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  1. hi mary if chris says he can help he will hun just hold in there x
  2. the guys on here are very helpfull and have sorted my issues out quickly !!
  3. hia chris your not gonna like me very much MY laptop has broken now im gutted we have no laptops now 3 laptops broken within a space of 5 weeks this cant be happening to me !!!! mine ,the h.d has stopped working no light or nothing think im gonna take it to currys after work tomorrow i have only had this one around 2 months what is it with currys laptops? let you know how i get on regards sharon x
  4. hia hun thanks Conniff, i have sent 2 photos with the 2nd laptop today if it happens again ill scream regards sharon x
  5. hi chris , the laptop all this hasstle is over ISNT even ours there has been one HELL of a cok up which cost me 1 day off work due to the stress of it all .can you look into it for me please hubs has been on the phone but wasnt sure whats what your guys dont know where this laptops come from
  6. me again ,you never guess what dpd were suposed to collect the cracked screen laptop yesterday (but they didnt) anyways they came today with a drop off and a uplift , i just got home from work and guess what the laptop they delivered here today is the 1 tech guys were claiming was mine. but is definitaly not mine lol ,i would never have sent it in to the tech guys under warrenty the lid is literally bent scratches, worn paint ,and the screen is like a spiders web.now i understand wht tech guys refused to repair it . my laptop is still here lol got on fone to tech guys ,they havent a clue whos laptop it is but ours is still getting replaced next thursday now ,this will be 6 weeks , a BIG mistake tech guys end caused me all this grief .i told them it was an error and it culdnt be mine never mind see what happens next week now regards sharon upon
  7. hi all GOOD NEWS!!!! tech guys phoned today ,laptop is being picked up thurs then we have to wait a couple of days, and he someone from shefield will phone us to arrange to go to currys to get a replacement im not counting my chickens just yet i will wait untill they confirm with me to go to currys will keep you posted regards sharon x
  8. hi xlettyx has the buy it now/ interest free credit term finished if so, you will have to pay them plus interest which will set you back a packet , the one thing is, i know its a bit late but you could have set up a standing order every week /month as soon as you got the t.v and by the time the buy it now/interest free term comes to a head you have paid for it saves you all that hefty interest i know its no good now but it might come in handy for next time this is how i do it , i always deal with currys/hsbc and never had a problem sha
  9. hia hun thanks for the concern i was just agitated what i read, about the machine iv said my goodbyes to chris and thanked him for looking deep into it for me . so we will have to wait and see now i will let you all know when i hear what they are going to do thanks to you all and take care sharon:wink: xx
  10. hi chris, i beg to differ, just hope we have a better outcome with the second laptop i am sending to you on weds this week i will get dpd to look at the laptop before they put it in their pink box lol but im going to leave on a high note and hopefully the matter will be resolved i thank you for all your help and support i will let you know what happens as soon as i know once again thank you :grin: sharon
  11. hia chris ,i understand what you are saying but mistake or no mistake i have the quality control sheet here in black and white stating it was repaired all the phone calls i had with your tech guys saying the lcd? had arrived from packard bell and that it had been repaired there are too many lies going on to cover their backs im not having a go at you as you are trying to help me ,put yourself in my shoes [not that they would fit ] you would do the same thing liars always get caught out hun [not you] now to the report: my husband told the dpd lady that the screen was faulty now if she took that as cracked thats not our fault also there is not 1 scratch on that laptop speak soon sharon
  12. hi i know you are doing your job but WHY have i got an engineers report here stating WE HAVE REPAIRED YOUR MACHINE AND HAVE HAD QUALITY CONTROLL CHECKS everything is working fine????????????? why did your tech guy say IT HAD BEEN FIXED they were fixing it as i was speaking to them ???? im getting annoyed again sorry i know its not your fault ,but anyone can change a report on a computer. and if the issue is not resolved i WILL be taking this matter further (Appears to be store medics now and your having it re-uplifted.) what does this mean
  13. naughty dx 8) then innocent people like myself and many others whos machines are damaged along the way cant prove anything ,the stupid couriers should be trained to look at these faults any one can see if there is scratches or cracked screens hopefully we will have the same courior on weds she can look out if it is her (not a threat ) lol
  14. hia yes the lady didnt look at ours, i have been on fone again to dpd and they are not claiming liability because my husband told her screen was faulty so she must have ticked the cracked screen i have had a right argument with husband for not checking ,just sighning the stupid thing cheers sharon
  15. yes labrat i was told that , that is why im wondering if the laptop was damaged during relocation as i said courior is coming weds we will find out exactly what was ticked off on her machine
  16. hi all , i have just remembered a phone call to the tech guys anothere reason they were a long time with my machine due to the tech guys being relocated. hmm now was the machine damaged on relocation ? im not trying to pass the buck but i need it sorting my son needs his laptop for coursework he was using his brothers untill that 1 developed the same problem hmm what to do !! cheers once again x
  17. hia labrat they had already had the machine for 1 month they told me 6 weeks when i called them and complained cheers sharon
  18. hia chris i know your just sumising this but ,if the screen would have been broken ,by ourselves,i would have known that the warrenty does not cover this sort of repair i know its my word against theirs but i tell you what ,i will fight and keep fighting my corner to the very end as i know 100% that screen was intact when it left my house cheers sharon:)
  19. hi labrat the lady courier did use 1 of these machines,my husband just had to sign to say she collected laptop she is coming again on weds to collect the other broken laptop we will quiz her then i have taken pics of this 1 ,as i did of the other laptop as evidence its a pity the pics didnt have the dates on them . cheers sharon;)
  20. i have had a similair problem ,with the tech guys my story down 1 from you, 1 fone call they had fixed the white screen with a repalcement screen (lcd) then when i recieved it back it was a black screen and cracked then they say it was damaged when they recieved it and they never repaired it these people on here are very helpfull ,they try and help in every way they can. stick with them
  21. hi chris i did ring dpd and they said there was no note to say there was screen damage BUT i will double check with my husband waht happened on the handover and contact dpd again contact them again the report is as below i have given you a few examples below TECH GUYS DIGITAL REPAIR CENTER: your notebook has been repaired and the following quality assurance checks have been carried out, then it goes on from the bios/dmi, to the lcd then general clean condition and every one item has a tick next to it to confirm they were all in working condition job number THE0740262 referral number 162112 im so gratefull for all your help cheers sharon
  22. hia billy , i have appologised for my manner ,and have tried to explain in simple terms but all i am saying that it was not broken when i sent it to tech guys , and that they did repair it ,whereas the manager is quoting it was not repaired. thanks x
  23. ok i apologise for the way i have explained things i am new to forums , i dont think you are trying to annoy me i know you are here to help people , i am so annoyed that i am typing what i am thinking, now i realise the way i have to type so you can understand me. so here i go again . on three or four phone calls to the tech guys they told me and my husband that the machine had been fixed , then when i spoke to the manager and told him it was damaged, he said they hadnt even repaired it . so to be honest i dont know i have been told that many different and same stories from so many tech guys. hope you can understand me now i will look forward to your comments on the subject cheers sharon just looking back at this message it is coming up with a message sayin record your phone calls i did tell one tech guy i was recording the phone call(but i wasnt) but he said it was illegal ? but thats a different matter entirly x
  24. hi chris, no details were taken about condition of laptop ,my husband told the courior that there was a problem with the screen. as i said in my original message tech guys had to wait around 2 weeks for the screen (lcd)(led) to arrive from packard bell. the tech guys themselves told me they had fixed screen (display) and were waiting on couriers to collect ,which dpd did collect and delivered 2 days later ,also as mentioned in original message i have the paperwork here to say they repaired the machine and the check list of the quality control before they sent it back out to me hope this clarifies everything sharon
  25. hi chris, no they didnt take notes on collection, they collect from my house, as i stated in my original message they said that they had repaired the screen. after waiting 2 weeks for the new screen to arrive from packard bell so to answer you it was not damaged when delivered to them hope i have answered your questions thanks sharon:)
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