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  1. the clown ripped out everything so nothing is connected anymore. I have just had another look on All Data and found the location of the knock sensor and it is what I'm looking for! So I will order one in the morning. Thanks guys for your ever fantastic assistance and I will keep you posted on progress xx
  2. Fuel injected I believe. Have just read a item about knock sensors and it does say that some V6 engines had them on the left head...I presume that is the view from the drivers seat....but still not sure what the hell this sensor is lol. Does anyone know where I can get a side view of the head with parts description to narrow it down. I have already subscribed to All Data, but it isn't clear on there either!!! Help!!! lol
  3. it definitely looks like the knock sensor, would the knock sensor be in the location on the head that I mentioned? If so then by george I think you've got it! lol
  4. forgot to mention, no it hasn't got a hole at the bottom of it. Wish I knew what was attached to the top of it, might narrow it down a bit. The clown has broken loads of stuff....would have been better hiring an outraged gorilla to do it, might have caused less damage!!!! lol
  5. hi guys, I think it had some sort of plastic tube out the top that has been broken off. I have added some more pics to see if that clears things up. It was on the right head (from the front of the vehicle). Hope this helps. Have just looked at a pic of an oil pressure sensor and it does look similar although it's a different colour.
  6. Hi guys, well I have bought a new engine and the heads and stuff have been overhauled and it's nearly ready to go in the vehicle. the only thing holding it up is trying to identify a sensor that the clown mechanic broke while taking the engine out. It sits on the side of the right head (as you look at the front of the vehicle) and is near the intake manifold I believe. I have attached some pictures in the hope that someone can identify it so I can order a new one. Sorry for being a pain, but I have tried everywhere to try and identify it and I'm stumped now!! Your help again, would be most appreciated. Wish I was a bloke and had mechanical knowledge! lol.
  7. is there anywhere that I can get a better manual than the haynes one I have to identify where everything should go back on my chevrolet astro engine compartment? the old mechanic has broken a couple of things on the engine heads and I need to replace them but myself and the other mechanic helping have no idea what these little parts are for. I need something that shows plenty of pictures of where everything is and how it all goes back together. My engine is virtually rebuilt now but not knowing what these sensors and parts are for is causing me a delay in getting it all up and running again. Can anyone suggest a suitable reference material to help me please? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your support everyone will let you know what happens! I need a van for my paranormal research equipment and that's the only reason I got this cos it transports all my equipment and the guys in the team and also I can go abroad with it, which was my plan til it all went belly up! lol. But I could do with a holiday though and when it's fixed I would probably park by a beach somewhere and get the bbq going! lol. Oh and I'm a girl!!!!! :wink:xx
  9. Well guys, just a quick update. I have managed to source a new engine as my crank shaft was bent up on the dropped one. Got it for a really good price too, which is a blessing. A mobile mechanic mate of mine is going to get a few people together and sort it out for me at mates rates, which is fantastic. He had a look at what the other guy left and he is appauled at the state he has left the engine and engine compartment in. Apparently, this guy has removed things that weren't necessary. So I am going to photograph everything and hopefully I can claim back the costs of unnecessary work on the van. I have been in touch with trading standards and they have told me what I need to put in a letter to him to get my money back for the damage. They also said that if he has posted the keys and they go missing then he has not dealt with them with reasonable care and I can recoup the costs of sourcing new keys or having all the locks changed. So it looks like him trying to make things difficult for me is backfiring on him! I'm a lot more optimistic about everything now and a lot happier. I will let you know what happens eventually with this and hopefully before long I will be motoring!
  10. Well despite me asking him not too, the mechanic has posted my keys to me! So I doubt if I will see them again anytime soon. On a lighter note, a local garage is going to take a look at the engine for me free of charge, which really touched me at their kindness. Another mobile mechanic I know is going to transport the engine to the garage for me and only charge me for the diesel and not per mile as he usually charges people. He is also going to get some friends together and put my van back together for me! I'm close to tears when I think about how these people are going out of their way to help me after everything that has gone on. I guess angels come in all shapes and sizes! I did contact Cornwall engineering company and the guy asked me what the mechanics name was, I twigged then that this guy was a mate of his cos I recognised the name, and am not surprised that they haven't got back to me, I expect his loyalty must lie with his mate. Oh well, when a door closes.....etc. Anyway everyone, THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT AND HELP. If any of you ever need a favour let me know (obviously I'm not mechanically skilled though! lol). Will let you know how it all pans out guys.
  11. being ex military police, i know exactly what they will say. they will expect me to give him a reasonable time to return my items. Its not theft unless he doesn't intend to return them or damages them on purpose, but I can ring them and give them the heads up I suppose just in case I don't get them back! I have quite a few mates in the civvy bill so I will touch base with one of them tomorrow and see what he suggests. Don't know why I'm protecting this guy therefore, you should all know to avoid R.W. Motors in Cornwall!
  12. don't think it would be right of me to pass on his website details. I don't wanna give him any reason to accuse me of harassment or slander or anything. Problem with this guy is he is fairly young and as soon as you complain about something he goes into what can only be described as a tantrum and gets bull headed and difficult. I'm being very careful to ensure I deal with him in a calm and fair way so he has no recourse on me. I am worried that he may say he has sent my keys and then just blame the postal service when they don't show up. I have sent him a text tonight to ask him not to post them and that I will pick them up at a convenient time. I have a feeling that what is convenient for him will be an inconvenience to me! I can't do much without getting the vin number for my vehicle and I imagine he is going to act like the spoilt brat he is and make me wait!
  13. Thanks for that Boro, that is the company I have already contacted and just waiting for a reply. good to know that they are reliable, thank you. Puts my mind at rest a bit!
  14. I was already thinking about that because they are my only set of keys and he did say in his text that he would return them at HIS convenience. I have his home address and he has a website with another address that I assume is his workshop. I'm dubious to go and pick them up from him because he could accuse me of something, so I may take a mate with me. He knows where I work and I did say he could drop them off there, but he's being funny about it all and that basically it will be when he has time, god knows when that will be. I need my keys because the vehicle paperwork is inside and I can't get the vin number. How long should I wait before calling the cops to get my property back?
  15. I've been paying for the labour as we went along, so I don't think he owes me anything back. I did give him £100 for overhaul of the head (labour charges) but I don't know if he has done it. He said he will post my keys to me, and I did tell him that I needed the head, but again no contact! My van is now in a worse state than when he started as everything has been ripped out from the engine compartment. My next move is to get the engine assessed by someone to see if it can be salvaged, may be cheaper to fix the internals (as long as the block is okay) then to fork out for another engine. I'm still looking for a another cheap used engine but can't seem to find one in the UK. He said it was my fault for buying an american vehicle. I have told him that I will be going to Trading standards, the environmental protection agency (venting the air con) and will also be taking legal advice. I'm not going to let him get away with it. But my priority is getting it sorted. I have emailed an engineering company down here who do up engines and have asked if they can take a look at it, just waiting on a reply. If anyone knows of anyone that can check it over for me, I would be really grateful. Thanks again for all your help and support guys!
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