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  1. I had it confirmed today by several indepenent benfit advosors that they have changed reclaiming ESA too 6 months from the appeal decison date. I was told the DWP was getting fed up with ppl reclaiming ESA as soon as the appeal was dismissed as most appeals take about 6 months to go through. Apparanty it got changed a few weeks ago. But i Hve found a nice person at JSA who is going to let me claim JSA till i can put another claim in for ESA. But he said he shouldnt do it as its quite clear from my benefit records im not fit for work and he is going to lie on the JSA form to make sure i get it lol. He is also giving me a disability employment advisor who is better trained to help ppl who r too sick to work but forced to get JSA. But i will still have to wait upto 2 weeks for them to decide if i can get JSA or not. But i am getting food parcels from a local food bank to help me out till then. But they can only give me food for a max of 4 weeks. 2 saints r also going to get me a new support worker and a carer to help me. So im finally getting the help i need. Im just hoping i get A JSA payment before my next brighthouse payment is due. Dont think i could handle geting 1 of their nasty calls ive read about on here lol.
  2. The council is at fault. My coucil usually knows what benefits im on before the DWP tell me lol. But with my council u dont need to book an appontment. u just walk in take a ticket and wait till ur number is called. The fault may be with the DWP not telling the council what benefit ur on. HB wont be paid till they get confermation from DWP that ur getting benefits. If DWP hasnt sent them the confermation email they wont pay. It can take several weeks or even months for the Hb to pay up if they have a lot of claims to deal with. At the mo a lot of councils cant keep up with the claims changing due to benefits being stopped and changed cause of the ESA switch over and ppl getting passed fit for work after WCA assements. My HB didnt get stopped when my IS got stopped even though im not yet getting JSA cause my sole income is DLA at the low rate. So my council didnt want to cause me anymore stress by stopping my HB. They just changed my curcomstances over the phone and carried on paying me without a break. But i have had my HB stopped a few times in the past due to clerical errors at the DWP. IE DWP made a mistake by telling HB that my benefits have been stopped when they hadnt. So contact the DWP as well to make sure they have told the HB ppl that u r getting JSA. The DWP r very good at telling Hb that ur money has stopped but not very good at telling them ur on benefits. In ur case the DWP has told the council ur JSA has been stopped instead of being changed to diff type.
  3. I was on IS and low rate DLA and i still got full HB. Im 52 single and live on my own. But it varies from person to person. They work out how much money u have coming in and if ur over a cerctain amount they will cut the HB u get. But they should of sent u a letter to tell u how much u will get. The only prob i had with HB was it got cut by £6 a week when my IS got stopped and only had DLA @£20 a week to live on. But they were happy to pay it all when i had IS and DLA. My council told me i get all my rent paid when im on IS and DLA but it will be cut even more if i claim JSA now i cant get IS or ESA anymore. That dont make sense to me as JSA is less money than IS/ESA/IB. I do know that all councils have put a cap on how much HB they will pay. That came in in april. How much its cut by varies from council to council. U need to go to ur local council HB dept and ask them how much they r paying u now and why it was not being paid at full rate before april. What might of happened is they overpaid u at some point and deducted a bit out of ur HB each month to pay it back. Also if ur IS went up or was more than a certain amount they will reduce HB as well. But they should of sent u letter to tell u before they cut any HB to u. My council told me a month before the DWP told me about my IS being stopped. But again it depends on the council. Some r better than others at letting claiments know whats going on. IE when i had a labour council they were very bad at letting me know. But when i had a tory council they were very helpful and told me 2 or 3 months in advance what they were doing with my benefits as well as DWP benefits. I was overpaid HB when i had a labour council. My old land lord carried on claiming my rent for 6 months after he kicked me out. I eneded up having to pay it back myself even though the landlord was committing fraud by claiming i was still there while he rented the place to someone else. It took me a yr to find out about it and ended up having pay it back @£15 a week over 2 years. Bloody landlord didnt even tell me he was kicking me out. He waited till i went out then changed the locks and kept all my stuff. Claiming i hadnt payed rent when HB was paying him direct. So in ur case it might be that u were overpaid at sometime and their just taking a bit back each month to pay it off. Only ur HB office can tell u why. Age doesnt come into it as under 25,s get less than over 25, in benefits. When my niece turned 25 her HB went up as did her JSA. She had to pay a topup of £5 a week on her rent but when she hit 25 they paid full rent. But that was before the rent cap got reduced in april.
  4. Not everyone who fills in the form will be called in for the WCA. I was called into the jobcentre and told about the WCA long before i got the form to fill in. was told i would not be called for the WCA cause i was to disabled and the jobcentre had a report they did on me from their own assement which lasted 6 weeks at one of their centres. I had to stay there for the 6 weeks and they said no way can i work. But i got called in for the ATOS WCA anyway and they said i was fit for work and stopped my benefits. After several weeks of ringing the jobcentre to try and claim JSA and being told im not fit to work they decided they will help me by giving me JSA till i can get ESA again lol. They have changed the rules on how long u have to wait till u can claim ESA again. It was 6 months from the date they 1st told u u failed. But they got fed up with ppl claiming again as soon as the appeal was over. So now its 6 months from the appeal decision. They changed it a few weeks ago or so i was told by several independant benefit advosors like CAB, 2 saints, sark, and daines.
  5. Im not sure when it changed. I was told yesterday by a my new support worker who asked a specialised to check when i can claim again. I was told the rules changed in order to stop ppl claiming to soon after the eppeal was dismissed. I was also told the same thing when i tried to put in another claim for ESA. But as its less than 6 months since the original deciosion i have to wait anyway. I will know more when my support worker rings on my behalf tommorow. But i can only claim JSA not ESA. But JSA will be a problem as i will have to go the the jobcentre to sign on. But getting to the jobcemtre is a problem as its beyond the distance i can travel and i panic and pass out when im there do to too my fear of of ppl. I was allowed to sign on by post last time cause my DEA saw how much trouble i was having. But dont know if they will do that again this time. If the ESA does go from the decision date i still have 2 weeks to wait before i can claim again. But when i rang ESA they said its 6 montys from the appeal date not the original decision. My support worker thought it was from the decision as well but after checking was told its from the appeal date. Thats when the countdown now starts or so ive been told. My condition is getting worse all the time. But it has not been diagnosed by a doctor as everytime they get close to working out whats wrong they stop looking into it without any reason. I was aked why i want to know. I said its so i know what to expect and what effect it will have on me being able to work. I was told that reason was not good enough and they would not carry on looking into the problem or look for a treatment. I was originally told it was ankilosing sponditis. But the blood tests said it wasnt. The LCW Dr has put that i have thoracic kyphoscoliosis with some loss of lumber lordosis. How she disgnosed that i dont know cause she never examined me. But after looking them both up online i see they r both very simular. Their is a treatment for them but in involves a major operation on the spine that in some cases leaves the patient paralysed as it involves removing bits of spine and replacing them with new bits or pinning the bits of spine together. All ive been told by a specialised is that my spine is twisted and bent in the wrong places therfore i have restricted movement and i walk slightly sideways putting a lot of pressure on my knee joints which often collapse and pop out of place. I could of been born like it or it could of happened when i was a baby due to child abuse. From what little i got out of my foster mum it was the latter. Plus ive had several family members tell me my older sis and i was abused as babies by r mum. Probably why i was born in prison as my mum was in for child abuse on my older sis. Cant think why social servises allowed her to keep me when she got out of prison as she went on and abused me and my younger sisters. Maybe thats why my medical and social services records have been sealed so i cant see them. It also means i cant get the correct diagnosis or the correct treatment. It also explains why only my GP is allowed acces to my medical records and no other Dr at my surgery is allowed access to them. There r about 10 Dr,s at my surgery which i can see at any time for minor stuff. But when it comes to getting treatment only my own GP can autherise it and she is off for the next 6 months and has been off for 5 months already. So it wont be till late this year before i can see her again to try and get the medical evidence i need to prove im getting worse. She was going to give me the evidence i needed for my appeal when i last saw her in jan. But then she went off sick. Think she had a baby as she is now on materity leave till the end of the yr. I asked all the other Dr,s at my surgery but they all said only my GP can do it. I did have a full WCa done about 10 yrs ago by the jobcentre. That involved me staying at 1 of their centres for 6 weeks. They determined from that, that i was not capable of working for more than 2 hrs a day That test involved work related tests as well as how i coped outside work in a social envorment and how i coped around my home. After that i was signed off work permantly as they said my condition will only get worse. But the DWP has decided not to recognise that report as its to old. But a yr after that i had a another assement done like the ATOS 1 where they decided i was fit for work and had no disabilities at all. Now their doing the same again How can a 5 min assement override a real assement done by ppl trained to carry it out with real Dr,s onsite 24/7 for 6 weeks? Durung the long assement i was always getting rushed to hospital after i collapsed. Not just during the work test either. i colapesed during social times and at meal times as we all had to eat in a large dinning room. In the work test i was put in a work situation with others doing the test. I would always pass out after 2 hrs due to stress of being around others. There were only 10 ppl working on the same place as me. They moved me to a diff area so i could work on my own. But every time the supervisor came to check on me i would pass out. Thats how bad my fear of ppl is. if im left on my own i can work. I tried therapy which worked for awhile and i managed to get a job as a taxi driver for 3 years. But after a passenger pulled a knife on me and someone else pulled me out of my car and beat the crap out of me it put me right back to the start and has made me even worse. I was just starting to get over that when my housemates in the last place i lived started breaking into my room and threatening me cause they wanted money and food to feed their drug and booxe habbits. Im now to scared to even open my door let alone go to the shop. But im forced to go out to get things i need and im in a constant state of panic. I start to panic just thinking about having to go out. It took me an hr to get to the WCA cause i was constantly vommiting and not able to breath. It should of only taken 15 to 20 mins to get their according to the report. The dr could see how much of a panic i was in and stayed as far away from me as she could. But she failed to put that in her report. When she came close to help me stand up cause my spine locked up after i was sitting for a few mins i nearly passed out and she had to move away again. Again she failed to put that in her report.
  6. Ive got a support worker again now. They just rang me to say the rules have been changed about the wait before u can claim ESA again. Its now 6 months from the appeal decision not from the original decision date. So now u have no chioce but to claim JSA for 6 months before u can claim ESA again. My support worker is going to help me put in a claim for JSA tommorow and he has organised a food parcel to help me out till i can get JSA. My GP is off on maternity leave now and she is the only 1 at my pratice autherised to deal with me. Her locum is not allowed to help me with my current problem. He couldnt even give me the medical proof i needed for the appeal. My GP went off sick in Jan came back for a few days in april then went off on maternity leave for 6 months. For anyone else having problems search for 2saints online and see if they work in ur area. If u find their web site use the online form and they will help u anyway they can. If they cant help themselves they will contact someone in ur area who can help. Thats what they did for me. If ur at risk of being made homeless they will step in to try and keep a roof over ur head as they mainly deal with homeless ppl and those at risk of being homeless. I only contacted them cause i didnt know who esle to turn too. I was homeless before and it was them who helped me then. But as im classed as vulnerable and also at risk of loosing my home they r doing everything they can to help me again. The food parcel will arrive on friday and its food for 4 weeks. But they said its only basic stuff like tins and pasta. They dont do bread butter milk and stuff like that. From what i remember from last time its food ppl have donated. But i also remember i couldnt eat most of the food as i hate pasta and meat which is what most of it is. But its better than no food at all.
  7. I have been on the phone to ESA to make a new claim as im still signed off sick. But they said i have to wait 6 months before i can claim again. Iwas notified i failed the assement in jan. So i should be able to claim again now as its been almost 6 months. But they say i cant claim for 6 months after the appeal was dimissed. I know their wrong cause i have a letter saying its 6 months from the assemnt not the appeal. But they said on the phone its 6 months from the appeal date. They passed me onto JSA and told me claim that. But JSA said no cause im not fit for work as im signed off sick. I cant even get emergency payments. Ive been paid up till monday. But have been told i have to pay that back as im no longer eligable for it. Ive only got 4 slices of bread left and some cheese. Once thats gone i wont have any food to eat. I have to eat cause i have a kidney problem. I have to eat to be able to take my pills as they have to taken with food. Ive already had to throw away my pain killers cause im scared i will take an overdose. The £30 a week i was losing while my appeal was going through has meant i havnt been able to pay my landlord the bill money i have to pay him each month. He was willing to let it go while the appesl was going through cause if i won my money would be backdated so i could pay him. But as soon as he finds out i lost i run the risk of getting evicted.
  8. No. I cant apply again. I have to wait 6 months from today as thats when the appeal was turned down. Or at least thats what i was told on the phone today when i tried to put in another claim. All they told me i can do is clain JSA. They then put me through to them. But JSA turned me down as well saying im not fit for work as i have a current sick note. therefore i can only claim ESA and they then passed me back to ESA. I didnt even bother to wait for them to answer as i was in to much disdress. I was also tld i have to make a claim for JSA through the website as they no longer accept claims via the phone or jobcentre. But the website states that if u have recieved an ESA payment within the last 30 days u cant use the web form and have to ring.. I got my last EESA payment just over a week ago. Not sure if EESA is the same as ESA. Ive never had ESA as i was on income support with the disabilty bit added. I was on IB for about 10 years. But that got stopped about 10yrs ago after an assement and i lost the appeal then as well. I was turned down for other benefits that time as well. I was a bit healthier than and did manage to get a job which i held for 3 yrs before collapsing and advised by a dr not to work again as my health can not stand up to working for more than 1 hr a day. That was 6 yrs ago and i claimed JSA again only for them to turn me down and i got put on income support. Their is no way i can get a job this time round. My health has gone downhill to fast. I find it hard enough just to get out of bed. I cant have a bath as i cant get out again. Last time i tried to have a bath i was stuck for 3 days. I dont have a shower so its hard for me to keep clean. I live on bread and cheese as it is cause i cant stand up long enough to cook. Im to weak to even do housework let alone get a job. I did try some volunrty work to see if i could get a proper job but i collapsed and was taken to hospital after half an hr. And all that was, was walking a dog for a disabled person who couldnt do it themselves. My last job was a taxi driver. So could work the hrs i wanted as i was self employed. But i kept getting dizzy and passing out. So for my safety and other road users i gave up driving and hence my job was also gone. I cant even bend my back enough to get in a car noe let alone drive. I cant use busses as i cant sit in the seats and my legs cant handle the bumps if i stand. So i have to walk everywhere. Im exusted just getting down the stairs to go anywhere. My appeal was turned down simply cause i walked to the courts. But as i dont live on a bus route and the court is only a 15 min walk for a normal walking speed but an hr for me it was easier for me to walk it. If i got the bus i would had to walk for 20 mins to get the bus stop then anther 30 min walk after i got off the bus. So they decided if i can walk that far i must be fit for work. But during cold weather i cant even go outside the front door before i cant breath. I think i have a lung problem. Cause when ever the temp drops below 10c i have a lot of trouble breathing. Ive been that way all my life. If i could find a job working from home so i could work when i could i would be happy to do it. I even told the job centre i could work from home but they said no to that as it would cost to much money to train me. But i dont know what sort of jobs i could do from home. The few ive found hunting round the net all want a big down payment for the training. With no garuntee of a job at the end of it. They all sound like [problem]s to me. I want to work. Im bored just sitting around all day with nothing to do and no one to talk too. I got a letter from a clinic who is willing to help me with pain mangement but its 10 miles away and i cant get their. My GP recomended it. They also will help with my agrophbia and socialphobie by doing counseling sessions with me. But as my support worker has vanished i cant ask him to take me their. I dont know anyone esle to ask who has a car. But even then i cant get in a normal car as i cant bend and twist enough to get in let alone out again. So it woul have to be something like a range rover type or a van. As the only ppl i know all live in the same house as me and they r all disabled and dont have cars and most r housebound i cant even think about asking them. None of the local counsilling serves will take me unless i pay. Cause they only give free help to drug addicts and alcholics. The only NHS service is the 1 10 miles away. I know i need help but i cant get it. Plus my fear of ppl makes it very hard for me to get the help i need. Even my dr cant get near me to examine me without me having a panic attack. The dr at the assement didnt come near me. She stood on the opposite side of the room all the time. But even then i was in a state of panic. Just being in the same room as someone else is very hard for me. Working with others will cause me to pass out. Its happened in every job ive had. I even had to go to a special school with only 5 kids per class to try to give me an education. But even that was to much for me most of the time. So ended up in a bording school with my own room and the teacher would bring the school work to me in my room so i wouldnt have to mix with the other kids. I put that down to my foster mum refusing to let me play with other kids when i was little. She would beat the crap out of me if she saw anyone talk to me. As a result i cant go anywhere where their r other ppl around. It got made worse when i was in the army. I got gang raped every night. The army quickly found out i couldnt work with others as part of a team. So they gave me my own room and put me on regimental police so i could work on my own. Not a good choice though as i was to shy and timid to arrest anyone. I was happy just walking round the camp at night looking for holes in the fence. But if i saw anyone doing something they shouldnt i would walk away cause i was to scared to aproach them. I still cant figure out why i was put in a special forces unit with my problems. Maybe cause the unarmed combat instrutores during basic traing could never put me down or that i was super fit and could run faster and further than anyone else. The battle fitness test was done every 6 months and i was always 1st to complete it. We had a time limit of 8 mins to run a mile in full combat gear. I always did it in less than 5 mins. My fastest time was 4 mins 10 secs. I did a marathon in under 2hrs when i was 15. But it was cause i was too scared to run with everyone else. So i sprinted the 1st few miles to get as far ahaead as i could lol. I was picked for olympic training cause i was so fast. But as soon as i saw ppl watching me i just froze up and passed out. I used to run everywhere as fast as i could cause i was too scared of other ppl. I cant get GF cause im tooo scared to go anywhere to meet girls. The few times ive had a GF i couldnt relax and had to sleep in a diff room than them. I was too scared to even put my arms round them for a cuddle even though i needed a cuddle real bad. I cant even talk to someone on the phone without panicking. The only way i can talk to ppl is online. But even then i cant make the 1st contact. I have to wait for someone to start talking to me 1st. I panic at job interviews so usually end up not getting the job. But its getting worse as i get older due to not having any contact with ppl. Ive been isolated so long i dont know if i could cope with having a friend. I havnt had a friend to chat to in the real world for about 6 yrs now. Even then i tended to sit in a corner trying not to be noticed. Its driving me crazy. Now to top it off my benefits have been stopped and i just dont know how to deal with it. I need help to contact the DWP to get something sorted out cause i panic too much when im on the phone to them. I get confused and cant think of what to say. I get tongue tied and cant get the words out. Its making my depression get really bad. I had to throw away all my pain killers cause im getting scared ill take all them. My dr should never of given me 6 motns woth as she knows ive got a nasty habit of taking an overdose. The only thing keeping me going now is the thought that my son will come looking for me when he is old enough. He is 6 now and i havnt seen him since he was 6 months old cause his mum refuses to let me see him. Im to scared to go to court to get access cause she said she will kill him rather than let me see him. Plus being in a court room full of ppl would cause me to have a major panic attack. Its the reason she wont let me see him. She feels that my depression and panic attacks will put him in danger. But she knows i would never harm him. I was always happy when i was with him. Didnt have a clue on how to bath him or change his nappy cause she wouldnt show me. But i loved holding him and playing with him. But when he was 5 months old she decided that i could visit him but not hold him. All i was allowed to do was watch him in his chair. I wasnt allowed to talk to him or sooth him when he cried. But then her 3 other kids had a go at her for the way she was treating me. They loved me and called me dad. They all said they would rather come and live with me than stay with her. So thats when she banned me from seeing my son ever again. Her daughter who was 13 at the time sent me a msg on facebook and told me how much she missed having me around. The next thing i knew was the older boy who was 20 told me his mum found out his sister contacted me and she got thrown down the stairs and had a broken arm for contacting me. I was just starting to get over my fear of ppl. But that just made my fear even worse. Now i dont trust anyone at all. My family used to be all over me when i was working cause i was earning a lot of money. But as soon as i could no longer work and help them out by paying their bills or lending them money they turned their backs on me and dont want anything more to do with me. Their all scroungers so im better of away from them. They have all done benfit fraud and got away with. My bro has been claiming IB for years and working full time. He even got a mobilty car out of them. But not me. i was lucky to get JSA let alone anything else. My older sis and i r the only ones disabled in the family. She has brain damage due to child abuse and im disabled due to child abuse. But were the only ones who cant get any ESA or IB. They sufferd child abuse as well but only mental abuse. Me and my sis got physical abuse as well. They r all capable of work as they all work on the side. My little sis was getting over £300 a week in benefits and working. Me i was lucky if i could get £50 a week. I went by the book. If i worked i told them and the money i earned was stopped out of my benefit. I did agency work for a few years. So i was fully legal as i reported all work i did. Yet others can break the law and get away with it. I reported tham several times but nothing was done. instead they stopped my money. Its ppl like that who r costing those of us who r disabled and cant work money. Were getting r money stopped while they carry on getting theirs. They know how to manipuate the system to get what they want. But the vulnerable ppl like me dont know how to work the system and end up being thrown away. Sorry for the rant. But im so depressed im just trying to find an outlet.
  9. A PC is essential for me as im housebound 90% of the time and have no family or friends. The only way i have anyone to chat too is through chat rooms online. I cant get to the shop for food so have to order it online and get it delivered. But im going to have to disconnect my internet at the end of the month as my benifits have stopped cause my appeal failed. I also have to return my tv to the shop as its on credit. I cant pay my landlord the bills i owe him so i will end up getting kicked out. I still get my DLA money which means i still get my rent paid. But my DLA is only £82 a month. My HB has been cut by £24 a month so have to take that out of my DLA. Plus £30 to the landlord for the other bills. That leaves me with £28 a month for food and clothes and other bills like TV license. I need the internet to try and claim JSA as its now done online unless u want to spend hrs on the phone on hold then 40 or more mins answering the questions. But if u had an ESA payment in the last month then u cant claim online and have to ring them. My appeal got turned down today. As a result my EESA which is what u get while the appeal is going through stopped as of today. As i was payed up till monday i have to pay back the bit im not entilted too. I rang The JSA after finding i cant do it online only to be put on hold for 2hrs. Then told i cant claim JSA as im unfit for work and i need to ring ESA. Another hr on hold only to be told i cant claim ESA cause ive been passed fit for work. I have to wait 6 months before i can put another claim in. This is the 2nd time ive had this done. Last time it was when labour were in. Ive been on some kind of benefit most of my life due to health problems. Ive tried to work but have always either ended up in hospital after collapsing at work, or been fired for taking to many days off sick. I even got kicked out of the army on medical grounds. Its bloody hard to get a medical discharge from the army. I wanted to stay in but they wouldnt let me. I hated the army but i met a nice girl in Germany and needed to stay in the army to be with her. But after getting gang raped by the NCO,s when i was 17 and just joined my unit. I spent 6 months in hospital after that. Then getting wounded in Ireland by an IRA car bomb then geting wounded again in the falklands war they had no choice but to kick me out. Now i cant get any benfits to help live my life. I can live on £71 a week and usually have a bit left over. But i cant even get that now. Mind u i only have 1 cooked meal a week. The rest of the time i just eat bread and cheese cause i cant stand up long enough to cook a meal. I order about £50 worth of food online. But that usually last me 3 or 4 months. But my freezer is now empty and no money to get anymore food. I have to tell my landlord that i cant pay him anymore money. So he will probably kick me out. I have nowher to go which means living on the streets. I suffer from agrophobia so it will be a living hell. But the DWP will be happy cause its one less scrounger they have to pay. I cant move into another homles hostell cause i will have to pay rent to them which includes food which HB wont pay for. The rent is over £200 a week to live in a hostel and HB will only pay a max of £115. Ive contacted CAB and a few other charities that help with ppl who have benfit problems or disabled but they cant do anything to help. S.A.F.F.A and the british legion can help me find a new home but they cant help me out with money to pay the bills. So unless i can get money to pay the rent and bills its pointless me even looking for somewhere else to live. I have mental health as well as physical health problems Mental helth due to all the abuse i suffered at the hands of my mum and foster mum when i was little and the rape in the army. Physical due to abuse from my mum and wounds while serving in the army. I only just passed the army medical to in. Thats when i found out i had i spine problem which had been hidden from me by social services and my foster parents. Ive been trying to find out whats wrong with my spine since 1977 but no one will tell me. All i know its not the right shape. Ive been denied access to my medical records to see if i can find out myslf. Social servises r refusing to tell me why i was put into foster care. All ive been able to find out is i was born in prison cause my mum was in prison for child abuse on my older sis. But when she got released i went with her only to end up in foster care when i was about 2. My little sis claims she witnessed my mum throwing against a wall and broke my back and then left me their for weeks before taking me to hospital. But as my sis is 5 yrs younger than me meant it would of happened before she was born. But ive heard rumours that it was true. So i know ive had a life long spine problem that is causing me a lot of trouble. So why am i not getting told what the problem is or getting any treatment for it or even counsciling to help me live a normal life as possible. No nothing. Now i cant even get benefits for something i have no control over and was not self inflicted. PPL overwieght, drug addicts and alcoholics r classed as disabled and dont have any trouble getting ESA and their self inflicted. So why cant ppl like me get the help we need when its not our fault. I would love to be able to go out and work and live a normal live but i cant. Ive tried. Ive been trying all my life but always end up in hospital. My ribs r fused together so i cant breath very well. My left shoulder is not attached where it should be due to my spine not being where it should be so have limited movement I pass out a lot due to not enough oxygen getting into my lungs. My spine seizes up when im asllep so cant sleep for more than a few hrs at a time which resukts in me always being tired. My left knee buckles if i stand up to long due to my spine being in the wrong place. I cant sit for long cause my spine locks up. I have a lot of problems trying to sit down and stand up again. yet they have decided im fit for work. My appeal got dismissed cause i tried to tell the panel that my assement was not done according to the law. But the judge was a friend of the dr who did my assement and refused to let me give any evidence that proves she was wrong in her report. The judge even told me that she usually sat on the appeal panel. But cause the appeal was against her she was not allowed to sit in. That tells me the appeal was rigged from the start. Its supposed to be independant. But as ATOS do the assements why r they also sitting on the panel in the appeals against their decisions? The judge was a dr of law employed by ATOS. The other person was a medical dr also employed by ATOS. That is not an independant tribuneral at all. I could not get any medical evidence to support my case as my GP went sick just after my assement and still has not returned 6 months later. Accoding to my dr surgry only she can give me the evidence i nedd as no one else is authersised to do it.. the same thing happened 10yrs ago when i had the same problem with benefits getting stopped after an assement. Thebit of evidence i did have to prove the assement report was a lie they refused to even look at. The judge told me to shut up and get out when i tried to give my evidence. He just didnt want to hear anything bad said about his friend. I want to take it to a higher court but i have been told i dont have the grounds to appeal again to a higher court. My advisor said he will help with the appeal never showed up. I spent 2 weeks trying to contact him to tell him the appeal date was set but i couldnt get through to him as he never asnwered his phone and didnt reply to any emails i sent him. So think somthing fishy happened to deny me any benefits.
  10. Finaly got through to JSA after waiting for hrs on hold. Just to be told i cant claim JSA cause im not fit for work just hrs after my appeal was dimissed. ESA r refusing to pay me on the grounds im fit work. So why is JSA refusing to pay me on the grounds im unfit for work. They both have differnet ideas on who is fit and who isnt. I asked what other benefits i can claim and they refused to even talk to me about it. JSA just tyell me to ring ESA. ESA tell me to ring JSA. My support worker has diseapered so cant get any help from him. He didnt even bother to show up at the appeal. He isnt ansering his phone or replying to email. I tried SARC as i was advised to but they wont help either. All they said was to claim JSA. So all ive got to live on now is my DLA of £82 a month. £24 of that goes to top up my rent after my housing benefit was cut. If i could work i would. I hate being stuck indoors. I want to work but cant. I even tried voluntry work but couldnt even do that without major panic attacks and taking loads of painkillers. I lasted half an hr before i was passed out on the floor. Im going to get kicked out of my home cause i cant afford to pay the £30 a month for electric to the landlord. Im already in arrears cause i havnt had the money to pay him since Jan cause thats when my ESA got stopped and put onto EESA during the appeal process. But that stops as of today and i have to pay back any money that was paid after today which is 5 days worth. I can see a coffin or a prison cell in my near future. I cant handle life much longer. I cant sleep rough cause of agrophobia. I will be in consatnt state of panic and end up killing myself just to be free of it. The other alternitive is to do something to get me put in prison.
  11. My appeal was a total joke. i knew within a few mins of arriving that it would be dismissed. the judge was a very good friend of the ATOS doc who did my assement. And the dr on the panel works for ATOS. They refused to accpept any evidence i had tp prove that i was not given the assements that was claimed in the ATOS report. The judge made it clear as sooon as i walked in that he knew the dr who did my assement. He stated that she usually sits on the appeal panel with him. So much for an independant tribuneral. They were not interested in anything i had to say. They didnt even let me go over the report with them to point out what was or was not done during my assement. The assement itself was a farce. I was in the loo being sick when i got their as i was having a major panic attack. But the dr said i didnt have any mental health issues and i was perfectly fine during the 26 min assement. She claims she called my name when she didnt as she was outside the loo when i came out and she just said follow me. When in the office she told me to sit. She asked how i got their. Then told to stand and take my coat off. Then raise my right hand over my head then my left. Then she said all done i can go. But her report says she did an eye test as well as a few other things that she didnt do. I tried to tell the judge but was told to shut up as she is a very good friend of his and wont have anything bad said against her. That was after all the speel about it being independant of the DWP and ATOS. So why r ATOS ppl sitting on the appeal panel if its indepenant? I think they changed the appeal system cause to many were winning.
  12. The assment is not always done correctly. Mine was not. I got their in a state of panic due to suffering from Agrophobia. I was taken into the office told to sit down. I was asked how i got their. Then i was told to stand up and put my hands up as high as i could then told the assesment was over. That was it. But on the report she said she gave me an eye test and didnt need corrective lenses. But i have prescrition glasses. She says i could squat without any trouble. But she never asked me to squat or she would of seen i cant bend my knees. She claims i could reach to just below my knees when i try to touch my toes. Again i was never asked to do that or she would of seen i cant even bend enough to reach halfway down my thighs. The work aeesemntsa r a joke. The criteia they go on is u need to be terminlly ill with less than 6 months to live to qualify for ESA. It states that on a letter i got from them. To top it off the ppl on the bench during my appeal hearing today also work for ATOS. So its not independe like it was supposed to be. They wnt into a lot speel about being independant of the DWP but also stated that ATOS doctors sit on the appeal panel. The judge on my appeal also stated he was very good friends with the doctor who did my assement. So it was a very bias appeal and i didnt stand a chance.
  13. Its woth appealing. But be warned. Atos doctors somtimes sit on the panel to decide if ur appeal is upheld or not. I had my appeal heard today. It was dismissed and my benefits have been stopped. It turns out the judge was e representivve of atos and a very good friend of the doctor who did my assement. He refused to even listen to me or accept medical evidence i had to prove i could not work. Ive also been turned down for JSA on the grounds im not fit for work. It was JSA that put me onto income support in the 1st place after they gave me a 6 week assement. I had to stay at their centre for 6 weeks for a thourough test. They checked loads of stuff with a doctor their to keep an eye on me. I had to do loads of work related test over the 6 weeks and put into a work enviroment to see how i coped. I passed out every day after an hour or so of working and spent a few days recovering before i could do anymore tests. But ESA r refusing to accept that report only the one done by atos. From the paperwork i got from them. U r only unfit for work if ur terminally ill with less than 6 months to live. If u have 7 months to live then u dont qualify for ESA as u can still work till u die.
  14. I ran into financial trouble due to my benefits getting cut by £30 a week. I went into the shop to tell them i might have trouble paying. They said as i have OSC i didnt need to worry about it as i can return the items to the shop and they will hold them for me for 30 days and i wont have to pay till i get the items back. To me that sounds like its a PPI not service cover as they also told me its the DLC that covers repairs not the OSC. I wanted to remove the OSC to reduce how much i was paying but they said if i did that i would not be able to put a hold on payments if i cant afford to pay for a few weeks. The OSC basicly puts the contract on hold till u can pay again. But they will take the items back to the shop. But u will have to pay for collection and delivery back again Unless u can take the items back urself. So is OSC just another name for a PPI? If it is then u should be able to claim it back as its been sold to u when u didnt need it or ask for it. In fact in most cases they wont even let u get anything from them unless u take out the OSC. Be cautous with the smaller items as they tend to charge a lot more. IE i have a bluray player from them. Cash price £169 over 3 years. Ive been paying for 6 months now and wanted to pay it off thinking i would have got the payments down enough to pay off whats left. Only to find i had only payed off £1 in 6 months. I was supprised as i am paying £1.95 a week. But it turns out only a small fraction pays for the item. Most of it pays the interest which is added daily. The same Bluplayer is in tesco for £269 so it is cheaper if u pay cash. But by the time they add interest its a lot more. I did pay 1 item off after only 2 months and saved a lot of money as it was only £103. On amazon which was the next cheapest it was over £600. But then again i find Amazon very expensive. IE a book with £4.99 printed on the cover is £60 on amazon lol. Thats just 1 book out of an 8 book set. Waterstones sells the whole set of the book which is 8 volumes for £60 the lot. Even with interest brighthouse is cheaper on some items than other places. But they do rip ppl of as well by making contracts longer than they need to be on the cheaper items. From my calculations the bluray player will end up costing me more than the 3D tv i got from them. The tv was on sale at £799 over 2 years instead of £1700 over 3 years.
  15. An audio recording would of been no use during my assement as i was not asked any questions about my health. All i was asked was how i got there. Then i was told to stand up and put my hands over my head. Then bend over and touch my toes. That was it. A vidio would of shown me pass out. It would of shown her having to help me sit down when i arrived and her helping stand up when she started to ask me to do things. Then show her picking me up off the florr after i passed out due to the pain of doing what she told me to do. She gave me 0 points for the assement saying i dint have any health problems at all and i dont have black outs or pass out. She did say it didnt matter what she put anyway cause the non medical staff at the DWP would decide not her. But then again i dont know what she put as the DWP could of put whatever they wanted on the aessment form they sent me. Its also strange that the letter i got stating my claim has stopped was dated the day before the aessement. So how can they say i failed the work assement a day before i had it? Why did the letter arrive 4 weeks after the date on it saying i had 30 days to appeal when the deadline was the same day the letter arrived?
  16. Sorry about not having paragraphs. But i dont know how to do them. Ive had loads of ppl trying to teach me. But i just cant understand it.
  17. It should be made compulsory to vidio the assesment. I had mine in december and was not told i had the option to have it recoreded. The assesor failed to put it down that i passed out and had to be helped into and out of the chair. She said i was 100% fit desbite the job centre doing a 6 week assesment on me a month earlier which said i was unfit for work. My money got stopped. Im now having to survive on my DLA money which is only £78 a month as the job centre wont pay me either due to their assesment saying i cant work. Its the 2nd time they have done this to me. Last time they passed me fit for work just cause i was able to get to the assesment. But if i failed to turn up they would of stopped my money as well. So its a no win situation. My appeal failed last time cause they refused to let my doctor attend to give them my medical info which would prove i was unable to work. Even the job centres report was refused as proof i was unable to work. They put the wrong address on the letter to say i failed the test this time so i didnt get the letter with the appeal form in until after the deadline to get the appeal in. The 1st i knew about them stopping my money was when housing benefit rang me to ask what money im getting now my benefit has stopped. I then rang the ESA ppl to find out what was going on. But they were of no help at all. Ive told them loads of times they have the address wrong but they refuse to change it cause they say they have it right cause the post office confirmed it. If thats true why is the post office been in contact with me to tell them to get the address right lol. They have the wrong speeling for my rd and the wrong post code. So it takes weeks for letters from the ESA to reach me. I think their doing it on purpose to make sure i cant get appeals in on time. The form i sent into the ESA before the assement was filled iin by my GP. She put down i have blackouts and passout a lot and i have a lot of trouble walking standing up and sitting. But the ESA report said i had no troubl with any of the things the GP put down. So its not just ATOS not reporting things its the ESA finding any excuse to get ppl of benefits. I dont think the ESA r even reading the ATOS reports. They have decided already who will get benfits and who wont. Ive had nothing but trouble with the DWP for about 20 years. They r always stopping my money and making excuses why it was stopped. I even got kicked out of my council flat due to my benefits being stopped and ended up living on the streets. Thats hard at the best of times. But when u have a knackerd spine and agrophobia its a hell of a lot worse. I was lucky as my GP stepped in and got me into a homeless hostel on medical grounds within a few days. My GP has contacted a lawyer on my behalf to take the DWP to court to get my money back plus back pay and compo. Ive now been told that my work aessment is going to be reviewed again lol. But that letter took 3 weeks to arrive as they still have the wrong address despite my lawyer, GP, council and job centre telling them they have it wrong. But they did say if they cant reverse the decision they will allow me to appeal where before they said i couldnt cause i didnt get the form in by the deadline. The whole system is geared to get ppl off sick benefit to meet the cutbacks. They dont give a stuff if ppl's lives get ruined.
  18. Go to CAB and get advice. They should of replaced the tv with a simular one without starting a new contract. When my PC packed up they repaired it. But it still didnt work when i got it back. So i complained and they took a PC off display and gave it to me and didnt do a new contract. They said as the PC was not repairable i was entitled to a replacement with no extra charge. I just carried on paying for the old agreement. But i did have DLC so they used that to get the money back lol. From what i was told DLC covers replacements of products that r not repairable not just theft and other damages. I think some shops r a lot better than others. There is 2 shops in my area. 1 is very good and do everything they can to help customers. The other goes out of their way to rip ppl off. They wont give u a new item to replace the old 1. They will try to get u 1 of the same age and condition if they can. It might not be the same make or model but it has to be as close to what u had as they can ge it. Best thing to do is tell them u will get it repaired urself and send them the bill. Thats what i told them when my PC packed up. The manager went nuts and threatened me but the staff came to my aid and called head office to get the replacement for me and the manager got sacked. I got a 32" philiphs tv from the and was told it would be new. But when it got delivered it had no packaging or instructions and it didnt work. The delivery guy said it was a display model not new and i should complain. So i did. They came and took the tv away and gave me the brand new 1 i asked for and they knocked 2 weeks payment off for the inconvience. Im on my 3rd tv from them now though. Ive been uprading to a better tv each year lol. the Woman who i did the contract with was trying to talk me out of it saying i would loose all the money i paid on the old tv if i get the new tv. But as the new tv was on half price offer the weekly payments were less than the tv i was giving them back. So think thats why she tried to talk me out of it. I was paying £15 a week for the 32" philips and im only paying £10 a week for the 37" samsung 3D smart tv. So by upgrading to a better tv im saving money each week lol.
  19. Ive found out u can save a lot of money at brighthouse. All u have to do is pay off the items early. I paid my PC off 3 months early and saved over £100. It means u dont have to pay the interest OSC or DLC thats left for the remaining time. U only pay whats left owing on the items. The manager at my shop advised me to pay it off early if i can. No need to put it in wrighting. Just go to the shop ask how much is left owing and if u can afford it pay it off there and then. He worked it out if i waited an extra 2 weeks to pay it off i would spend an extra £10. Some items r a lot cheaper in brighthouse. But some r a lot more expensive. I bought a food processor a few months ago. In brighthouse its £103. In tesco its £159 Amazon its £259.
  20. I did take the PC back. I told them to either pay up for me to repair it myself or replace it. They replaced it with a new PC. Ive had trouble with the products ive got from brighthouse and the repair team. I did have trouble with staff early on, but they have all been replaced. All the staff i deal with now r very good. They go through the agreement with new customers, they ask if they want the o.s.c not say u have to have it like they used too. But thats just my shop. Maybe others have got better but ppl wont post about the improvements made. Some ppl will always remember the bad stuff and post it. But when things improve they wont post it like i am. Brighthouse staff follow this forum and r taking in the complaints and trying to improve the service. They even told me they wouldnt use their repair service either lol. Yes they still need to improve their service but its a lot better than it was. Well at least in my shop. Ive seen staff say no to some ppl cause they wanted stuff they could not afford and told them to get something cheaper. A new member of staff at my shop came from another local shop and he said the other shop is still bad which is why he moved to my shop. So service varies from shop to shop. Im kucky by having an improved service. Some of the posts in here might not be true as some ppl like to complain even when they get a good service, or they make it sound worse than it is. I told them i might not be able to get in to make a payment cause im disabled and have trouble getting out in the snow. they said its fine as long as i ring them to let them know before the payment is due. Its the ppl who dont bother to conntact them about not being able to make a payment that gets them worked up. As long as u ring them in advance to let them know ur having trouble making a payment they will try and make other arrangments. Ive been in the shop when they have phoned ppl who r late on payments and they try to be nice but get abuse from the customer. Then that same customer comes on here complaining about the call they got. Ive been late getting in to make a payment a few times but never got a call about it cause i rang them 1st to let them know ill be in when i can. Ive worked as a waiter for 10 years so know what customers can be like. They complain about stupid things hoping to get a reduced bill. IE 1 customer asked for a blue steak then complained it was over cooked. It wasnt cooked at all as it was served from the fridge without being cooked 1st. They didnt want pay so complained. They ate all the meal before complaining though.
  21. It depends on which shop and what staff u talk to. The OSC is optional. My shop said i had to have it when i 1st got something. But when i did an upgrade a few months ago they said i didnt need the OSC if i didnt want it. But as i didnt have insurance they said i had to have that but if i had insurance then i wouldnt need theirs. Some staff force u to have it cause they get commision for selling it. There is a letter somewhere in the forums u can use to cancel the OSC. Its not worth getting the OSC cause it pays for repairs that dont get done. My PC packed up and got sent in for repairs. They replaced the hard drive which didnt need replacing. Then sent it back to me without bothering to check if it was working. I took it back to the shop today and told them they have a choice. Ill take it for repair at a place of my choosing and send them the bill, or they can replace the PC. They gave me a brand new PC then and there. They only had 1 PC in the shop. It was down as being a desktop 6 on their records but when i opened the box in the shop it was older than mine which was desktop 4. Then i took it out of the box the case fell apart. The guy serving me said no way is he letting me have that and went into the store room and got a brand new 1 for me. Even though its a newer model to what i had its a lower spec PC. But at least it works unlike my old PC. Thet didnt give me a new agreement either i just pay off what i still owe as if i was still paying for the old 1. My PC was a year ols so only got 12 months left now. I thought they might start the payments again from the start as it was a new PC but they didnt. I cant fault the staff in my shop but the repair shop hasnt a clue about doing repairs and head office isnt much help. My advice is if u dont get a good deal in ur shop ask for a diff member of staff or try a diff shop in ur area. It worked for me. The manager in my shop was rude to me but the staff backed me up and got him sacked. The new manager is weeding out all the nasty staff and getting in some really good ones who give good advice and dont force u to take OSC. Their has been changes at head office as well but not enough to improve them much yet.
  22. My response to ppl saying they cant afford the payments is. Its ur own fault for getting to much stuff on credit. I pay £48 every 2 weeks for a tv and a pc. It was £38 but i upgraded my tv. But i sat down and looked at how much i could afford before i did it. Im on disability benefit and could only afford the baird 22" with built in DVD. But then i was told i can claim an extra £20 a week DLA so i used that to get the 32" philiphs LED ambilight. They have other things i want but know i cant afford them so they will have to wait till my PC is paid for next xmas. But as its rare i spend all my benefit ill probably have saved enough to pay cash In a few months. So wont need to get it from brighthouse anyway. I should have enough saved in another 2 months to go and buy all the parts i need to build my own PC. Then ill just pay the last few months on the PC from brighthouse and sell it. Cause the acer they do is a micro system its not upgradeble i cant put a better graphics card in. But thats due to the PSU not being powerful enough and u cant get a PSU small enough to fit. But there r graphics cards that will fit it.
  23. I got a PC from brighthouse. I put it in for repair cause the graphics card failed. They said it would take 6 to 8 weeks. But after 4 weeks they siad it was fixed and it was sent back to me on the 2nd of december and ill have it back within 7 days. of the despatch. It was the 7th when they told me that. So it should of arrived 2 days later at the latest. a week went by still no pc or any phone calls to say when its being delivered. So i went to the shop and they rang the fareham warehouse where it was supposed to be only for them to say they didnt know anything about it. The next day they rang me to say they found the pallet it was on but couldnt see if my pc was on it as there was a pallet of tv's on top of it but they would unload it the next day (wednesday) and bring it to me on thursday. It didnt arrive so on friday i rang the shop again. The manager was on the phone to fareham when i rang to find out where it was but fareham said they didnt know. I went in today to make my payments and the manager was on the phone to fareham again to find out what was going on but the fareham manager was busy. The manager said he will ring me within the hr to let me know whats going on. Sure enough an hr later he rang me and daid my pc is in the shop and i can pick it up. The stupid delivery driver took it to the shop and put it in the store room and didnt bother telling the staff lol. Well i got the pc home spent hrs setting it up as they put a new hard drive in. I finally got it set up only to find i had no sound and the graphics card still didnt work. Its fine if ive only got 1 thing open but as soon as i open anything else or try playing a game the screen goes black. Thats what it was doing when i sent it in for repair. So they didnt even bother checking to see if it was working before they sent it back. Plus cause they put in a new hard drive i lost all the photos of my son which i cant replace. The pc crashed and wouldnt restart when i tried to save them onto a flash drive. I know about pc's so knew they had to replace the motherboard not the hard drive. So looks like im going to have to send it back for repair again. I can fix it myself but as its on HP i cant or it will invalidate the agrement. I cant fault the staff in my branch they have always been very nice and helpful. The manager i dealt with before was very rude and refused to help but he got sacked as the staff were on my side and complained about him to head office. The new manager spent more time on the phone tring to find my pc than working in the shop. He even offered to bring the pc to me in his own car. But as i was in the shop next door when he rang i went in and picked it up. If u live in southampton i would advise u to use the shirley branch they have really good staff who will go out of their way to help you.
  24. Im not sure if this is a horror story or not but here goes. Ive been with brighthouse for just under a year and had no problems. On monday 11.11.10 i went into pay 2weeks for my tv and pc i have with them. I asked about upgrading my tv from the 22" baird to a bigger screen. I chose the Philips 32" ambilight. Everything was signed and they deliverd it on thursday and took away the old tv. But the new tv wasnt in a box just rapped in bubble wrap and no documentation. I asked the delivery driver and he said it was the 1 that was on display in the shop not new like it said on the agreement and told me i should complain and get a discount. After a few hrs of using it with my pc the screen started to turn on and off every few seconds but only when i used my pc or dvd or PS2 with it. So today i went in to get it fixed and complain about it being xdisplay not new. The manager refused to help. All he said was it doesnt matter if it was on display or not its still new. He said if im not happy with it i should return it and cancel the agrement. I said i would not return it as their in breach of contract and i wont pay them any more money unless they replace the tv. He walked off and refused to speak to me. A shop assistant over heard the discussion and came over and help me. She has arranged to deliver a brand new tv to me on monday and give me a 2 week discount. She went over the managers head and conntacted head office to arrange it. Plus as a bonus she also gave me back 2 weeks payment off my old tv instead of 1. So im happy with the outcome but not with the manager he is a nasty piece of work. But the staff r very nice and helpful. The reason they gave me the display model was cause they were out of stock and wanted me to have the tv ASAP. They were in the wrong and admitted it. Well the shop staff did. The manager didnt. I was told that any staff who didnt treat the customers right r being weeded out and replaced with better staff. I also found out from the delivery driver that by law their not allowed to collect goods that r being repossed and only pick up items that r being returned willingly. Their has been a shake up at head office as well due to all the complaints. So hopefully us customers will start to get a better deal with brighthouse. There will always be someone working for them that doesnt do their job right but thats the same with every company. Another good thing i noticed was the guy who i did the upgrade with on monday sat down with me and went through the agrement and explained my rights to me and asked if i wanted the insurance and service cover not say i had to have it like i was told when i 1st opened my account. So i have noticed big improvments in my local shop. Its even better when the staff support the customers against the manager lol.
  25. I havent had any probs with brighthouse. the staff r friendly in my shop. my tv broke down on sunday. i reported it on monday morning and they came out today and fixed it (friday) they bought a replacement tv with them incase they couldnt fix it. all it was was the power pack and they had a spare on the van so it was fixed in a few mins. Ive only been with them since nov 2009 and have always paid in advance. I get paid every 2 weeks so i pay 2 weeks every other monday. they put the money in yellow money and take it out to pay on saturdays. so im always at least a week in front. all the staff in my store r female. Ive never seen anyone in the shop complaining. everyone seems happy with the service they get. Yes they r expensive and they dont know much obout the products they sell. But so far i havent got any complaints about them. The only thing was i didnt want OSC on the pc i got in december but was told i had to have it but could cancel it after a month if i wanted too. They never contacted any of the refernces i gave when i 1st went with them in november. they delivered the pc without charge. i was supposed to pick it up from the shop but as they were passing my house they dropped it off on the way to the shop. they wont let me get anything else at the mo cause they can see i cant afford anything else at the mo. they gave me a diff pc from what i ordered but it was a better pc and didnt charge me more for it. both the tv and pc r brand new not refurb. so im happy with them at the mo. if things change ill post it on here.
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