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  1. Hi, I have been receiving annual statements from BG for a couple of years now. Although it shows my annual usage (previous year) and expected usage for the coming year, it does not show any readings they have based this on or the amount of credit put on my meter via my card. I have e-mailed them twice requesting this information and both times they say it is impossible to give me this information. I have now just discovered when going through the screens on my meter, that although there is zero debt showing on screen 27 there is £4 wkly debt recovery showing on screen 26. Does this m
  2. Can I just ask what problem the time being wrong on the meter can cause, the time on my meter is well out. Thanx
  3. Thanks for your info Emmzzi. I just find it unfair that I had authorised leave & I thought I had done enough to ensure cover for my store that I am now facing disiplinary. I discovered the reason I couldn't get through to confirm cover was because my line manager had given me the wrong number to contact colleague, this was mentioned to a company B colleague & it had also been updated with the correct number in my book when I returned from leave. When I secured cover for my last holiday, the line manager was asked by the colleague to pass a message to tell me she was on
  4. Thankyou for your replies As Company A is in parnership with company B, surely company B employees would be classed as my colleagues? Another couple of question please. 1) Should I have been notified & given a date to attend an investigation meeting? 2) Would I be correct in thinking that the decision to take the matter further should not have been made there & then? Thanks again
  5. Hi all, The company I work for is a well known retailer, which is in partnership with another well known retailer. I am paid and employed by one but my job is in based store of the other, Hope that makes sense. I recently requested and took 2 weeks holiday which I had changed from my original holiday request, I had the request authorised by my line manager. Now the rules are that when we take holidays we need to arrange our own cover for our store. As I am the only employee in my store we need to get cover from other stores, which I did do. When I the colleague from the other s
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