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  1. One good point is to ask will they pay the Police fine for driving with an obstruction adhered to the outside of the vehicles windscreen and clearly in the line of sight? Mine was stuck dead in front of the divers seating position; so, I suppose I should really have had the vehicle lifted on to a towing unit, then taken home and deposited on my drive......If I was being really picky.... I would be interested, under the Freedom of Information Act, to see if they had any prosecutions for removal of a ticket? Anyone tried the FOIA with them yet?
  2. Same as my ticket.........Good isn't it.....;) I'll post my first letter for your entertainment...........
  3. Thanks Al. Like reading about cases such as the one attached, it sheds light on the background.
  4. Oooh.....You are naughty.... I spoke to a parking manager friend of mine at the Council today and he said ignore it as they always prosecute under the wrong piece of legislation anyway. He said they tend to try and use Council dictums as a way of scaring drivers, but they should really be looking at a tort of trespass. May just send the envelopes/"cheques" for a bit of fun. I'm really surprised that no one has asked the Police to intervene and get them on harassment charges yet..!
  5. You are all stars, many thanks.......I await the tirade....... Just been talking to an administrator/legal student in my business and they said "I never pay any of them, even if it's the Council"..... My wife just said "just let them take us to court"... Head screwed on right methinks..... Peace.
  6. Hi, first time poster, long time reader.... Got hit with a CT fine yesterday for parking on the Moorgate retail Park car park, Bury yesterday. Drove from work at 11:00am, parked in the car park (size of a football field with 6 cars in it..!!!) for two reasons. In terms of the actual offence, they claim I abused (what is reason 0022?) their parking system by leaving the area. Whilst I did; to pick up a prescription, (they ticketed me at 11:10am) I also returned at 11:18am and bought some oil from Halfords (receipt time is 11:28am). Relatively straight forward; however, taking the
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