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  1. Because I have no assets at all, no spare money yet he is financially comfortable in a well paid job as is his new partner, will they not chase him more then me, to settle the debt. I haven't got it to give them, yet he has.
  2. Hi, Stressing to bits here so hope someone can help me. I moved out of the family home 5th August 2012 with my daughter. Myt ex had made all mortgage payments and insisted on keeping the family home. It wasn't a good relationship, so I let him have the house and just left with a bag of clothes from me and my daughter. I contacted the council and was declared homeless, I moved in with my parents while we went through thge paperwork of finding me and my daughter a home. I lived with my parents for 6 months and eventually moved into a private rental. I was unemployed at the ti
  3. Just had a horrible day, put an offical complaint into EDF after the advisor I spoke to from EDF said I should definitely log an official complaint. Had a call from Richburn collector today who was rude, unhelpful and unpleasant, even though a new direct debit was in place regarding a overdue gas bill and I was reassured two times I would not be called upon. He's the email I have sent them (might add I was fuming at the time I sent this) Dear Sirs, I am writing to express my concern and upset by how my gas account has being managed recently. I missed a Direct Debit
  4. Just don't feel up to running the DMP myself just yet as I have only had 8 months on DMP with CCCS. I will get there just not yet. I am seriously thinking of going to Payplan though as I was nearly in tears after my review in February as the advisor was far from compassionate and this today with NRAM has stressed me out.
  5. I have felt let down with CCCS since the phonecall which made me start this thread. Up until then I was very happy and relieved that the stress of creditors calling had gone. I do understand that DMP take several months to settle down. But I have had two months of NRAM calling me everyday about this payment plan. It's not until someone managed to catch me in today that I discovered that the unsecured part of my together mortgage had not being added to my DMP (ever though I have a letter from CCCS stating that it had dated 23 March 2012). I did chase CCCS today as it is them who I
  6. Just had a distressing phonecall which resulted in my phoning CCCS to ask why Northern Rock were saying that no payment plan was in place for the unsecured element of my mortgage. When I pointed out this on was a DMP with CCCS the lady said that this was currently on going and that no such arrangement had being agreed. They were still outstanding paperwork from CCCS so this is why they have rang me everyday! I rang CCCS and the lady informed me that they had spoke to Northern Rock last week and the paperwork was sent out to them now. Yet I have a letter saying that they could confirm t
  7. Hi, My partner has a bank loan with Natwest. We are currently on a DMP with the CCCS so I am chasing all creditors at the moment to reduce balances down to what I "actually" Owe them. I contacted natwest to enquire about the PPI on this bank loan in the hope that a SAR would not be required. (worth a shot I thought and they responded with a letter with this info: Loan Start Date: 22 May 2008 Loan Amount: £7,500 PPI Loan Insurance £1,838.00 Please note that the loan insurance was cancelled on 15 October 2008 with £1,304 of the £1,838 upaid. Loan durtation: 120 Months
  8. I have just been told I will be made redundant and will get my notice on Friday so the plan that resulted from my review is no good now anyway. Another thing I forgot to mention was, that the advisor was pushing the IVA. She said that to clear my debts within the ten year government allowed period she would need at least £340 per month of me. But after doing more research about IVA's its definitely not an option I am able to go down. I need the flexibility of the DMP as jobs are so unsure these days. She said that even if we could clear it in ten years my daughter would be 17
  9. Thanks for the links, I have worked with only a one week unemployment break for just over 2 years so hopefully I should have paid enough NI on a 20 per week job at NMW........ We should still qualify for Tax credits as my partner works 50 per week but his income is less then the threshold so fingers crossed I should still be ok. Must say I did not realise that they had reduced the threshold so much!! that is going to hit a lot of families hard!
  10. I have being enjoying the peace and quiet a DMP with CCCS has brought me and didn't want to rock the boat. But I am about to be meade Redundant again so back in fighting form. Going to try again for these chargers form VERY. Do I have to start from the very begining again ? Thank you
  11. I'm BACK Paperwork found, Spreadsheet of chargers done and ready to go!! Do I need to start the reclaim all over again? Which template letter would you suggest I send with my spreadsheet? I'm going all the way with these now.................even to court if need be. I am BACK lol:fencing:
  12. Just being doing some reading and research and it would appear that my food and household is way under what CAB would recommend. Maybe that is why I struggle on my food allowance. I shop online so I can budget what I am spending, make my own food as hate feeding my family rubbish and its cheaper to give them a home made meal. Yet the last ten days of the month I cannot do a shop and its a struggled to give my family a healthy meal then. A DMP teaches you that it is do-able living on a budget.
  13. I do love you guys on here!!! I will keep you posted. I am going to call into CAB over the next few weeks to discuss my options after redundancy (which is looking very likely) think it may be worth discussing my DMP with them as wel and letting them look at my figures. Thank you l
  14. Thank you. Words of encouragement are very helpful. I have looked into redundancy options and what will happen and I hopefully will be able to claim contribution based JSA for 6 months. Hoping to be able to go to college and retrain as I have been made redundant 4 times in 5 years. Which is part of the reason why we are in this mess to start with. I'm going to see how I go on the plan for the next two months and if I am struggling (which I think I will I will seek another opinion). If i am redundant by the end of March, it will need looking at again anyway. Another thing
  15. Hi, thanks for your feedback and your answer on my other post. I did spend along time on my figures for my review and checked them against the allowances on CCCS website (I went through it like a new claim on the website) and the maximum allowances were higher on there, then then advisor was said I was allowed. It was just a horrible conversation. I tried to handle my own DMP before going to CCCS and I found it to stressful at the time, I am very grateful for CCCS taking this stress away when I first set up the DMP plan with them. I don't want it to appear like I am saying
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