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  1. thank you for your comments as I am novice at this. However, I am quite willing to argue till the cows come home, that "entering" is not the same as "being within the zone". Should that be the intent, a phrase like "having entered" or" on finding onesself in" convey a different meaning. The verb "to enter" having roots in the latin "intrare" = from within, in and french "entree") and is defined as the act of entering as opposed to EXITING. After all the driver could have parachuted into the lane( or perhaps driven through Argos. As far as I am aware, the wording of these notices has t
  2. For reasons best known to them, lambeth council has recently (locals say within weeks, not months) decided to make a little used lane bisecting Brixton market into a pedestrian zone. The signage is new, and the driver simply did not see it as it was cunningly positioned for non- or least effect. Absolutely no work has been carrried out in the lane itself, and the double yellow lines are still in place, as is the Argos loading bay, a very narrow pavement on one side only, and no paving. The lane consists of three sections and the car was cctv'd leaving the north section, an effective
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