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  1. Do you have the signed contract for 2 years? If you don't ask them to provide evidence that you signed for 2 years. They will usually say we have a recording of you agreeing, if they do then ask for that recording. If they can't send you evidence they will need to take you to court to obtain the money. [problematic] will threaten and intimidate small companies into paying because they know (the advertising company) can't go to court as they'll simply lose. Trading Standards will tell you to ignore them until they can provide proper evidence. They usually get fake debt recovery agencies to phone and intimidate but be strong and tell them you have reprted them to trading standards and you are also recording all telephone conversations (you're allowed to by law if you're a sole trader or domestic).
  2. They charged you for domain renewal and hosting I take it? With nearly all domains and hosting you MUST cancel it through the proper methods and believe me they make it as difficult as possible. You usually need to let them know at least 1 month in advice, phone them and send a signed cancellation fax/scan. You should check your contract but if they don't mention a signed form and you have your sent email as proof you may get away with it. I think you will probably need to pay this and then phone them to go through proper cancellation procedures incase they charge you next year.
  3. I think you may have been scammed? For them to say s'end me another and more money' seems a little suspicious.
  4. I think Apple have got a few counter sues (that the right word?) to contend with. They're all suing each other really and it's pathetic. The problem lies in the stupid US patenting system were it makes it almost impossible for anyone to do anything without stepping on each others toes.
  5. I have a HTC Desire and it's far better than the iPhone or iPod, cheaper to buy and 50% cheaper on monthly contract. I just laugh at people and what they "can't" do on an iphone. Anyway that's a bit off topic, as for itunes what they've got away with over the last 10 years is almost criminal and their excuses about protecting song writers and copyrights is simply lies. There are file formats that limit usage without having to be synced to their ridiculous itunes accounts. All they do is cash in on the Apple name as it has been the must have icon for the last 10 years.
  6. well spotted. I think this alone would be enough evidence to suggest it isn't.
  7. this doens't look like a dropped kurb to my eyes. Seems more like the road has dropped through bad maintenace which can happen. What are the measurements on the normal curb? Also the actual dropped curbs in the photo (photo2) have biege non slip surfaces indicating that this one isn't one.
  8. Sorry big rant coming up. Is anyone else getting annoyed at the seemingly endless 1 way traffic light systems when workmen are maintaining roads. I live in a developing area and the road closures are endless. Yes the workmen need to work in safety but why do they close a 1 mile stretch to work on a 100m strip? And why do they leave them up when they go home even when they don't need to? They go home at 5pm leaving massive tail backs from rush hour traffic because they couldn't be bothered to take down the lights and move cones to the side of the road. Another example really annoyed me the other month: one of the lanes near us is 30mph but a very wide road (can easily fit 3 lanes) but they were working in and around the pavement on a 5m stretch so they closed one side and stuck up traffics lights! Why the lights? With their area there was easily enough room for 2 temp lanes on this wide road, it would be no different than using a narrow rural road. And the only thing in the road that need to be sectioned off was the actual generator for the lights so it was pointless. They also stopped work in it for 4 days and didn't take the lights down. You're pretty much guaranteed 90% of the time never to see a workman in road works and even more annoying is when they don't manage the light sequence properly and one side has 2 mile tail backs while the other side is completly empty. The road systems near us work well but only just, closing one lane leaves the whole road network for miles around in chaos and all the workmen seem to want to do is cause maximum disrubtion to traffic. Okay sorry rant over. I feel better now.
  9. I would inform the poilce in writing as it seems they were trying to delibrately make the car hit the bumpers in order to make a false claim. He has probably tried it to many others and intimidated them enough for them to leave.
  10. Yeah they target new companies who don't know better. I get 1-2 calls a day from [problematic] so expect that. Do not give company details to anyone who phones as they sell your details to others, do not fall for the database removal [problem], SEO linking or any Excise & Commerce updating their database scams. I find it annoying that I started a company and not have basic information about the phone calls I would be subject to. Like you I learnt the hard way.
  11. are you new? how did they get your details or did you phone them? Just curious as I'm collecting info on how new companies are getting targetted.
  12. It's ridiculous that Ebay are allowing other countries (ie mainly the USA) to abuse these rules. This is why monopoly is so bad. Ebay as a world wide gateway and sellers monopolising second hand sales through abuse of copyright laws. The perfect scenario. I think the government and EU really needs to address this problem and protect service providers more.
  13. Yeh Comet are usually very good for things like that although it does woryr me when they have their own repair business advertised all around their shop. They're clearly profiting from unreliable equipment something Hotpoint are famous for and their so called 5 year warranty.
  14. no they were pretty good about it in fact I don't think he looked at the broken power pack.
  15. I've already returned it and asked for a better phone which they gave me. The phone was a Philips cd2452b Buy PHILIPS CD2452B/05 TWIN | Twin dect telephone with answer machine - Specification | Comet I don't recommend this phone to anyone. I've bought a BT Synergy now it's its far better quality, easier to use and better displays.
  16. paid by debit card and yes I have the reciept. Can I demand a new model or even demand my money back?
  17. Yep IE is an absolute b****! What baffles me is why they still haven't fixed them.The CSS code is so buggy it's annoying. Try Supersleight for your IE6 transparency problems.
  18. I bought a Philips Cordless Phone from Comet on the 15 May 2010 and the transformer/power pack has broken. I'm returning it tomorrow but to be honest the phone is terrible. The ear speaker is isn't loud enough even on full volume, it doesn't have record calls which I thought it did when I bought it, the call log is a waste of time and the processor too slow so scrolling though contacts takes forever. Is it possible to refuse a replacement and ask for a different model instead as I'm not statisfied with the quality? The actual power pack earth connection actually ripped off when I removed it from a plug socket leaving the plug/fork in the socket which I had to remove with some special plyers.
  19. there are hundreds of companies like this [causing problems] new businesses. The government should be sending all new small companies Starter Packs with information about advert/charity/sponsership/database removal [causing problems]. I fell for this once and now have at least 1 call a day from [problematic].
  20. the website is hosted by VodaHost Web Hosting official Site or the evidence suggests it is. You may want to contact them to get the site taken down.
  21. This is worrying. I know alot of silver surfers who'll be taken in by this [problem].
  22. wow can't believe a company would treat someone this way.. and to not even allow a second sample. Any sensible company would also keep the sample taken in case it went to court.. let me guess they didn't? Something smells fishy to me.
  23. had another call today for 'sponsership'. When I interupted him and told him I wasn't interested he got very aggressive and said it could have benefited the company if I actually listened to him. They do tend to say stuff like 'Thank you very much then you ****' before hanging up. Sad thing is they must be making millions for so many of them to exist and the government or TS clearly aren't doing enough to combat the situation.
  24. Actually I'm not sure if still their policy but always check your Tesco recipts because they give you the item for FREE if they over charge you. This has happened on several occasions in Tesco. The first time I only went in for a s/wich but saw a microphone for cheap so I bought it. If I'd bought loads of stuff I wouldn't have realised but on the way out the door I noticed I was charged £2 more. Custoemr service refunded me the whole amount. Another time I bought a washing line and the price was well over what it should have been. The lady at the desk didn't even check and took our word for it and gave us the £25 line for free. This was last year so they may have changed their policy due to econmic climate perhaps?
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