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  1. Hi guys, I posted a couple of weeks ago about the struggles I went through with discrimination at the job centre, and that I was awaiting the results of my ATOS assesment. I have just received a letter from ATOS requesting my presence at another one of their lovely assesments. Confused I rang them. I still have no results from the previous assesment (11th April) and the JC know nothing about it. Apparently I am to meet with a nurse at ATOS to discuss my barriers to work or something. They gave it a name, but I have completley forgot it. Health check something or other. Can anyone shed any light on this, as my anxiety levels have just completley shot through the roof an Im begining to panic. I don't think I can face another trip to the ATOS guys. Also, according to the woman on the end of the phone at ATOS, a decision has been made and Im in the limited capability work group. I rang the JC for confirmation and they still haven't got a clue. ATOS apparently sent my files back to the JC at the end of April!!! I got my money today, and it is still at the lower assesment rate. Also Id like to think I was going to recieve some backpay, since they reduced my payments in January. Can anyone shed any light, or make me feel any less anxious and stressed. I know there are some fab people on thid forum that have helped me alot before. Thanks guys xx
  2. Hi Sod'em, Poor you. I cant believe what you have been through over the last 3 years, and if thats not enough in itself, you are now faced with the delights of ATOS and the DWP! After reading everything it sounds very much like post traumatic stress. I am by no means an expert or a medical professional, but I am a 3rd year psychology student. (that does't make me an expert.) Aswell as your physical symptoms and family history, stress can affect the body in some really physical ways. I know you hate going to the doctor, but maybe when you feel strong enough you could see your GP about PTS. Have you been offered any counselling or Cognitive Behavioural therapy since your attack? Something like that would really help you manage your fear of "hoodies", youths and big groups of people. As for the ATOS assesment on the 24th. Just go with an open mind and the thought that you are likely to fail, and like Kelcou said anything else is a bonus! I am awaiting the results of an assesment, its been 5 weeks now, and Im not holding out any hopes. What coming on this forum has done for me, is show that Im not alone and there is always someone out there to give you some advice and cheer you up. Keep as positive as you can. Best wishes Squeezyweezy xx
  3. I think I just have to sit tight and wait for the results of my assesment. Not alot anyone can do till that happens. I shall definitley keep posting on here though. I found a gem and Im not gonna let go. Thanks HB x
  4. Hi banksarggg, after reading your problem I felt instant sympathy for you. I am in a very similar position at the moment. I have mental health issues, and couldn't attent the work focused interviews required when you are receiving ESA. I find it very difficult to leave the house alone, and was told by the JC that this wasn't an acceptable reason for not attending. To cut a long story short, I am waiting for the "decision maker" to decide my fate and tell me whether or not I am ill enough to receive enough money to live on. Just like you and Loopinlouie, I never know from day to day whether I will actually manage to leave my house without the criplling fear, intense nausea, hot flashes, dizziness and intense paranoia (to name but a few). There seems to be a huge misunderstanding of mental health issues in general, but when it comes to the benefite system and ATOS in particular, its a b****y nightmare. You have come to the right place for support. You will get some great advice here. Please don't ever think yourself pathetic, or tell yourself that you should just pull yourself together. You have a genuine and life affecting illness, that you have no control over. What ATOS and the DWP are doing to you is not your fault, and you are not alone. Keep your spirits up and dont let the b*****s get you down. Hugs and best wishes, Squeezyweezy xx
  5. I am blown away by the level of support, I really am overwhelmed. Up until yesterday I thought I was alone and it was all aimed at me! (thats paranoia for you!) This whole thing started because I missed 3 work focused interviews (or whatever they are called). The fact that my illness caused me to miss those interviews has apparently nothing to do with it. This is what gobsmacks me. Also the fact that no-one consults the real healthcare proffesionals involved with you and your illness from the very begining. If only someone woul speak to my psychiatrist or G.P. Like Kelcou said, its like there is some sort of conspiracy going on. I just dont understand how a huge organisation like the DWP get away with this whole charade. Sorry to rant, Im just exasparated. Its nice to see people whohave come through the other end of this like you honeybee. It keeps me smiling.
  6. Thank you so much Honeybee. I really appreciate your kind words. I really hope someone can give me some advice or point me in the right direction. Obviously I need to wait for my medical results, and maybe Ill get the result Im looking for. If not, Im back to appealing and fighting through this ridiculous system. What makes me angry is that I have worked since I was 15 and I love working, my illness is beyond my control and I feel I am being punished for not working. Once again, thank you. I have high hopes for CAG, as I have read alot of other threads. Im sure someone will shed some light.
  7. Hi everyone, I am new on this site and stumbled on it by accident, I really hope someone can help me. Ill try to write this out without it getting complicated. I am currently claiming Employment support allowance. I have been off work sick for nearly 15 months now. I have mental health issues. At first when I started claiming I was sent for a medical and then put in the Work Related Activity Group. This was absolutley fine at first. My illness affects me leaving the house, this was established at the medical. I cannot leave my house alone, so always need a friend or someone I can trust with me, and sometimes I get so bad, I just cant leave full stop. This is not always, but sometimes and it is completley unpredictable. My anxiety just takes over. Because of this I missed 3 interviews at the job centre over a total of 12mths. Everytime I couldn't make it in to the jobcentre I rang and gave my apologies and arranged another appointment. I said I was happy to do my interview over the phone (which apparently is not aloud) or someone could come to my house, but I was told this wasn't possible unless I was terminally ill! I also explaind it wasn't just jobcentre appointments I missed, I missed doctors, psychiatrist and therapy appointments too, crippling anxiety is part of my illness. In January I received a letter from the jobcentre saying that I had missed three appointments and my reasons were not acceptable, so they were taking £64 per fortnight from me. I rang my advisor at the jobcentre and she said it was my fault for being unreliable and lazy, and that I had been asking for it. I explained my situation once again, and she told me she was trained to deal with mild to moderate mental illness and that she had never heard of such anxiety issues. I made a formal complaint to the manager of the jobcentre, and she was appaled. She said I should immeadiatley appeal the descision, and she would assign me a new advisor. She also said I was entitled to home visits due to my circumstances. I filled in the appeal form and sent it off. I spoke to my psychiatrist and psychotherapist and they said they were more than happy to speak to whoever about my condition and how it affects my leaving the house. 4 months after I sent my appeal I was asked to attend another medical. I did this on 11th April 2010. I am ringing the jobcentre office every 2 days but I am still waiting on a decision. It has been five months since I received the letter, and I am struggling to live on what they are giving me. My recovery has got slower due to the stress and I am absolutley amazed at how I am being treated. No contact has been made with my GP, psychiatrist or therapist, who are all willing to back me up. Is there anything else I should do? Can they discriminate like this, all because my illness is mental not physical? I cannot afford to pay my monthly bills and I am at my wits end. I was well on the road to recovery back in December and was looking forward to getting back into work, but this whole situation has really put me back. Any advice anyone? Sorry it was so long:)
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