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  1. Cheers dx that's amazing. And although not a lot by the look of it it's still worthwhile as it can go towards our first new arrivals savings fund . Where do I go from now armed with this ?
  2. Everything I was sent regarding statements was posted in my old thread iirc . And thanks dx
  3. Had a lot going on in the family at the time. So how do I go about claiming back penalty charges that are on a settled account done via f+f ?? Would they not just be offset against the written off amount ?
  4. Never claimed any penalty charges back but don't think I can now due to them going bust
  5. Thanks dx Unfortunately my laptop is dead and I can't acces the spread sheet via my I phone . And I'm unsure how to work out total costing as its all a little confusing. Sorry if I'm being stupid x
  6. Right all after a long battle with welcome I ended up paying a settlement figure to get rid of my debt 2 years ago. ( still not updated my credit file though lol). Now I have put in a ppi claim due to me not knowing I had ever taken it out, but when I requested my cca I found out they had actually forged my signature (poorly I might add) and added it to the loan. I am currently filling in my form for the fscs and am wondering if I am entitled to anything and if so how much roughly would the fscs pay. Loan 2000 Ppi. 741.10 36 months 143.82 per month 59%
  7. Yeah but the signatures shown here aren't even close to being the same one uses an upper case letter and the forged one uses a lower case. I think I'll go I. With th ppi claim and go from there, if they get obstructive then I think the police and courts should be involved as I don't want anyone else being put In this situation.
  8. Ok all so i have myy cca and the account is now settled in full with written proof of this. My new port of call is the fact that someone has forged my signature in the ppi box of the CCA Its so blatent its a joke Where do i stand with this and who should i get in contact with i know there going down the pan but this really is a little to far
  9. ok iv calmed down a little now lol I dont mind the fee for it bouncing thats our fault but when they will let the cheque be rerepresented incurring us more charges thats just a joke
  10. Hi all Recently my partner paid a settlement to a DCA on behalf of me by writing a cheque. Now she has 3 accounts with lloyds 2 of which had more than enough money in and stupidly we wrote the cheque from the account with not enough funds in Now i found out the cheque had bounced and paid over the phone to the DCA but have just found out that lloyds have sent the cheque back to the DCA with a letter saying they can represent it!!!!! I have called lloyds and they want to charge me a further £10 ontop of the 20 unplanned od fee just to cancell the dam thing is there anything i c
  11. I see your point question will be will the card supplier court and creditor??? There are loopholes everywher and one word can make or break certain rules and regs but you never know
  12. yup youll get a leter from global debt recovery before long with all the details of what its for. It is some phishing exercise and dont call them one of the guys there is a total ****, id love to meet some of these DCAs !
  13. Right iv made my payment for settlement and now they are hounding me with phone calls and i dnt know what to do. I used the third party cheque to cover my ass with a covering letter of terms and conditions. I have there letter stating the full and final figure and sent them that exact amount. But 7 calls in one day is taking the mickey, thing is they dont give opening times and dont answer the phone to witheld numbers.
  14. What debt collectors is it ?? If you have no job a DCA will set up a repayment plan easier than welcome will but id definately reccomend sending off for a CCA
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