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  1. Medievil2003 Just to clarify, my car isnt a Mazda but it works on the same principle. I posted the info as it may be an area to look into to resolve issues with the DPF. My oil was constantly rising, did not have the over-run issue but it you look on any GM/SAAB forum they are all having these problems, not just Mazda. By the way my car is a Cadillac BLS 1.9 TD. Yes a diesel Caddy!
  2. Hi I have been having problems with the DPF on my car and engine oil levels rising. Turned out to be a temp sensor in the exhaust malfunctioning. Each time the DPF tried to regen it got up to temp and then the temp sensor knocked it off causing only part regen and diesel entering the oil. Getting it fixed on Friday so should cure this potentially painful problem. Hope this may help someone.
  3. Hi hopefully somebody on here can give me some advice. Basically to cut a long story short, I purchased a car a few months ago. When I test drove it the engine management light was lit. I told them that if the problem with the car was fixed and the EML reset I would buy the car. When I went to pick it up the warning light was off. All fixed so I thought. The car has now started to smoke badly so I took it to a specialist who told me that there was a fault with a temp sensor in the exhaust and the engine light was on. This confused both of us as it was not displayed on the dash. After
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