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  1. What next?? Swift continue to call me(probably £30 a go) and keep promising to send out the information requested as long as I make a token payment or set up a new direct debit for outstanding monies. I have informed them again that no further payments will be made until I have received the requested information. Am I doing right??? thanks in advance
  2. Hi all,the field agents name was Mr Ken Mcmahon of Excel Counselling services. He was extemeley keen for me to disclose all my finances and outgoings so that "We could come to some kind of payment plan". I informed that I wouldn`t be making any payment plans until Swift can provide me with a full breakdown of all the charges and a copy of the original loan agreement thanks again all
  3. Have recieved another phone call from SWifts `Independant` field agent requesting a meeting at my property this coming Friday. Is it wise to agree to this at my property? Very concerned about this,,,,Help please Gary
  4. Has anyone got a letter template to send to OFT regarding charges? I recieved another home visit on Friday evening from Swift,but don`t know why? Getting very down now with all this and just can`t see an end to it all! Gary
  5. Thanks Lesterlass,it makes for interesting reading! Reading through the posts on this site,it seems im not the only person that Swift are trying to mug Gary
  6. Sorry to sound dumb but what is OFT and GMAC? I shall speak to Swift and try to get a breakdown of all the costs and will re-post. Thanks for the help Gary
  7. Yes,the figures are unfortunately right. I haven`t had a full breakdown of how these so called charges have occured yet. I am currently recieving upto 4 letters/numerous telephone calls a week regarding 2 months arrears(due to redundancy) despite offering to up the payments to clear the arrears. I even had a home visit by swift last tuesday,so heaven only knows what that is goung to cost. The loan term was only over 5 years,but with these costs it could run on forever!!
  8. Hi all, Please be patient as im new to all this but am in real dire straits with swift. I took out a secured loan nearly 5 years ago for £5ooo. Due to a missing a few payments along the line and hundreds of calls and letters from Swift it now turns out the balance of the loan is £1400 with charges of approx £13500!! . Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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