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  1. hi everyone! sorry its been so long. they offered me 183 quid out of 300, and i was skint, so took it! the thing is, i signed a form for 'full and final settlement'. i had a direct debit due out on 14th, and a cheque clearing on the 14th, and a halifax employee told me i was covered. the debit was applied for on the 13th instead, costing me 39 quid. but they say as i settled previously i cannot claim this back. is this true? thank you for any advice. donation is on its way too;)
  2. can i send an email as a preliminary letter? and afer the 14 days has expired, press on with the written LBA? what does everyone think?
  3. right then! got Dawn to print my statements off at last! arrived today, so here we go, only 300 quid but thats a fair bit for me:) lets 'ave it! *trundles off to the FAQS with a beer on the go*
  4. glasgow business centre number is out of action today...how convenient!
  5. ...Apparently! if you request information on your account, going back several years, there appears to be a 'transaction limit' set up for their system, which can significantly delay the arrival of your statements. beyond 420 transactions, they have to refer to their 'archive' to retrieve the info, but beyond a certain amount more, their system produces an error, and fails to comply with the request. i have been told this amount is 900 transactions. I called back and the next team leader told me it was 1260 transactions...so i'm unsure as to the validity of the claim, but still, this is useful info. if the system does indeed fail to deliver, they wont tell you. they will wait for you to call in, so the onus is on you; if you suspect that they could use this excuse on your account, demand that they send a direct request to the department that prints the regular monthly statements, and avoid the hassle i've been thru!!
  6. absolutely, totally agree with you. i actually heard of the recent ruling by the oft elsewhere, and applied for my statements back in mid/late may...BEFORE coming to this site. Cheers John B
  7. now they have said that the information needs reordering again! i demanded a proper explaination, and they told me that, due to my having over 900 transactions on the account, the system doesnt/cannot send the information out. The person i subsequently spoke to towards the end of june didnt know this, couldnt see any error, and ordered the statements in the same way. hence the same problem. they have now exceeded the 40 day limit from my first request...although i didnt put it in writing, doh! after speaking to karen @ the glasgow business centre i will now get a phonecall on monday confirming the 'account report' they will send me, along with the statements. This account report contains lots more detail, so they say...but i aint saying anything till they call and confirm. so anyone else facing excessive delays in getting your statements? call the business centre, as it may be the number of transactions on the account holding you back! then again, it may be a load of flannel, and the halifax are simply stalling. who knows...
  8. ^ hi guys, the ten working days they gave are now up, and guess what? no statements! what can i do if they go over the 40 day limit?
  9. hi donna! ive just started this process too, so good luck:) check out the faq's...the first thing to do is to request a copy of all your statements going back 6 years - they will charge you a fiver, and it may take a few weeks to come thru (im still waiting for mine). then the process appears to be a straightforward 'step-by-step' thing, im sure the others on here will guide you thru it, and you will get the money back!!=
  10. Hi everyone, Im about to start on the road, to hopefully get my cash back off these swines! I put in for my statements going back 5 years (since i opened the account) towards the end of may. It was confirmed that the money (£5) was taken out of my account on the 6th of june. 20 days later i called up to see where they were...they had apparently sent them but they never turned up...several envelopes-worth, over several years, and not one arrived? I complained and they said they would re-order them, taking a maximum of 10 days from the 26th. I have just called, and after a very long silence, 'mike' said 'there was a queue', and the statements will be sent a maximum of 10 days from the 29th!! So has the stalling taken place already? Naively i have been transparent in my need for the statements, so they know exactly what they will be used for... Anyway, here we go, the first tentative steps...
  11. excellent...i applied for a compiled list of all the charges ive incurred over the last 5 years (since i opened it)...this was in may...they took their 5'er on the 6th of june...its now the 28th, and they are still stalling after 4 phonecalls to em!! i SHOULD get the statement over the next few days...although its only dd's and cheques bouncing, i have about 10 i reckon...thats 300 quid at least. the OFT said the ruling only concerns credit card charges but before i go ahead with the claim i just need a little reassurance from you guys that i should persue it. so im entitled to this, regardless of the Halifax sticking to thier guns...?
  12. hi everyone:) i am waiting on a statement from halifax detailing all the bank charges i have incurred during the last 5 years. these do NOT include any credit card charges, but do include going over the limit and cheques bouncing. i really hope i can claim for these too...has anyone any experience of this? cheers john
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