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  1. thanks for your replies.. Can I put in an application for cost as this was on the small claims track? Johnny
  2. what form do I need to submit costs to the court? or can I just write a letter asking for costs? Johnny
  3. when they discontiue.. they can still make another claim at a later date..or sell the debt to another DC right?
  4. Thanks for the reply 42man, i'm not sure whether or not the creditor needs permission from me to discontinue.. how do I find that out? thanks..Johnny
  5. Hi, I have a court claim that I defended and was due to attend a hearing, but I have just received a letter to say it has been discontinued by the claimant... Can I claim costs? if so how do I go about claiming them? thanks...Johnny
  6. thanks for your help Andy.. sorry for being vague.. but i'm paranoid about DC's monitoring this site and harming my case I'll just state the facts on my WS and hope for the best.. Johnny
  7. that doesent sound good Andy.. so what you are saying? has the new creditor terminated by demanding full payment via court claim without valid DN or is the agreement still enforceable? they sent an illegible copy of the agreement by the way... Johnny
  8. does the fact that the new creditor claims to have sent a DN alter anything? or have they purchased an invalid agreement due to the OC terminating without a DN? I also have the new creditors comms log and they dont have refference to any DN having being issued.. Johnny
  9. they told me to pay by 25th and then registered a default on the 30th as per their letter.. no DN was issued and I got their comms log via SAR and there is no reference to issuing a DN either.. they also sold the debt the following month.. Johnny
  10. thanks Andy.. would a letter of intent to register a default and sell the account to a third party qualify as a termination of an agreement? the letter says.. unless you pay £xxxx amount before xx/xx/xx we will register a default on your credit file and sell your account to a third party..this means that you will no longer be a customer of xx and responsibility for recovery of the outstanding balance will be solely that of the purchaser. Johnny
  11. thanks for the reply Andy.. when do I submt the N244? is it with the WS ? and also do I have to specify an amount? also can I claim compensation for registering a default without sending a default notice? thanks..Johnny
  12. Hi Andy, Hope you are well.. got a date for a hearing coming up re original cc debt.. I submitted my amended defence.. but have not had a reply from the claimant.. i got a copy of their AQ and thats all.. are they supposed to respond to the defence? the hearing is set for the middle of dec.. i'm trying to do a witness statement now.. but not exactly sure what to put in it at the moment.. i have since found docs in support of money in dispute with the OC that show I have a reasonable counter claim for unfair charges and ppi.. is it too late to make a counter claim? for my witness statement.. I have.. No compliant NOA No compliant DN illegible CCA without terms default registered by OC without sending DN and a letter saying they would register a default and sell the debt.. no mention of DN in any of their comms unsure what to do about costs.. bit stuck on how to word it all at the moment.. any help would be greatly appreciated Johnny
  13. I agree Ford, but thats what they told me.. I might ring them again tomorrow as I forgot to mention that they sent me 15 pages of someone elses documents and one page was an agreement.. Johnny
  14. Thaks 42man.. I rang ICO and was advised that any letters that they have sent me in the past DN and CCA etc are their data not mine and so they are not obliged to send them.. he advised sending a CCA request.. Johnny
  15. Thanks for your reply rebel11, I dont want to send them a cca request as I think that will give them the right to send a blank agreement or reconstructed agreement Johnny
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