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  1. Just had a look around the forum and found this which may be of interest for you, especially posts #4 and #6 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?256241-please-help-creditor-refusing-to-accept-lower-payments Hope it helps.
  2. You are correct, a quick google of 'santander bail out' revealed a mass of pages regarding that. Again yes they do make everyone feel like a criminal, but saying that I have learned to give as good as i get. My favourites are. "We will take you to court" - "Ok I'll get my suit cleaned and pressed, just make sure you turn up" "We will add a default to your credit reference file" - "Thank you that will mean no more credit which means no more debt" "We will send someone for a door step visit" - "Feel free, but they will be treated as a con artist, demanding money with menace, photographed and conversation recorded, and it may be forwarded to the police" Yes I have used these in the past, and for some reason they were always followed by a long silence - lol The weekend is here now so put things aside and enjoy the time, dwelling on it will change nothing, Start the new week with renewed confidence.
  3. Many many people fall into the same trap, and despite you hearing "calls may be recorded ....." it seems odd that when you state a conversation, it strangely wasn't recorded. It's all about intimidation and control. There are some genuine people out there who want to help, but they are outnumbered by the power mad egomaniacs. Don't let it get you down, difficult as it may seem, but you have come to the right place with the right people and they will help you every step of the way. Remember we may be living on the planet despair, but not too far away is the planet Hope.
  4. The top man would be the head of the department. If you send a letter to say collections, anyone of a number of people would open it and sort it, so sending to a specific person, could improve your chances of sorting it out quicker. Be aware they may add "admin" charges on a monthly basis, so when you do sort it out ask if they are adding them. Never accept their word either, get it all in writing, I fell into that trap when I explained my situation, offering full documentation, doctors and hospital letters etc, they said "no that is fine, we believe you" then later WHAM the letter arrives. You said you are offering £xx per month and paying more when you can, again be careful, if you start paying say £50 a months you have the money spare then then 3 months later you have to tax your car and revert back to £30 they may say you defaulted on the agreement. Perhaps word it slightly different, something like. "I would like to offer a minimum payment of £30 per month to reduce my arrears and will pay more as and when finances permit, as I wish to clear these arrears off as soon as i can. The increase of payment may vary on a monthly basis, but I will pay no less than the agreed £30 per month." Keep a copy of all letters you send, and post via recorded delivery, try not to send to a PO box. write on each letter the date you wrote it, date it was posted and any RD info, also update when they have received it. That way if they "lose" your letter you can send a copy and say oh yeah how did i get all this info then This is all drawn on personal experience and thinking worst case scenarios. Hope things improve for you soon
  5. I sometimes wonder if its a case of hoping to get someone who never got out of bed the wrong side that day, wanted to play golf today, lets hound a few customers. I hope this makes you feel a little more re-assured, but I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago. I had to have a double bypass and whilst recovering I was living on SSP for 4 months, needless to say nobody got anything. Santander sent my case to the recoveries section and they started demanding start paying it off, in the meantime i was paying interest on the arrears as well as £35 a month admin fee. eventually it went to the repossession stage (even though I was paying a small amount to clear it). Panic set in. I had a call from a very nice lady who suggested I change my repayment mortgage to and interest only one and use the remaining money to pay off the arrears, that way it would pay off the arrears quicker. It wouldn't stop the repossession, but the judge would suspend it, and as i was able to pay the amount for the repayment it would not affect my finances. I agreed and was sent paperwork to it all. When it went to court, there was a slight discrepancy but the local solicitor they had tasked my case to sorted it within minutes, another very nice lady . The judge was more than happy we had sorted it out before coming into court, and suspended the repossession until such times the arrears were clear (about 18 months). All happy bunnies, I have a couple of months to go and I will be mortgage arrears free. Sorry it is a little long winded but wanted to let you know there are ways to sort arrears. The courts will go in your favour if ever it went that far as long as you show you can repay, without causing yourself financial hardship, Make sure everything you do is via letter, do not accept emails or texts. Write to the top man, not to someone who missed 18 holes. Hope everything gets sorted for you soon, by the way my arrears were nearly £4500 (inc costs)
  6. No no no you all have it wrong, you are looking from the wrong end of the tunnel. A payment has been made, you never made it so they must have, which means THEY acknowledge the debt. So you should send them a letter like: Dear Lowells As you have made a payment to a debt which I refute, you have acknowledged it is yours. Therefore I insist on the following. Please talk amongst yourselves and work out a reasonable payment plan to repay this debt, which is within your financial means. In the meantime I insist you pay 50% of the debt now and the rest over a period of 6 months. If you are unable to pay 50% now contact friends and family, not excluding fellow co-workers to raise the money. If you fail to submit the first payment within 7 days further action could be taken, this may include charges and interest. Hmm wonder how a judge would look at that
  7. Bailiffs are not permitted to call on a Sunday - Would be interesting to see them justify that if it was a bailiff
  8. Aha the new bully boys tactical vehicle ..... comes complete with bailiff, police officer and bystander witness
  9. You will find many threads on here where people have set up payment plans with bailiffs and after a few months they suddenly default (not by the debter I add) and then you are loaded with more fictional fees. Pay direct to the council. If the council say they cannot take payments ask for a letter confirming that they are refusing payments from you to clear the debt.
  10. Cetainly not, push it all the way, it just amuses me that they get real nice when someone takes them on. You have a valid grievance.
  11. The "broken agreement" [problem] is par for the course of bailiffs, just about everyone who makes a payment plan will have it done to them. It's a ploy to gain extra cash from you. strange how it never happens when you pay direct to the council.
  12. Sorry had to chuckle at the "Goodwill Gesture" of refunding you £130 attendance charge. what they really mean is "Damn we have been rumbled let's give him some money back to keep his mouth shut" Don't be misled that gesture will turn into a stab in the back.
  13. Also I would suggest you record and/or video everything the bailiff says and does if he calls. They will try everything they can to scare you and make you pay up. Pay what you can each week directly to the council via their online system and call them that you are doing so, stating they HAVE to accept it. Again this will prove you are not trying to avoid paying. If the council insists you cannot pay them direct ask them to confirm this in writing with the "refusal to accept any payments" written into it. That will soon shut them up. In the meantime be strong - you have a mountain of knowledge here on the forum to help you.
  14. You don't have to inform the bailiffs of any personal details, just tell them to check the electoral roll. May be worth contacting the post office see if they can help in any way I had a similar thing happen a couple of years go. i was getting mail for someone who did not live at my address. The actual address was for a block of flats (retirement flats) which were up the road, so same door number, same street, but as they were relatively new, not well known. Could this be a possibility in your case ? Reading your post again, and you receiving so much mail is a little odd. If the mail is coming from one source then it could be a clerical error, (oops they would say a computer error), if it is from several other sources it could be your address is being used to obtain money using your address. It may be worth reporting this as a possible fraud and obtaining a crime number, then give the crime number to the bailiffs (with some tissue for them to cry in).
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