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  1. Hi Tomtubby. I'l find out the precise date of the warrant of execution. I've requested a copyh of the screen shot of my account and have copied the local authority. They have acknowledged receipt of the letter sent but nothing as yet from Bristow and Sutor. Many thanks.
  2. Hi Thanks for this ploddertom! I'll also cc: the relevant council as well. Will update once I get a reply. Thanks again. It's good to to do something active!
  3. Hi, I've posted a thread Baliff Bristow and Sutor Unreasonable attendance fees and administration errors ... Could anyone please help with templates or legal references I can make in a letter of complaint? Thank you!
  4. Hi, Could anyone please help with templates / legal quotes for a complaint letter to Bristow and Sutor? I've paid £2202 for a parking charge!
  5. Hi, Sorry for the confusion. I have paid £783 in instalments until April 14th 2010 and then gave them a bankers draft for 1466.48 to get my car back on May 5th 2010. Yes, they have had the debt scine May 2009. A payment plan was set up following a visit. Yes, I received the parking charge notice but not the order for recovery. The car is a puma and is 8 years old. It's not on finance. The payment arrangement was over the telephone but not confirmed in writing. The baliff claimed that I had paid 578 when the total was 783. Hope this clears things up and
  6. Hi Happy Contrails. Thanks for a quick response! They said they would only accept cash or a banker's draft. Feel rather violated by the whole thing I have to say. Have requested just used a template to request breakdown of costs and cc:d to the concil as well.
  7. Hi. XXX Council sent my parking fine to B&S on 26.05.09 I believe. I have paid 783 to B and S, (car park charge was £330 initially). the last payment made on 14.04.10. for 150.00. They demanded another £70.00 to be paid by 19.04.10. I said I couldn't and it would have to be 1st May 2010 when I got paid again. I received message on ansaphone (out of country of business from 29.04.10 until 03.05.10) left on 30.04.10 at 10.16 a.m. and then again on 30.04.10 at 15.37 asking me to contact the baliff because he was going to remove my vehicle. I returned home on Sunday 3rd May to find my
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