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  1. I don't usually post much but, I was there.... and even 3 days later I'm still dazed and in awe of how "Wannabe" conducted herself.... she was simply amazing FACT
  2. I don't like being insulted. Give the post code I'll be there, make sure to bring all your friends you'll need em!
  3. Have I touched a nerve, why are you so bothered whether these scumbags get paid or not Hmmm... Then to insult me. BTW. I'd be happy to meet and then you could call me "simple" to my face and we'll see how that pans out for you
  4. I don't remember referring to wannabe at any point, so no clue was sought. I made a statement. Pure & simple. No of the above applies unless they win. No win= No costs for the the bottom feeders
  5. Only if they win, if not then bye bye costs, these ****** thugs for hire live and die for their costs.
  6. Yeah they picked the wrong one to mess with LOL. And their arrogance is going to cost them very dearly, very dearly indeed.
  7. In a nutshell IMHO, it will serve as a lesson to all would be alleged corrupt companies and the alleged unscrupulous cronies they employ to allegedly manipulate the law to serve them selves. COSTS-COSTS-COSTS The biggest lessons these particular special category of alleged professionals should have learned is: 1. Never take on people who have nothing to lose. 2. Never judge a book by its cover 3. Never underestimate. Hell have no fury 4. What goes around comes around COSTS-COSTS-COSTS Can you Imagine how embarrassing it must be for these alleged so called profe
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