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  1. For the last 4 years I've had my eyes tested by Specsavers. I wasn't happy with their last test as it lasted less than 10 minutes so I made an appointment with a local independent opticians. They were so astounded by the initial results (difference between current prescription and theirs) that they asked me to come again a week later to be retested using special anaesthetic drops which give very detailed results. I have been partially blind for the last 3 hours until the drops wore off as they paralysed the eye muscles leaving just my eyesight to let me see and needless to say I struggled! It
  2. I have spent the entire evening online, mainly on this forum, researching SPML/Capstone and now feel sick to the stomach after reading all the horror stories. We have owned a house which is mortgaged by SPML for nearly 3 years but almost a year go we wanted to move to a different area so let it out privately as we couldnt sell due to price crash and early redemption fee. We did everything right with applying to be landlords, getting gas/energy certificates, buildings insurance notes property is let so all that stuff is fine BUT I think we have been incredibly stupid as we didnt inform the
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