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  1. Hi all Spoken to the court this morning and if I can pay off the balance by 4 June I'll be ok. I'm still going after the *$$&$$s though, and it sounds from initial chats like I'll qualify for legal aid to do so as well. Good news is my poor, long suffering parents decided that lending me some cash would be infinitely preferable to having me back living with them, so I'll be paying this off tomorrow! I don't want to do it but it's the only way I'll get my job. All the talk of beer above has made me thirsty, off for a pint to celebrate. Maybe even two if I feel like really
  2. Thanks Vint, I have advised them of that, hopefully we're going to be able to come to an agreement whereby a condition of my employment is that I get the issue resolved within the standard probation period. The fact that you've suggested something similar gives me a wee bit more hope! They hope to have an answer tomorrow, so another sleepless night for Angry! Seriously though, again may I offer my sincere thanks to everybody who's replied, even just the thought that this may have happened before and I'm not going crazy is helping.
  3. Still no final decision from the potential employers, so at least it's not entirely dead in the water yet...... I think I may have to rediscover religion and the power of prayer! At least that will please my mother......
  4. Ok, thanks everybody, looks like I've no option other than to go for the set aside. I've already written to Cohens to basically ask if they want to say anything before I do so, but I'm not expecting any response given their apparent disregard for protocol thus far. I'll update as and when just in case anybody's still interested!
  5. Thanks again fg. I've also just noticed on the "Judgment for Claimant" letter that the "Defendant's Date of Birth" box is blank - any wriggle-room there anybody?
  6. Foolishgirl - thanks to you also. I meant by paying it off that if I cleared the full balance within the 30 day period is it then removed, or has that option now been crossed out because I 'accepted' the debt?
  7. Oh and it's not the only debt I have (technically not even the only one I have with Santander!), but it's the only one that's gone anywhere near this far.
  8. Hi Vint I've only got two things that might be court documents, the Claim Form (the blue one that I replied to offering payment) and the Judgement For Claimant saying I must pay X amount by instalments of GBP5 per month with first payment to reach claimant by 19 May (assuming my debit card payment covers that first payment, Standing Order set up accordingly). Looks like I'll have to apply for a set aside. Any way of doing this without incurring the GBP75 charge I've heard about?
  9. Hi all, and thanks again for the responses thus far. Vint - I'll check in with moneyclaim first thing tomorrow morning. I do have a letter dated 4 May which is a "Judgement for Claimant (acceptance)". Don't know whether that means it's a Summary Judgement or not, but it does say that "You have made an offer of payment which the claimant has accepted", but it wasn't clear on first reading that this constituted a CCJ, I thought it was just confirmation that they'd agreed to the payments I had offered! I don't unfortunately have the original Default notice if indeed I ever receive
  10. Thanks again B, very much appreciated. At least they appear willing to consider my case on an individual basis rather than just binning me, which offers at least a little hope, and the CCJ is relatively small (I could easily clear it within 2 months of starting work!). I believe the issue with FS companies is that they think somebody with huge debts is a fraud risk, and my total debt is fairly miniscule compared to the salary on offer so hopefully they'll take that into consideration too. I hope my parents are ready to take back a 34-year-old man-child if it all goes mammaries-up!
  11. Update - just got a call from the BS and they still haven't been able to come to a final decision. CitizenB - if I've got til the 22nd to defend myself could I (assuming I can sell one or more things to raise the money) still pay off the ccj and have it 'expunged' or whatever it's called? Even if it's already been registered? Again thanks in advance for any help and retrospective thanks to those who've already offered it!
  12. Incidentally I've just noticed that the only Debit Card transaction on my statement that corresponds, on the date and the amount, to the Cohens call has been paid to a "Lewis Group Ltd", assume that's a parent company or something.
  13. Thanks Citizen B, and you're right, although I've been aware of CAG around charging issues for ages I didn't even think to post something about this! Only really found out about it on Friday anyway. Anyway, I didn't do anything online, I returned a form to Cohens saying I didn't dispute the debt, and just needed them to finally accept the token payment agreement I'd been asking for for months. It was not clear from any of the letters that accepting the claim (I wasn't disputing it as I do owe the money on the card, and I'm never deliberately dishonest) would result in the CCJ being lodg
  14. Apols, my mistake, I do have a Claim Form. Can't scan it in (had to sell my scanner, natch!) but it's dated 19th April (only 4 days after the letter from Cohens, is that normal?), from Northampton Bulk centre. Particulars of Claim - "The Claimant's claim is for the sum of XX being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a regulated credit agreement between the Defendant and Santander Cards UK Limited under reference XXXX and assigned to the Claimant on the 3rd March, 2010, notice of which has been given to the Defendant. The Defendant has failed to make payment in accordanc
  15. Oh and by the way it was an ASDA storecard, issued by GE Finance I believe.
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