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  1. Hi there Just after a little advice please. Ive sent a cca off recorded delivery with payment to CDCS on the 3rd of June with regard to a debt they say I owe, however I havent heard anything back from them other than the usual thretening letter sent to me on the 11th. As they havent complied with the cca, is this enforceable and whats my next step? Any advice would be appreciated thanks very much
  2. thanks cerbertusalert but the main part of the letter i sent them requesting the cca, was actually also snipets of this letter explaining I dont know about the debt, and this is the responce from that. Basically they've just said they're allowed to do it and thats that. Dont they have to stop harrassing me if they havent proved the debt to me? I would guess it a couple of year old but I did dispute the amount originally with welsh water cus its not right and now with their costs etc., I dont relly know how much it should actaully be which is all Ive really asked them to prove.
  3. sorry I did mean cca. Im not even sure how old the debt is becasue I dont have any paperwork at all. I thought they'd have to provide that if I asked?
  4. Hi all, Looking for little advice please. I had a letter from Clarke willmott on behalf of welsh water saying I woed them money, which I questioned and thus sent off a cra with my potal order payment to ask why I owed it. I got a letter back stating 'we would advise that any account with a water company is classed as a deemed contract and as such no signed agreement can be forwarded. as water is classed as a necessity it has to be supplied and so there is no need to sign a formal contract.' 'You have not stated any reson of why this should be disputed, until such evidence is recive
  5. you think? Got me a little freaked out to be honest! Wat is a s.a.r. and would it be worth asking for one of them?
  6. name dates of occupation previous occupier etc. etc they didnt send the letter in my name just to 'the occupier'. I had a bit of confusion with a utilities company a while back as we disputed an amount owing from a busines we owned, but had the bill forwarded here. I disputed it and never heard back, do you think this is what it may be? How do I go about finding out what they are actually looking for? thanks
  7. Hi there, I am new to this site and am prety shook up by what Ive just received and was hoping for some advice. Ive received a letter through from a comapny called LCS in Leeds who have informed me of a 'utility investigation'. They have asked for information, so should I just provide it or do they not have the right to ask or am I in trouble? Wat is my next step? Any help would be very grateful thanks
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