us we were thinking we were lucky to see any of it again and would have chased the rest after.
  4. Hi everyone. After 6 weeks of attempting contact with our former landlord and one bounced cheque to show for our efforts we are now ready to move on to court action. Some background... We moved into the house last May and at the time everything seemed fine, we rented it through an estate agent who were there to basically set it up and then the landlord would be left to manage it himself, he seemed a nice guy and told us how he was spending more time at his girlfriends not far away than living here so after spending 6 months attempting to sell the place he wanted to rent it out t
  5. Hi everyone, I think this is the right place but feel free to move it to the appropriate one if it isn't. A quick background of the story. A year ago my father had an accident away from work that resulted in him suffering with swelling to the brain and a blood clot forming, after 11 weeks in hospital he came home but was too ill to return to work. So 12 months later he's received a letter from work which covers a few things but basically it says that for last year (holidays run January to December) he will receive holidays for his bank holidays plus an extra 10 days, losing the rest.
  6. If I was to take it up, how would I proceed best? This is one of the smaller debts that I CCA'd and I'm in a position to pay the 60% straight off since it's less than £400, however I have other ongoing disputes with Barclaycard and I don't want paying this one to alter the outcome of those. Would I be right in saying it shouldn't make a difference to the others if I pay this one up?
  7. Thank's for that Rhos123, I'm with Albion at the moment so I was wondering where next would be the likely destination. You're right Albion are muppets.
  8. It sounds like it, I'd ask the question in this thread for a better response > http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?196312-Invalid-Default-Notices%282-Viewing%29-nbsp
  9. The problem with dealing with banks is that they will play on words, they may well see it as enforceable because they believe they've satisfied S.78 but that doesn't mean that it will be enforceable in court, they know that but they don't tell you that. Some banks do admit if they can't enforce, most of them do because they have lost the agreement but you get the odd few that will admit that what they've got won't be enforceable in court, I've never seen Capital One admit that they can't enforce this document in court though yet there are plenty of people kicking round the forums that hav
  10. I didn't mean to come across rude earlier, apologies if I did. From your point of view it's unenforceable so if I were you I'd just leave it at that, you've made your point perfectly clear and it's now up to them to either try and pursue you though the courts or to pass it on to various DCA's that you chase off. I honestly don't think you're going to get them to admit that what they've got is unenforceable and even if they do then they are still likely to sell it on rather than just forget about it, if you do want to negotiate a settlement then you're better off waiting for them to s
  11. It's unenforceable because it doesn't contain any of the prescribed terms either on the document or a link document, they seem to be using your case to test the water so to speak to see what they can push for.
  12. What is it you're trying to achieve here? From your point of view it's unenforceable because it doesn't contain the prescribed terms, so why are you continuing to waste your time going around in circles with them?
  13. There's a similar thread here if you're interested where he talks about this scenario in the opening post. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?257619-Turning-the-tables-on-DCA-Bullies
  14. Just ignore it, they are just trying their luck to get you on the phone and any discount that they may offer won't be much anyway as the debt is still owned by Barclaycard. What did they send as a reply to your 'account sold in dispute' letter?
  15. After receiving a letter threatening to send around a doorstep collector, I sent off the template letter available on this site saying that I've withdrew permission for anyone to visit my property, I've also sent a letter previously about the amount of calls I've received from them and asked for all contact to be made in writing. I received a letter back today saying they don't agree with my complaint about the phone calls and an interesting part at the bottom of the letter, they say that anyone coming around won't be to enforce the debt but to maintain communication between both parties.
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