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  1. i did mention that it's probably impossible but being over a year ago now she's not really bothered chasing it up. Rather worrying as I bank with the same bank.
  2. Ok I would like to clarify something that happened last year. A friend logged on to her internet banking and found £500 missing from her savings account (the total in there was £500 exactly). This account has no debit cards etc attached so couldn't have been taken using a card. She phoned the bank and they looked into and within the day a cashier from the actual branch it was wihdrawn from phoned to say there had been a mistake and she (cashier) was to blame. Apparently a MAN came into the bank and withdrew £500 from his savings account (the exact amount of cash in my friends account) and gave his account details to the cashier but she said she forgot to put in the sort code so it defaulted to the branch sort code and of course it took it out of the wrong account. The friends account was reimbursed that day so nothing else was said. When she told me I couldn't believe it. I cannot believe that someone would go into that exact same branch, have exactly the same account number for the same savings account and withdraw all the money to the exact pound. The chances of that happening are millions to one. Not only is that suspicious but to actually receive a call from the cashier who did the transaction even more so (it's a big city branch). Is there anyone with experience with banks and accounts like this who knows whether this is possible? My first impressions are that this is an inside job.
  3. i bet if you said it was a little kid that had been attacked the police, RSPCA and council would be out in the same day. Sometimes it's too late before they do anything.
  4. then it's against the law the proprty is yours and they can't tell you what to do with it but then ebay will always be on their side so you're screwed unless you take them to court about it. I would email them stating that they're breaking the law, show them pictures of any casing and CD you have and quote the first sale doctrine and some of the court orders against companies who try to restrict sales of their products. It's a shame people are able to abuse laws that are brought in to protect them against piracy or fakes. More and more companies are putting these ridiculous licencing agreements on their goods in the hope they can control the second hand market but recent court orders have said it's unlawful.
  5. I was looking on their website and all it says is that you can't sell these CDs on. There is no specific EULA and no where does it say that you are purchasing a one user license for this product only. It's against the law for them to sell a product with restrictions on its resale. What does it say on the EULA on the CD cover? I suspect they're trying it on in the hope nobody seriously challenges them.
  6. I've been reading more about it and found he's abusing his power. Vero is there to protect owners from fake, pirated or licenced products and not legitmate CDs like yours. You can put in a counter claim to ebay and mention he is abusing his membership if he even has one. This seems to be ebays fault as theyre removing items without even checking whether it's legit ot not.
  7. hi I've been looking at this Ebay Vero with interest as I did a report on software resales last year. Is this illegal under the first sales doctrine act or is it a case of E-Bay abusing their global power and saying it's our website we do what we want? To be honest I'm quite appalled at this not only is it grossly unfair for an original owner to have these powers at the end of the day it simply amounts to price fixing by killing the second hand market.
  8. Hi thanks for the advice. I've been doing mock ups for 3 months now they agree and then after coding say they don't like it. I think maybe I'll do one more mock up then start to get tough if they don't like it.
  9. the website is very complex and includes everything from cms & customer log in etc which theyre very happy with. All the specifications they're happy with but they keep wanting changes here and there then I'll go back after 1 week solid work and they'll say no we don't like that either can you change this layout and that layout and these colours. I expect some fussiness from customers and usually happy to accomodate them but as I said this website is very complex and changing certain aspects takes far longer then normal. I quoted for 1 months work and so far it's taken 3.
  10. I have developed a CMS website (all code is mine) for a customer and I state that I change initial design templates to suit their needs but now after 2 months of back and forth they're starting to take the mick and again want a major change. I'm on my third template design (which is hard to do being a CMS site) and they're still not happy with the layout and their complaints are getting ridiculous from logos or photos in the flash animation being a fraction to small or in the wrong place, font or button size too small and want everything enlarging. I wouldn't mind so much but they don't realise that if people view the websites on lower resolutions the site will look ridiculous and also they won't listen when I advise that customers won't like certain things like sub menus in sub menus etc. They don't seem to realise how much work goes into completely redesigning a CMS template. Again I would stick at it if the price was fair but I seriously under quoted them for this website and their fusiness is causing financial problems for my company as I can't continue on anything else until it's complete. Does anyone have experience in this field and can offer advice?
  11. I know this post is a little old now but there is a massive difference between scart and HDMI on a PS as scart is not HD but £60 is a complete rip off. In fact you'll be pretty amazed at the difference. On another note high quality cabling (gold plated etc) have been proven to be a complete rip off and offer next to nothing in terms of higher quality picture or sound. They may however be more durable and less prone to cable stretch etc. but then how often do you move cabling at the back of your TV? My favourite story was the one about the audio cable test where they gathered some of the biggest names in music and audio engineering ( a few famous names but cant remember them) and got them to assess the quality of the sound from a wide range of cables without telling them which one was which. Some of the £2k cabling recieved some of the lowest marks and unbelievably one of the highest scores was from a make shift cable from coat hangar wire that someone made as a joke.
  12. yes I can understand certain products not being listed there but this is a case of a company stopping her selling a product that is allowed on there in this case simply a popup tent. What grounds could this company stop the sale of this product?
  13. I'm still not clear on what you're saying. You say E-Bay are now stopping people selling certain goods and that only certain retailers can? Surely this goes against the principles of ebay? Basically this would turn ebay into something like Amazon or have I got the facts wrong?
  14. no it's the web only. I made sure it monthly pay as you go.
  15. this is now a massive problem. Over the last few days I've received 3 calls from different companies. I have recordings, names addresses etc but TS simply say they keep popping up around manc/liverpool. I have emailed many companies who use the same advertising locally and all have said they're getting over 3 companies phoning each week demanding money. One lady who started a few months ago phoned me even said there were at least 6 different ones threatening her and seemed rather upset about the whole thing. With phone numbers, bank details, addresses and even pictures of their premises I can't believe TS can't do more.
  16. Hi bankfodder, I think many people are wary of search tools especially ones that generate revenue. There are privacy implications of course and also the question of which engine is used. Also being new here my first impression of the forums are that it's overloaded with advertising and most visitors are only going to be here a short time until their problem is resolved so using a toolbar and getting donations from them is going to be difficult. Exactly how much are the overheads, I'm not sure if you're profit making or not? These days you shouldn't be paying anymore than a few pound for hosting and maintenace and if you are then I recommend changing provider.
  17. Under what law can someone tell you you can or cannot sell certain products unless under licence like software etc or is Ebay trying to control markets now?
  18. There maybe a rogue within one of the companies, have you spoke to any of their managers? Are they the sort of company that would do that. Also ask them if they're keeping your details stored as their computers may have been hacked or even yours if you use your card online.
  19. As a new company I have taken out yell advertising but only because after refusing their pricing and terms they offered me a monthly contract at reduced rate. I am rather sceptical as to how much revenue an online directory with Yell will be considering every single competitor within 100 miles is listed when entering my company services. With probably a 1/10 change of them picking me I doubt it'll work be at least I'm not tied to the annual contract. I would just like to say watch out for advert [problematic] who will phone you constantly asking about advertsing in their mags. I wish I knew 6 months ago what I know now.
  20. my brother used to be a kirby salesman when he was a student and yes he mentioned that some slaes reps are extremely pushy and won't take no for an answer. There's no question that the product is good but the biggest surprise I found was how they inflate the prices based on customer. My friend was going to buy one and was offered it for £1200, I spoke to my brother about the price (after he left them) and he said salesmen can go down to £700 if they think they'll make a sale and they'll inflate the price if someone is richer or older. After I told my friend she told them where to go. He did mention that Kirby really exploit their staff and almost brain wash them into making unethical sales.
  21. I have to say that Dell are a victim of their own success. They're too big and too global. Their prices maybe 10% cheaper than all the competition but they sure make up for that in after sales services costs, warranties and credit. Not many people know this but Dell make their own hardware which most of the time may not be compatible with other standard PC hardware. They'll usually change the connection or wiring so you HAVE to buy Dell replacement parts. What I would advise to anyone is find a good local IT shop or home callout service and use them. Although the desktop or laptop may cost slightly more their callout costs are usually considerably cheaper, if they're a small local company they'll bend over backwards to help and most cases will give free advice over the phone. And of course you can deal with the same person each time who will probably speak the same language as you.
  22. this is a story for the papers... this thread alone is pretty amazing never mind the story lol
  23. Well apparently Abingdon House are legit as they have government and crime stoppers adverts in their mag but I have spoke to many companies who have advertised with them and they've said they've never had any calls from customers from that mag and also where unhappy at where the mags were distrubted sometimes hundreds of miles from their own companies. I spoke to trading standards about the other firms yesterday one of them being MJS Media UK Ltd working from Manchester and basically they're trying it on, they'll send you repeated invoices and sometimes threatening phone calls and letters in the hope many companies will give in to shut them up. Basically though they have nothing to go on, their claims would never stand up in court and you shouldn't worry about it even if they threaten you with baliffs (they still need to go to court). Trading standards seem to think it's so common now it's not worth chasing up and as a small business you should expect it. Thing is I told them I have bank details, phone numbers, names (prob fake) an address, a photo of the premises and trading standards still didn't want them. I recommend a phone that can record messages. If any one from a company phones to sell something I hit the record button even if it's only to say no thank you.
  24. hi thanks for the quick reply. I'm aware that any good is covered for a reasonable amount of time but there's this golden rule to high street shops that anything under 1 year will be replaced usually without question. Would the replacement product have a new warranty? eg If I had a product that broke after 4 years and I took them to court and got a brand new one. This subsequently broke down after 1 year and you went back to court. Would the court say you've had this product for 5 years now or would it say only one year and entitled for a another replacement?
  25. I bought an xbox that stoppped working after 10 months. The big high street shop tested the product when I took it in and confirmed it was broken and gave me a new one. Knowing how unreliable XBox are he tried to sell me a 3 year warranty for a ridiculous amount of money but explained to him that I get a further 1 year warranty on this new box. We got into a rather heated debate and he said no you have 2 months left and if it breaks after 3 months you cant come back for a replacement. I explained that when you fix a product under warranty you get a further 1 year so as to protect the consumer from dodgy repair work. I mentioned that he could simply do a dodgy repair that lasts 2 month and when it breaks after the warranty runs out say 'tough the warranties run out'. Of course he told me that it's not true and with that rule stated that I could get a new xbox every 10months if that were the case, I replied yes if the £300 thing breaks down every 10 months. So who is correct here? Can I go back if it breaks after the original warranty runs out? I'm from UK btw
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