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  1. It's a balliff and the firm is called ross & roberts.. The council refuse to negotiate the bill or withdraw this company, I am willing to make payments to them directly and the repayments would be substantialy lower if i did it with the council.
  2. Today I let a balliff into my flat, if I had known I wouldnt have He came to discuss the £224 council tax bill from may to jun 2008 for another property that I rented. At that time I was unemployed, on jobseekers allowance and was claiming housing benefit. My current circumstances at the moment are that I am unemployed again, I have a 3 month old son and my partner is on maternity... Or combined average income for the month is about £640 a month... we have yet to recieve child tax credits, housing benefit and council tax benefit for this property and our rent is £425 a month and we use our o
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