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  1. Please help I've been scammed by a charity advertising company. I recieved a phone call the other day by a man who clearly had been well trained and reading from a well written script. He mentioned being from something advertising/ charity ltd company and that the campagin had been very successful. Because of this of thought he a part of a local magazine I advertised in April and thought he was talking about that. For literally 2 minutes he continued reciting confusing sentences specifically aimed at confusing myself as to what he was talking about but at no point did he mention advertising for a new magazine. At the end he said is it ok if our advisor calls you to confirm the conversation which I replied yes. When the man phoned he took my company details and said he was recording this conversation. Again I thought it was this legit advertising company just confirming my details before publication so went along with it. He than mentioned it was £199 over the year. I questioned this and said I thought the mag was quartely, he said no. The price was almost identical to what I'd paid for the other advert so I still didn't click. He then said they'll be sending a proof to check and if no reply is received in 7 days then they'll go ahead and print the advert invoice me. I said that the advert had already been paid for and would check my accounts. He still said he would send out the documentation. I'm now waiting for this proof advert. Can someone advise me on what to do if I recieve an invoice from these guys?
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