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  1. Hi All, Sent off CPR as advised and there response is below:- Dear Sir We have infact complied with PAP in line with the court rules however your request for sight of original signed documents on a debt of this age is clearly unrealistic. My client actively reminded you of the debt and indeed you admit receiving reminders for payment which you ignored. Had your request been made sooner my client may have been able to accommodate you. ( made a couple of request for the info several years ago but recieved no reponse so i just continued to ignore their demand as i know i don't owe this money, £300.00, as i believe its a mistake on their behalf) Our aim will be to secure a Judgment against you and take steps for enforcement either through the enforcement officers or by registering a Charge against your interest in the property. As we consider our efforts to recover this debt without court action has been exhausted following the issue of court action the court will decide.
  2. Hi, No Claim (N1) just a threat too. I've requested proof that i owe,which i believe i don't,so we'll have to wait and see what they do.
  3. Hi, After some advice please. A supplier claims i owe a few hundred pounds from 4/5 years ago. I believe i paid all invoice's upto date when the business ceased trading. Have recently requested detailed breakdown of what they are claiming monies for but their hired solicitor has sent a letter saying bit late in the day to request these documents and unless i pay up forthwith they are going to court. forgot to mention they sent regulary monthly demands and despite me requesting detailed breakdown of what they were claiming for a couple of times over 4/5 years and never got a response to my requests i ignored their demands as i believed it to be a mistake.
  4. Hi, As you have previously stated ,you have no idea what the debt is, how much or who the OC is. If you SAR them (Arrow) the CCA should be included in the request ....if they have it!! As DX says though if you can give more details on the debt then the appropriate help can be given.
  5. Hi, Arrow would have purchased the debt for pennies in the pound and will now chase you for the whole amount,that's how they make their money. Send a SAR to Arrow (£10) recorded delivery and see what comes back. They have 40 days from receipt to supply you with the info. When it comes back it should contain all the info you will need to take the next steps.
  6. Hi Slick, No they haven't acknowledged its SB. I have all the paperwork so just waiting for them at sometime usually around Sept to send a begging letter for payment then i can advise them of it's status:lol:. They have been unable to provide any agreement at all.
  7. Hi Caggers, After many DCA's and many years of letter ping pong requesting the CCA this eventually ended up with the Leeds Losers,well they have lost again as this is now SB. Twoman's other half 1(£15,000) Leeds Losers 0.
  8. Ren, Just picking up on your comment above, So if there are no defaults showing on you file how can they see historic events?
  9. SPGM, I would phone your local court Monday, they will advise you of the bailiffs fee to be paid etc and then you can instruct the court bailiffs to proceed. Give them as much info as possible ie, if he has a car (van would not be included because its a work tool), televisions, ps4 / xbox and anything else as they will use this as leverage to obtain your monies back, tell them your are not prepared to accept weekly payments and see where it goes...you might have to at the end of the day if he has nothing, they will take his goods and sell them..
  10. SPGM, My circumstances were similar to yours albeit reversed. After i got judgement i paid i think £100 to the court bailiff who executed the judgement and i got my money which included all my costs. This action took time though as the defendant offered a £1 per week which i refused and insisted they recover the whole amount which they eventually did but it took about 4 months because he kept objecting and gave me and the courts the run around a bit,but i stuck at it and was patient and got what i wanted and he got a ccj registered for 6 years:violin:.
  11. Hi SPGM, Have you instructed the court baliff to recover your money?
  12. Another one bites the the dust http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/18046/online-news/moriarty-law-acquires-assets-of-hl-legal
  13. These companies really do like to blow their own trumpets. They are so far up their own backsides they are in real danger of turning themselves inside out. Perhaps Uncle Bryan will now retire
  14. Is this the end for Uncle Bryan?:whoo: http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/18038/online-news/lowell-solicitors-launch-marks-new-era-for-the-group
  15. Hi Hananshah, Restons are ruthless, They record all calls and use this as evidence against you,they will use anything they can to get a ccj and lessmoney is correct they don't negotiate they tell you one thing and do another.
  16. DX, Yes it is two we've had this week. just a bit suspicious.
  17. Update, Had a letter from Hoist advising they have closed their file and will not be pursuing it anymore
  18. Hi All, Update on this thread. I stood my ground with crapquest and refused to cave in to their threats. They issued a claim 12 months ago,i put my defence in thanks to Andy and claim was stayed. They threatened again and offered a consent order which i refused and pointed out that the agreement was missing the T&Cs and the T&C's they presented did not match the dates on the agreement and i believed was un-enforceable. They then offered a reduced settlement which i refused and reminded them that they had not complied with my request. Have now received a letter advising they have closed their file on this and will not be pursuing it anymore. Thanks to All for the advice given. :-D TWOMAN.
  19. DX, On another note,i recently helped a friend out with advice from Ell-enn. He would like to make a donation but i don't have a pay pal account and he doesn't.What other way is it possible to make a donation?
  20. Hi DX, There is a stayed court claim at the moment on this and i want to avoid the possibility of a CCJ.
  21. Hi All, Thanks for the replies. I have informened them that the agreement is delinquent of prescribed terms in all four corners, no cancellation box etc. The t&c on the agreement states 2004 but they refer to a 2005 microfish booklet which you can not read.. I was thinking of offering them £1,500 to settle f&f. What do you think?
  22. Hi All, Ok had a letter today from Crapquest offering me a settlement figure of £5,500 on a debt of £7,000. My guess is they probably paid about £300 for this but they don't have,i think,a properly executed,enforceable agreement due to missing prescribed terms and other missing t&c. Would appreciate the thoughts of others.
  23. Hi Andy, I am considering sending the following letter,what do you think.
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