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  1. Wise words craftygirl think i'll do that in the bank tomorrow, ive just been living under the assumption i was doing the right thing and it would be paid off sooner.
  2. thanks pinky69 got that letter, with the SAR would I just send off my information to the head offices of Barclaycard and Morgan Stanley or is there a template letter i can copy for my SAR. ive tried to find one but keep getting lost in all the forums
  3. Thanks Pinky69 I will do, would i just ask for the agreement at the bottom of the CCA template letter or is there anything in particular i need to state i am a bit green on these matters. Also with my SAR to my OC I dont know what my account numbrs are and have no references so do you think my name and original address would suffice??
  4. many thx dx do you know a link to a template letter for a SAR pls
  5. no i dont really have anything anymore every scrap of paper has been lost in transit with a few house moves. would i send a subject access request to sharkleycard and ms or to crapbot and aktiv, many thanks.
  6. Thanks Dx I have copied the CCA request letter and will be sending them off, but not sure if I need to do anything in the meantime about reclaiming charges as I think in the likeley event they do respond I still won't kbnow how much iv'e been charged in total will I?? confused.com:confused:
  7. That sounds fun, but being totally naive i have no paperwork at all and wouldnt know where to begin working out what exactly i have been charged and by whom, livig like an ostrich has done me no favours whatsoever.
  8. Thanks bazooka boo, its not really that i cant afford it now to be honest but at the time of the defaults in 2004 i was between jobs tried to explain to sharclaycard and MS that i couldnt afford the minimum payments but they kept banging on more charges. In the end I just ignored them for about 2 years then these characters sent some information through saying i could pay them off at £50 and £35 respectively since then (although tbf I have moved address a few times and never forwarded it) Cabot have been increasing my direct debits o0n a yearly basis on avg about £10 per year, but the Aktiv ha
  9. Hi guys, i was looking for some advice from somebody about debts i have been slowly paying off for some time now. On 7/04/2005 i defaulted on a barclaycard my default balance was £5766 since then i have been paying a company called Cabot financial around £80 p/m, my balance is now £2791 but still marked DEFAULT on my credit file. On 25/01/2005 I defaulted on a Morgan Stanley credit card my default balance was £2701 and for a while ive been paying a co. called Activ Kapital my current balance is 1956 but again is still showing DEFAULT on my credit file. I havent got any copies of any credit agr
  10. Just leaving it would be my approach but wasnt sre if they could put some sort of bad mark against my address as they say they have recently tracked her down to living here, ( which i must say is sheer brilliance on their part as we have lived and been on the electoral role for just over 2 years now) sorry for being thick but where is the templates section:(
  11. Hi I just some advice needed on behalf of my girlfriend really, she was made bankrupt on 31st March 2008, since then every thing debt wise seems to have been resolved except 1 debt (which was listed) Lloyds TSB, about 12 months ago we started receiving letters from a co. called moorcroft these people were chasing a debt of around £575.85, both me and my girlfriend called them and explaind about bankruptcy but they said they "needed proof" since then we have sent it off but on the 3rd may 2010 she has received another letter this time from DEBT MANAGERS LTD threatening court action for the amou
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