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  1. SETTLED FOR £930 Proportionate to the amount of work i did (One LBA) i am happy to accept this
  2. I've just had my second letter from a Laurence White (Customer Relations Manager) He says "I refer to my letter dated 9 June I apologise for the delayin providing you with a full responce to your complaint and thank you for your patience whilst i continue my investigation. As soon as this is completed, which i expect will be by 3 August, i will contact you again. In the meantime should you wish to speak to me, please contact me using my direct telephone number 020 xxxxxxxx. Yours Sincerely Laurence White " Looks like another standard stall letter to me. My
  3. Having just started this thread i checked the mail and have received a letter from Barclays saying something to the effect of "I am sorry you are unhappy with the charges you have incurred. Your comments are receiving attention and one of my team will contact you shortly. Please find enclosed a copy of our complaints leaflet, which explains how we deal with this matter." So are Barclays actually going to contact me shortly or is this their first attempt at stalling the process? On another note in the same post came a notice of paid referral fee of £30 for breaching my overd
  4. I sent my first letter 2 days ago. Making a claim for an initial £590 and seeking statements for the previous six years. I'm pretty sure this is gonna be well over £2000 and my mouth is watering at the prospect of getting some of my hard earned money back. Initialy i wasn't to bothered with working out all the APR and such but if Barclays force the case to court (i'm positive they will) i'll be claiming every penny i'm entitled to. Have to thank everyone involved in the site for the wealth of information provided here. The only thing i'm worried about is being over my offici
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