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  1. I have upoaded the original s77/78 response from Barclaycard in 2009 for my agreement and terms and conditions and the letter from lowells with my 1996 agreement attached.
  2. Should I pay the £5 per month? Do I have to pay this forever?
  3. Two years after sending a SAR request to barclaycard and now my debt being transferred to Lowells they have suddenly found my 1995 agreement! Surely if they had the agreement they should have sent it two years ago! I have agreed to pay £5 per month am I dong the right thing? Haven't paid anything for 2 years as sent letter to Barclaycard to say in dispute!
  4. I have had the exact same letter this morning. I paid for a company called Credit Clear 2 years ago to take care of the sar request etc. I did get a copy of my agreement and CC said it was unenforceable but they are now asking for more money to act for me on a even though I was told would never have to pay anymore. I refused to pay again but now getting worried about this action. The account was opened in 2000! What do you think I should do?
  5. I have been hassled by AIC for an MBNA credit cad debt. I did the £1 request and got a copy of my agreement which Credit Clear say is unenforceable. My account on Experian has a note on it from NBMA to say it was settled in September 2010 but this is when it wa passed to AIC. My wife is very sick and we have been inundated with phone calls at 8am in the morning. I have told them to write but the still call. I now have a letter to say that they may take me to court and get a charging orrder on my propety or attachment order to my earnings. But I thought that if you registered a dispute this was not supposed to happen does anyone have any suggestions as to how to deal with this? I have told AIC that my wife is on a pension and is very sick and that it is illegal to keep calling me but to no avail.
  6. I am in exactly the same boat as you! Had Fred and Default notice bla bla bla. Freds put my account on hold for 60 days. Waiting for my Credit Advisers to issue proceedings (waiting for client pack!). After a year of asking CAP One sent my signed short agreement which apparently has loads of flaws in it then a month later defaulted me! Which isnt a real problem although my bank manager is not very happy about it!
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