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  1. Hi Just to update,having called the council and explained i would not be doing business with the bailiffs and offering to pay regular amounts (which i was told i couldn't do as it was already in the bailiffs hands and they could only take full payment) .I ignored this and payed regular amounts and There have been no visits from the baillif at all ,so in short don't always believe what they tell you when you call as i'm sure someone other than the bailiff is profiting from their current policy and better still dont even give them the opportunity in the first place (easier said than done someti
  2. Hi ,Have had two visits from the bailiff thus far with no contact just had the notification of bailiff visit letter ,one with £18 fee the other £24.50. Have phoned the council to say i am happy to pay the arrears at £100 a month plus £25 weekly ,they refused and told me deal with bailiffs as they are dealing with it now to which i added i have no intention of dealing with them and would only deal directly with the council after which i said i would be setting up standing orders anyway as the debt needs to payed. I'm hoping somebody can clarify for me wether a warrant can cover 2 periods of c
  3. Attended court and it turns out the council have forged a tenancy agreement with just my partners name on it.the judge added me to the possesion order and charged £100 court fee all over 30 pounds arrears.Can anyone tell me if there is anything i can do to be pain in the neck for the council regarding the tennancy as i feel they have shown a complete lack of understanding and communication regarding this,Surely they have broken the law by offering the forged document in court proceedings.
  4. Appreciate the response,Thanks. Dont suppose you know anything about the tennancy agreement being in both our names but the court action just being in my partners
  5. Hi,really worried about this and hope somebody can advise. Short Version First. is any action against our tenancy invalid if it only has my partners name on it when we have the original which is in both our names. Back in Nov 09 we where issued a notice of seeking possesion because of arrears ,i contacted the council came to an agreement and repaid the arrears as quickly as i could although i was told the notice would still go to court as this was the usual procedure.March this year i was made redundant and the rent was being paid by benefits but due to an oversight on my part this w
  6. Not to experto no.Am i right in thinking they have bought the debt or is it welcome playing games also the figure seems higher.
  7. Hi, having not heard a thing since my last post posts i have recieved a letter from experto credito today demanding immediate payment (7Days) of outstanding sums owed to welcome or it will be passed on to their solicitors .Not sure if they have sold the debt or are useing a collection agency ,i was expecting a summons or the reposession guys on my doorstep .Are they looking at takeing me to court or is something else going on. Has this happened to anybody else out there.
  8. Have checked experian report and it shows the account was put in default in april this year (shortly after i told them i had been made redundant) this renders the voluntary termination useless.Should they have told me they where doing this,do they need proof not sure what to do now, i've stopped payments under the illusion i could as i was terminating and it turns out the account is in default .Really worried we are going to have bailiffs on takeing what little we have.
  9. Have ignored the phone,a guy turned up at the door .so regardless of wether i am in default or not they cannot involve bailiffs without acourt case.
  10. Havent had a chance to send access request and had a doorstep visit he says i defaulted in april and they sent a letter ,i didnt recieve any letter,they say they do not need to prove they sent the default notice and if an arrangement isnt made asap the debt will be passed on to loyds bailifs (i think he said) and it doesnt need to go court for them to do this.Where do i stand
  11. have typed up the access request ,does this cover them proving they have the original signed copy of the agreement or is it just payments etc. do i need to send a cca as well,just to be sure.
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