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  1. I never actually got anything in writing (i know stupid!!!!) but it would all be on the systems that the debt was written off and i have emails and texts from my manager. What im desperate to know is if they can legally not pay my owed holiday and use it for this debt? i thought they can only use this with my permission?!
  2. Hi guys, Any help or advice anyone can give would be amazing!! and i apologise in advance for very long post - really hard to explain!! I have worked for a very well known company for the last 3 years without a problem. However i had my first child in November last year and have been of on Maternity leave since Oct 09, now i was supposed to get paid my normal wage monthly until Jan and then it was to be dropped to stat mat pay, but i carried on getting paid my normal wage in jan,feb,march and april - it was soo confusing!! i wasnt recieving any of my wage slips and was calling my HR dept on a weekly basis trying to work out what the bloody hell was going on, on the 28 May (normal payday) i didnt recieve any money what so ever so i called my manager asking what was going on now, she didnt have a clue and said she would find out and call me, later on that day she called me to sya that i had been overpaid my mat pay and they have just realised (why none of my calls were not logged i do not know????) but had put my amended mat pay in my bank later that day (so i could actually get food/electric etc) but it worked out i got overpaid in total by just under £2000. Anyway my manager came round to my house to discuss the issue and confirmed i would have to pay the money back, but she had come to an agreement that i could pay an amount out of my wage each month when i returned after mat leave. I told her then that i wasnt certain i was going back as 3 hour commute, long hours away from my son etc etc and she said in this case then i may be taken to court. Now a few weeks later ( beginning of june)my manager came round and said that she spent 6 hours putting a case together and took it to the highest manager in the building and he agreed that it was their error not mine, i had tried to resolve with no luck and that the debt should be wiped!! to say i was relieved is an understatment - infact i cried lol now when she said this she also said that i was not to feel obliged to going back to work and that it wasnt subject to my return. At the end of July i gave written confirmation that i would be returning back to work on flexi hours etc etc at end of Sept when my mat leave finishes, however when it came to it i couldnt face going back and actually was successful in getting a job pretty much on my doorstep, closer to home better hours so much better for me and my family, so i called my manager and explained the situation, she told me there was no point working my 4 weeks notice as 3 weeks would be re-training so waste of mine and trainers time! But then this wiped £2000 has been brought back up and she said that they may decide that i do have to pay it back as it was only cleared on the understanding that i was going back to work (now this is totally untrue, she knew i had doubts about coming back, she said that i wasnt to feel obliged to go back, and also the debt was wiped in beginning of june but i didnt conf i was going back until end of july - so really dont understand this??!) I am also owed 136 hours holiday pay acrued over my mat leave, now this is basically a months wage and a hell of alot of money for me and my partner and we had planned to use it to pay of a loan that we are struggling to pay off, but my manager is now saying that they are thinking of taking this holiday money and using it to ofset the £2000 maternity overpayment. Can they do this? i dont understand how a debt can be wiped and then because i resign they decide actually i do have to pay it back and take my owed holiday pay?! what can i do? please help!!! thanks xx
  3. Hi all, Right after discovering this fantastic site ive just spent the last hour ( fun i know) going through my bank statements from jan 09 - may 10 to see what charges i had recieved with my overdraft. I moved into my own home in march and since then my overdraft has been steadily increasing, when ive been skint at the end of the month, food, gas, electric etc it is now £2700 and i live in it constantly as my wage is only just over £1000 pcm, anyway to cut along story short i have been with collections for the last 3/4 months and its dropping by £70 p/m. However i seem to go over the overdraft everymonth when i get hit with unplanned overdraft fees, returned DD and overdraft interest...ive worked out i have paid £1049 since Jan '09 in unplanned o/d fees and £336.79 in o/d interest...........does this seem excessive to you guys? coz its a bloody lot of money to me, practically a months wage in a year GRRRRR!!! any suggestions on what (if anything?!) i can do to contest these charges and how do i start???? thanks
  4. ok recieved the reference number: #2467486
  5. right...im with you now, thanks again i shall keep you posted!!
  6. aha yes, lol sorry thanks guys, i shall send the letter off tomorrow and see what happens, if they cant give any of the info, what happens? or if they just send me a letter stating the debt is with vodaphone and how much for what do i do then? ask for a breakdown of charges etc?
  7. brill thanks cerberusalert, is there a template for a 'prove it' letter? and shall i send the £1 postal order?
  8. hiya, i think im jumping in feet first on your thread but im not sure how to start a new one?! im also being chased by the very popular bryan carter 'people' and have recieved a 7 day final notice to pay up??? the debt relates to a mobile phone contract i cancelled about 3 years ago, i disputed a monthly bill for months with vodaphone and got no answer, so cancelled the dd and forgot about it after moving house, having my first baby etc, and then out of the blue i recieved a letter from fredrickson saying they confirmed i lived at this address and to pay £908.01.....how the hell they got to this figure i do not know....i naughtly kept ignoring their letters and now have recieved this 7 day Final notice and am slightly worried, can anyone suggest what to do first?? i can see there seems to be alot of issues with this bryan bloke so sounds like i have abit of a fight ahead of me....any advice would be hugely appreciated and if im in the wrong place please let me know where to post and how lol im the new girl sorry
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