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  1. The original was 'new generation parking management ltd' and yes I'm the registered owner.
  2. actually reading the letter it seems they know I wasnt the driver: ...instructed by the above named named client who informed us the a PNC was issued to the above mentioned vehicle and the driver should have paid..... A notice was sent to you that you could be liable for this charge if it remains unpaid (I wasn't sent anything). This letter provides notification that you are now liable for the charge and the total amount due. Not sure this is a template letter, it's worded to suggest they know I wasn't responsible?
  3. no this is the first letter. The fine was dated for august 2013. I may be wrong, they may not be an actual debt collector just an enforcer.
  4. debt collector is roxburge and I haven't spoke to anyone yet. The letter states a PNC was already given to the driver (not me obviously) and hasn't been paid. I'm well aware that they're invoices and would normally ignore them but this obviously involves another company.
  5. I have just received a parking fine from a private debt company for over stay in a free shopping centre car park. On the date the car was in a local garage being repaired; it's very likely the mechanic was out testing the car because it was major engine work and no doubt stopped off for some shopping. I picked up the car a day later. I have evidence of this because I had to send details off to the finance company because they paid for the repair. What should I do? I was going to forward the letter to them and tell them I will ignore all future letters from the debt company.
  6. I was a great fan of the sim city series but I haven't bought the new one for these reason and do no buy EA games now. The law needs to address this growing trend in the games industry. Too many people are getting ripped off by pre-release purchases that don't work or of poor quality, online drm and as you mentioned 'put up or shut up or we'll suspend your account that you've spent £1000+ on'. One company even made you pay extra to play the game at a harder level... that level being the 'normal' level that the game should have been played at I think the EU needs to ban always online DRM so users can play when they want even when they shut down all servers and force software companies to sell the game to the buyer rather than 'licence' it. Licencing means they can turn off the game or remove permissions to use it any time they want which is unfair.
  7. but what is that going to achieve? After a wait to see what TS will do surely they'll just say take it back to the garage for a 5th time?
  8. Hi All, ...again. I am still having problems with my car and the issue is still unresolved Bought car 2007 27k miles (part finance part cash) with engine problems in March 2013. After being in garage twice for repair under warranty, the original garage eventually refused to repair the car and I was going to do the repairs myself and take them or the finance company to court. Quotes were all around the 1.5k mark to repair the engine properly. I then got a call from another unrelated garage saying they were going to do the repairs, when asked why they said the orginal garage used their finance agreement and that the finance company were forcing them to fix it. Of course they're not too happy with this. I was unaware of this when I took out the agreement, I was under the impression it was their own company in the finance agreement and they had just changed their business name (which they just had). The new garage has had good intentions and their own mechanic but don't have the expertise to fix it. The car has been with them twice for a total period of 8 weeks! They haven't done the required work but like the first garage are doing it on the cheap and ramming chemicals and additives in the engine to fix it. Each time it has come back 'fixed' but clearly they're just guessing. The use of simple OBD software confirms misfiring, it still stutters on acceleration and anyone with a bit of know how would realise the idle doesn't sound right. The garage said they'd take it back for a 3rd time if it's not fixed but I cannot wait this long anymore. My whole business relies on me having wheels and I've had to take out tempoary insurance on other cars all this time. I need to give the finance company 2 options: 1) Buy the car back off me for price I bought it. 2) Give me the money I was quoted to fix it so I can it myself. OR Do it myself and take them to court for the full amount plus all the expenses (insurance, petrol back and forth to garage, money I've paid for diagnosis (when I first bought car) and others ). Any advice appricated especially with the finance agreement and whether it was legal or not. This could be the ulimate bargaining tool?
  9. It's usual to be on the left but our new build house the fence we own is on the right. Neighbours sound like morons to be honest. I certainly would refuse as it's their property at the end of the day, what happens when your fence is blown down the the other neighbour refuses to pay. You end up paying for 2 fences. And as they've put the fence on the wrong way I would look to see if they've encroached on your land. I'll be willing to bet they have.
  10. okay thanks, but is his offer of taking the car again and putting it for another repair at the same garage seen as 'providing that the seller has had reasonable opportunity'?
  11. ok a new update. After sending a letter giving 2 options (do another repair properly, provide a courtesy car and reimburse me the diagnostic fee I had to pay out or let me select my own garage and ill pay for lease car) they are refusing both. They said they'll only use their own garage and no courtesy car even though leasing a car is going to cost me a fortune. Where can I take it from here. If I do the work myself will a court case rule in my favour?
  12. okay a new update. The repairs (or lack of), as I suspected did nothing to fix the problem. I took it to a specialist who used an endoscope to video the intake valves and I have to say you'd think it was a coal power station down there. It's completely choked full of carbon especially on the stalks, the mechanic thinks there could be valve damage. One of the valves was so bad you couldn't even make out the valve. Shall I send a written report and letter to the dealer demanding they fix it within 10 days or if they don't get my own garage to do it and charge them? As the mechanic pointed out, if the dealer does it themselves and there's valve damage the dealer is unlikely to fix them. Then 1-2 years down the line something will go bang and I'll have to fit the bill. Am I within my rights to claim loss of confidence and use my own mechanic who I can trust?
  13. i think a trip to the BMW garage is in order. They wouldn't be able to argue with them especially in court.
  14. update... I'm unhappy with the repairs (or non-repairs) the dealer has done. As expected they've fobbed me off and not done the job that's needs doing. They intially said it was the exhaust valves then changed their mind after I rang them a few days later and said they've just put additives in the tank to clean the engine. I spoke to RAC/AA and their inspecion doesn't check ECU faults and problems with cylinder ignition. What are my options? I don't really want to reject the car as it's rare and a good car considering. Can I take it to a independant garage and get the repairs done and then take them to court?
  15. okay update. They accepted the car with the usual salesmans 'there's nothing wrong with it' approach even after showing him the report. He said he's going to use his mate in another garage who's a 'specialist' for diagnosis. I highly suspect this report isn't going to be that the engine needs decoking. Can I reject this and use the official mini garage if I have to?
  16. okay thanks for your help. I'll phone in the morning and confirm what they want to do.
  17. well the issue isnt' a major issue in failure terms. The cylinders are preigniting due to carbon build-up over the 27000 miles, it still drives normally but throws an error code in the ECU. Driving to and from their garage isn't going to make things any worse although if you think this may give them cause to get out of the warranty claim then I won't drive it.
  18. okay thanks. If he refuses to do it without excess shall I then send an immediate letter of rejection or send 2 further letters asking for repair? Also is it wise for me to still drive the car around and to and from his garage? The problem is carbon build up which happens over time so driving it wouldn't damage it further.
  19. I didn't realise the very slight stutter when cold was indication of a big problem. We've had very cold weather in those 6 weeks and just put it down to that. Like you mentioned I was going to try some cleaner in the fuel. They claim £500 excess... so I can tell them they need to pay for all of it?
  20. I noticed the a slight stuttering the first time I drove it cold although didn't think anything of it until I started asking other mini owners. Didn't notice in the test drive as they had 'warmed' the car up before hand. The car is a Cooper S R56 and carbon build up is very common and not cheap to fix apparently. Wish I'd known this before buying. Injector cleaner wouldn't work on direct injection as the build up is on the valves. The car was tested by performance experts with realtime monitoring, they recorded lots of pre-ignitions while accelerating. I don't think it's something simple. Can I demand they pay for it all?
  21. I bought a car from a dealer 6 weeks ago and noticed some stuttering accelerating when cold. After some advice about this and the type of car I got it checked out and found some engine errors on the ECU (knocking and misfiring). It's likely carbon build up on the direct injection engine and won't be cheap to fix. Although this can't be proved I suspect they knew about the fault as the car was a lot cheaper than it was worth. The dealer provide 3 months warranty on all cars with £500 excess. I know there's a satuatory law about car warranties, so what are my rights? Can I tell them to pay for it all and also what if they say the warranty doesn't cover the engine?
  22. compaq CQ- and HP DV- have very poor heatsinks. If you are willing to open them up you can place a square copper sheet between the processor and heatsink with therming gel which can lower temps by 10deg. There are videos on youtube somewhere.
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