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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, no i didnt feel the weight difference as all of the other parts were in there (eg) the manual, cables (etc). Also the box did not have a seal over it but did not look previously opend and once the guy had brought it out of the store room he took it straight to the counter and we paid for it and went. But again, thanks for your help, im going to the store in the morining and seeing what they say.
  2. Hi guys, ive just bought a camera from my local Currys store and ive come home, opend the box and it isn't in there. Everything is there but the camera itself. Ive rang the helpline number but they are now closed. Can anyone give me any help/advice in what i can do because i dont know how im going to prove that it was acctually in there in the first place. Thanks in advance.
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