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  1. Am i wrong in assuming that if it was unpaid, then the court would have taken further action ? I mean I have a clean basic crb and pnc check and I am using that as leverage to believe that it indeed was settled... Also called up marston group and phillips collections ( They are the bailiffs that courts give out their work ) and they too dont have any details about me....
  2. Thanks Dx again but in back of my mind I am unable to stop worrying about it unless I know this is settled. I called up London underground prosecution and he said because the fine was imposed by magistrates court he wouldnt know if it was repaid or not. When I told him I had my CRB and PNC come out clean he said that these prosecutions wont come up on there, I am quite surprised because he was very keen to mention in beginning that I am convicted and hence have a criminal record, what I dont know if how come there is no information about it in PNC. So the central accouting
  3. I know what you mean but I moved to a new address shortly so if something had come through at old address I wouldnt know. Do you know if the fine was unpaid would it lead to further conviction and some criminal proceeding ?
  4. hi, I was caught on london underground in 2004 for travelling without ticket and avoiding fare, i dint have money to pay the fare or ticket and so the ticket checking inspector took my details and let me go. I moved place after little while and after few weeks I got a call from my old landlord in may 2005 that I have received letter from marylebone magistrates court. It was a fine of £152.50 and I was scared, I paid the £52.50 up front and for the rest of £100 I asked for weekly instalment of £10. Now I cant remember paying off the whole £100 as this was may/june 2005.
  5. Thanks CodjA, I called up the court today and they dont have any records on their system for a 5 year old case, they reckon they have archived my case and hence would have to retrieve it.. I have already sent them a written letter as requested by them to start retrieving the archive process...I am told it might take a month or so and may be charged..Funny thing is I have checked trust online org and there dont seem to be any information about me.. Also I am going to do a basic disclosure CRB on me to see if there are any unspent conviction on me...
  6. thanks for your reply. I cant find the first correspondences from the court, the only one I have says 'ORDER' and does not contain any information about any charge, it just says fine of 152.50 pence and its break down as RAILWAY - FAIL PAY LONDON UNDERGROUND FCOMP 2.50 FCOST 50.00 FO 100.00 It is from marylebone magistrates court ( mind you this was may 2005) and it also says failure to pay may result in warrant for your arrest. It has a fine reference number on it. Can I contact the court to find out if this made to PNC
  7. I have a question of my own and I have posted it in a seperate thread so spare me if you find this repetitive. In nov 2004 I was travelling without a ticket and then was caught, I was new to the country then and basically agreed to whatever the ticket inspector said, they asked me to pay 20 pounds on the spot but I dint have that money then so they let me go after taking my address. I dint receive any letter from them for four weeks and then I changed my address. So after 4 months I got a call from old landlord informing me of a court summons letter he has got for me, I collected the letter
  8. hi All, I had an inciden with london underground in 2004 when I was new to UK and travelling without a valid ticket, they did an interview with me and then let me go, (as I dint have 20 pounds to pay on the spot ). I think they concluded that I was trying to avoid the fare, then I dint get any letters from them for another four weeks and then I moved to a new address. After 6 months or so I got a call from my previous landlord and he told me I had a letter from court, I went there and I could see there was a fine of 150 pounds from the magistrates court, I paid the money in few insta
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